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Police shootings in Texas and Black People:

If you have been living under a rock: I am sure that within the first five minutes of your emergence from underneath it, you have noticed that we never run out of problems. In reaction to the shooting of two black men by police officers, people went out to protest (without thinking first) and more people (police officers) died. Before I get to the situation, I blame the black leadership in America (Not Obama since he is a leader that happens to be black—but others like Al Sharpton). We have seen these black leaders get fat over the years while their people have been going no where fast. They are similar to a man you hire to watch your kids while you are away. When you return, he tells you, “someone kidnapped your kids… can you believe people kidnap children?” and you answer, “why did you think we hired you?” That is exactly what the black leadership is doing: they stand to address a crowd of their people and say, “can you believe racism exists?! That is sooo wrong!!” and what have you done about it? WHAT DID YOU DO SO FAR BECAUSE NOTHING HAS CHANGED?! Instead they are similar to an ambulance that always shows up AFTER a person has been declared dead—hoping that the sounds of the sirens and the flashing lights will make them forget about the person who just died—DIED due to their own incompetency! They show up talking arrogantly—hoping that the picture that the family members of the victims take with them is enough. IT IS AN UGLY PICTURE!

The black leadership is uniting black people in hatred and not in thoughtful solutions. A hatred towards white people that is supported by other groups and cultures. We all have people who hate us: some have a good reason to and other don’t. Uniting them by a common hatred is a losing game. All people in this world have either enslaved black people or benefited from their enslavement. Today in America, we have an economy that is based on the enslavement of black people where no remedy has been implemented. Hence, if you are benefiting from this economy, you are benefiting from the enslavement of black people. It is no longer a white thing and it never was to begin with. Just because your ancestors enslaved a different group of black people; remember that in relation to slavery, it does not matter which group—all black people were seen as the same. Hence, imagine them to be the black people who your ancestors have enslaved wherever you came from. That is what is needed for a just solution. There are racist people from every culture. White. Indian. Arab. Jewish. Persian. Chinese. So why is the solution for racism the replacement of blacks with whites? It should not be and no one should approve of a solution that attempts to do that as it is not addressing the problem but merely attempting to conjure up a new one.

Black people: You know that the law is against you. It would be a miracle of all miracles if the law is against you, but we can enforce it as if it is not against you. Hence, the police officer is your key witness that the law is against you since he is not able to enforce it on you without him being against you and without seeing evidence of it being against you. HE IS NOT YOUR ENEMY BUT THE ENFORCER OF A LAW THAT IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE BEFORE HE SHOWED UP. HE IS YOUR KEY WITNESS. It is not possible for the police to enforce the law without being against black people. Not because he is racist. But because the law (which we voted on) has neglected black people (no one cares about black people except with empty words and gestures).

Black people are fired up. They are sick of their status. And they are in the streets looking for a sense of direction. THEY ARE LOOKING FOR A SENSE OF DIRECTION—ONLY TO BE GREETED BY SENSELESS LEADERS WHO BARK UP A STORM WITHOUT GIVING THEM ANYTHING BUT A HEADACHE. Black leaders need to sit down with their people and come up with reasonable solutions so that when they march, there is a sense of purpose in it. WHAT ARE YOU MARCHING FOR? CURRENTLY, THE ANSWER IS COMING IN A FORM OF CHAOS THAT SAYS, “WE HAVE NO CLUE!”

