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When we think of Female Mutilation (FM), we often think of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) that happens in certain parts of the world, like Africa. But what I want you to do is to think of FM as a scale that happens in different forms where FGM is the most apparent form of FM. To mutilate a woman is to disfigure, injure, make ugly, change in nature, or reshape a woman. The word, “whore”, for example, is Female Character Mutilation using sex. Plastic Surgeries are Female Modification due to sexual beauty. To make women submit to a conduct where they must be submissive and soft spoken, for example, is Female Personality Mutilation. All of these ideas connect to the concept of virginity. And it is true that the “Virgin” and the “whore” are living according to the same issue. The essence of FMs is that the woman is changing to fit a man-made idea in order that she is seen as acceptable.
Honor based crimes happen in more ways than in Honor Killings. In America, Honor Based Crimes are mostly done on the LGBTQ community. A father may kick his son/daughter out on the streets for bringing him shame (Or going against his beliefs) due to being LGBTQ. Instead of being the one who is in charge of the crime itself, he lets the streets do the crime/killing on his behalf. The father kicks the child out knowing that s/he may die. It is important to classify family abandonment of children due to sex as honor based crimes.Why? Because that is what they are! He did not kick his son out for being gay. No he kicked his son out because he feels a sense of shame from it—he is attaching how he is perceived to the sexual activity of his children. In providing resources for teenagers and adults of the LGBTQ community, it is better to label this issue as an Honor Based Crime so that we can provide resources across many cultures where they do not currently exist—in addition to understanding the significance of what is happening to people in the LGBTQ community. What is happening to them is an Honor Based Crime!
Racism is the forceful use of black people to aid other cultures against their will—which started out as an actual enslavement of black people. Racism appears to be a black skin thing; and that is the racist part about it since it is more about other races. Meaning that slavery was more about (more beneficial) other races than black people. Black people were used by other races. The idea of racism is to use black people to protect other races. Hence, racism is racist against black people. From there we have racism against other ethnic backgrounds and it is racism because it neglects the fact that there is no culture or ethnicity that is perfect and that does not have problems. Racism is a war of, “Who has the worse problems?” a time being wasted on that question instead of spending the time to solve the problems in our own cultures.

To provide sexual service in exchange for the right to live (to make a living) and it is a root problem .

Sex work is something that all women have to work for. If there is a ditch in the ground, some may fall in the ditch. And if you do not want to fall in the ditch, you have to make the effort to walk around it. You worked for the ditch whether you fell in it or not! So sex work is a burden and a stress that all women must keep in their minds and worry about

Sexism is violating. When this violation is expressed physically , it is called: violence. When this violence is sexually direct, it is called: rape. When this violence is mostly sexual but indirect, it is something like Gay bashing.


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There are many issues that are tied to the economy that are due to sexism that are not currently seen as so. Here we will discuss these issues in detail. Why is poverty associated with more sexual activity? what is the connection between scarcity and sexism? Why is sexism and poverty connected? In addition, we have a faulty monetary system that is being used world wide. Our current system is similar to a plastic pool that has a hole in it. It is wasteful. We will discuss proper trading values and what the problems are with our global economy today.
The current field of psychology is sexist in how it diagnosis problems and promotes prejudice and sexism in an unacceptable manner. The advice of doctors may not be the best advice. Here we will challenge psychological studies and papers and draw attention to the sexism in them as we see the current field to be too problematic to ignore.
Education is important for women. And it does make a difference whether the men around her are educated and whether her children are educated. The question is: is our educational system good enough or is it problematic? What issues exist in our educational system? This is an important question for all women to think about as the answer shapes our lives. The minds of all people and children are universally resistant to our current educational system. WE MUST FORCE OURSELVES TO STUDY, LEARN, AND GO TO CLASS. It means that our minds are telling us, “this is not the way I learn”. THE OBLIGATION TO LEARN WILL TEACH US ONE LESSON: THE FEELING OF THE OBLIGATION TO LEARN HINDERS OUR LEARNING. We need to find a better system that our minds are in agreement with. This will be part of our education reform project.
Prisons are an interesting idea: SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING THAT WE ALL HAVE AGREED TO BE WRONG—AND WHEN THAT PERSON DOES IT, WE LOCK HIM/HER UP. Is this the right thing to do? could there be a better way of dealing with problems. What we want to do is look at the issues that send people to jail. Find places in society that we can fix so that people are not hurting each other. This will be the first step in this project. In the second part we will try to see whether our current prison system is even ethical—even at its best. The idea of guilt and innocence is key and we will be examining this in our Prison Reform Project. We will also be studying Solitary Confinement and the problems that contradict the purpose of putting someone in there. You cannot slap a person and get them used to seeing slapping as okay as a way of getting them not to slap anymore. Right? This is our Prison Reform Project that we will be working on and updating you accordingly.
Our project on terrorism will be about understanding all the elements of terrorism. How does a child turn into a terrorist. To do this correctly we will not look at terrorism from a religious perspective or cultural perspective. Instead we will look at it from a unique way that does not target any group of people where we can understand the elements within any part of this world that may trigger a terrorist attack. We want to know if we, as people in this world, can do something to solve this issue. We want to have control over this problem.

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