REASONABLE SOLUTIONS: a reasonable solution cannot be 40 acres and a mule. The 40 acres and a mule is the slavery exchange rate—meaning that it is meant to make the black man the master and the rest of us his slaves. Because if you have 40 acres, you need people to care for them–hence it will make us your slaves if you get 40-acres. And I am not going to be your slave black man. So sorry about the rejection of this 40 acres and a mule demand. THAT REQUEST IS ALREADY DENIED. More than 90 percent of people do not have 2 acres yet alone 40. That is not a reasonable demand–but if you make it so, then you are making slavery reasonable. If you demand the 40 acres and the mule, then slavery was okay—since senseless reasoning is a must. A reasonable demand is based on caring. Caring about black people and others. You are not trying to come up with a revenge strategy. And you should expect that the demand is unique to the condition of black people today. Meaning that education may not be the best thing for them right now. Meaning that what we value may not be the most appropriate thing for them right now. You will not improve their condition by assuming that it made no difference in their perspective towards life. I would imagine that they need something unique that gives them a sense of value in themselves, that allows them to be themselves and express it without the restriction of professionalism, and something that is empowering and does not negate their experience. YOU SHOULD NOT COME UP WITH A LIST THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS:

2) JOB TRAINING in Data Entry. (kill them instead as far as they are concerned! That is how off you would be from where they are today).

The ideas have to be mindful of their unique experience and personality.

I said that the law is against black people. What do I mean by that? To rob someone is against the law. The law offers you a sense of protection and it is on your side only if you have things for others to steal. Black people do not. They are not protected by that law—and now the law is just against them without offering them protection. WE HAVE SOMETHING THAT IS CALLED: EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW. But the law is NA (not applicable) to black people except when it is applied against them. That in itself makes them more likely to break it.

Legislation that demands more from police officers is a legislation that will endanger their lives (lives of police officers). The problem is not the police. The police officers are not blind “pigs”. They are very aware that black people have nothing to lose. And they are very aware that a person who has nothing to lose will be more likely to gamble with his own life (and that of the police officer’s) than someone who has something to lose. Take “Having something to lose” away from anyone, and the police has to make up for it in reaction. AND THAT IS THE TRUTH. THE POLICE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE MORE DEFENSIVE WHEN FACING A BLACK PERSON UNDER THEIR CURRENT CONDITION BECAUSE IT ATTESTS THAT THEIR CONDITION DEVALUES THEIR LIVES…AND THE POLICE IS YOUR KEY WITNESS IN THAT. THE WRONG IS THAT BLACK PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE! FIX THAT WRONG INSTEAD OF DEMANDING THAT RIGHT IS DONE ONTO IT BY IGNORING THE FACT THAT THIS WRONG IS REAL. “Pretend oh police officers that I am just as well off as everyone else…and treat me as if I have plenty… ALTHOUGH I DO NOT!” THAT IS WHAT THE NATION IS DEMANDING: HOW CAN YOU ASK OFFICERS TO APPROACH THE SITUATION IN THE SAME MANNER WHEN IT IS NOT THE SAME ALREADY?! DO NOT PUT THEIR LIVES AT RISK ANY MORE THAN IT ALREADY IS.

Then there is the placement of camera’s on police cars as if that is the place where humans harvest their integrity from. A CAMERA IS NOT THE PLACE THAT PEOPLE GET THEIR INTEGRITY FROM. HENCE, YOU ARE MESSING UP THE INTEGRITY OF INTEGRITY ITSELF WITH THAT GESTURE. REMOVE THE CAMERAS BECAUSE YOU ARE HARMING THE POLICE OFFICER (THE PERSON HIM/HERSELF). YOU ARE HARMING THEM AS PEOPLE WHO ARE MORE THAN POLICE OFFICERS. YOU ARE MESSING WITH THEIR HEADS AND THE NATURAL VALUE SYSTEM THAT IS IN EVERY HUMAN BEING. THEY SHOULD NOT RELY ON A CAMERA TO KEEP THEIR INTEGRITY IN CHECK—BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT S/HE IS THERE FOR. PEOPLE EXIST AND THEY KEEP THEIR OWN INTEGRITY IN CHECK AS PEOPLE.. FIX THE CONDITION THAT BLACK PEOPLE ARE UNDER SO THAT THE OFFICERS CAN BREATHE A SIGH OF RELIEF. AND PLEASE REMOVE THE STUPID CAMERAS THAT INSTIGATE HATRED TOWARDS THE SELF AS THEY TAKE AWAY FROM THE REASON WHY A PERSON EXISTS. THEY ARE MORE THAN OFFICERS ON DUTY. THEY ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE LIVES AND BRAINS THAT NEED TO BE USED IN OTHER PLACES TOO. Plus: they should not be thinking about how they will appear on camera on top of the other things they have to worry about. “how can I approach this so that it does not look like I am a racist”—police encounters are not the same as having a cocktail with friends. They will be defensive in their nature (that is why they are here). They want to turn him into Mother Teresa—a stupid version that only calculates the situation by dismissing its importance.


Liliyan Hassan

Actually this is not just about Trump and his immigration policies. This is about immigration in general. Whether you believe (or whether it is true or not) that Mexicans are rapists, there is a problem in how this is handled. I am all for “getting away with things”, but I am not white. Which means that I object to this one on the grounds that I am not included in the “getting away” part of this policy. On a serious note: If a white person rapes someone, it is just rape. If a Mexican rapes someone, it should not be rape  AND Mexican. Because you will be taking away from the rape part of it. We do not need people to take their anger out on women–white women–as part of retaliating against immigration policies. If they are truly rapists, then we really do not need to connect the two policies. And if they are not, we really do not want them to connect the two policies for us.

As a woman I know the internal issues that rise when you place a one-for-all responsibility system where if one Mexican does something, all Mexicans are held accountable for it. It creates an internal hatred: their people against each other (the reason why they left Mexico). People are carrying enough in themselves already. You cannot burden one person by making each carry the rest. That in  leads to more aggressive reactions. Aggressive comes form the process of addition–or making all as one. When you do that, people will start hitting each other in order to harm the boundary that you are insisting it does NOT exist. When someone says, “ouch”–the boundary existed.   You are bundling people up and they will express the need to make a distinction or to create a breathing room by harming another person to show that they are not one! You would be creating an aggressive environment. But that is the problem they are escaping, right?

Your immigration policy cannot create the problem by which you are justifying its use. For example, in combating guns, you cannot do something that increases the need to have one! Right? Rape comes with a sense of entitlement over another person. Do not let Mexicans pay the price of this entitlement where now they feel like they have earnt an entitlement over us. If you make him carry a burden, he has evidence that you have received entitlement. And he will be looking for his. Same with slavery: there is an entitlement that was received and black people are looking to receive theirs.

So your immigration policy will create a rape-like feeling in Mexican men where the more you apply this policy—it is magic—the more right it seems to be (because your policy would be part of its cause). You want to avoid that. Mexicans are not voluntarily asking to carry your bag for free. You want to burden them with the extra weight that comes from being responsible for more than himself (his entire community). In doing so, he is not worse that you (as it may seem) but there is a sense of entitlement over us because we are hurting him. The feeling is of a force that somehow makes you feel better and superior to others although it is a burden that hurts—which kinda fits rape; specially when you feel like you have been made to carry more than others (you earnt it)–right? Hence, there may be an expression of that in the form of rape which you are accusing them of. We do not want to create a statistic ourselves–I WILL BE HONEST: I do not think that Trump is purposefully aiming to do that. I don’t think anyone else thought about it.  And here is another truth: what I am saying is precaution and it may not turn out this way after all: but in case statistics go up, consider this to be a reason why.

What I am saying is the following: if you kick the Mexicans out, they become better than us because we are worse than them for kicking them out…and I WILL NOT ACCEPT MARIA OR JUAN BEING BETTER THAN ME!!! YOU HEAR ME!! KEEP THEM HERE AND TREAT THEM DECENTLY—THE LAST THING I NEED IS TO BE BELOW THE GARDNER!!!

I mean: Mexicans are hard working people and we should be pleased in having them here!!! (don’t bring us below Mexicans!!!)

Liliyan H.

I am certain that all of you have heard about the Orlando shooting.When it comes to these acts, I am very particular on what constitutes “terrorism” and what does not. The San Bernardino shooting was terrorism. The planned parenthood shooting was not. The Orlando shooting is NOT terrorism either.

Omar Mateen was described by people around him as a weird strange person.The issue here is that members of the LGBTQ community do not have the right to make people feel that way because it means more coming from them than others. The people in the LGBTQ community are not strangers to being seen as strange. They are not strangers to being seen as weird. They are not strangers to being seen as unstable and unhinged. They are not strangers to having others avoid them. They know how it feels. Yet here, in the middle of a gay night club, a man describes Omar as a person who came to talk to him while he was sitting at the bar. He said that Oman always tried to talk to people and make them dance a little. WHAT A STRANGE HORRIBLE MUSLIM FREAK IS HE, HUH? That is not a terrorist—but he is more like a person who felt like he had to go above and beyond to show that he is not one; only for that to not matter. He was an understanding person, as it seems. When Omar spoke to him, his friends came up to that man and dragged him to the patio to tell him that he should not speak to Omar because he was too strange. These descriptions of this man are greeted by reporters who count this encounter as a strike against Omar when it is a strike against these people in the LGBTQ safe-haven as they failed themselves first before failing him. When that man saw the news of what had happened, his reaction was, “THAT IS OMAR…THAT MAKES SENSE!!”— He used the result to justify the cause: meaning that the result of treating people as if they are a disease or as if he is a terrorist already can create anger and behavior that is not logical due to that itself being not logical. Yet: we will say, “oh I am a prophet… I predicted that he is capable of this..and that is why I did not talk to him!!!” —-I GUESS!! OR NOT!!You are not prophets where you can treat people badly—then when they behave in reaction to it you can say, “see that is why I treated him badly!!” what are you? insanity to go?

I am addressing a community that will understand what I am saying because I do not think they see their actions as this significant. I am certain that they will take it with desire to be better.

A man who worked with Omar said that Omar was messaging him like 12 times in a row trying to speak to him—which he found to be bothersome. First comment is this: how many times in a row do you call a woman before she should find you as creepy? And how many times does she have to call you before you declare her to be a “crazy bitch”? VERY VALID ARGUMENTS, RIGHT? They would be if he was to kill that woman OR if that woman was to kill him! Only then this is something otherwise it is called “life”. Meaning: do not make a strike against someone when others do it daily–because seeing that as crazy harms women (that is one of our stereotypes). Second of all: you mean to tell me that he was trying to talk to someone? Terrorists don’t do that. That would be a great way of combating terrorism…to speak to them!!! Instead he describes Omar as “unstable and unhinged”… Unstable: by definition it means that he did not have his mind made Up yet!! He is neither here nor there: unstable. That was NOT a sign that he was a terrorist but it is a sign that HE WAS NOT!! Unhinged: it is a dirty way of describing a human being that I myself would punch you in the mouth for doing it— I will do it on his behalf even! DON’T YOU DARE DESCRIBE OTHER PEOPLE LIKE THAT!!! DONT YOU DARE DESCRIBE HIS SON OR HER BROTHER OR ANY ONE ELSE IN THAT FASHION!!! Whenever I see these stories, I am worried about these labels and how they may fit your children when they mean no harm!!! ACCORDING TO WHO IS HE UNHINGED? WHO ARE YOU TO MAKE SUCH DECLARATION AGAINST A PERSON? This person spoke about how Omar has a poisonous energy—A toxic negative energy. So the question is: if he was to describe someone as unstable and unhinged would you say that this is TOXIC energy too? Or you are great but he is Toxic? What I am saying is the following: I do not want my younger brother to come home feeling like people get up when he sits down—-feeling like he is toxic—-feeling like he is a killer already—feeling like he is unstable and mentally unhinged. Because if he was to come home feeling like that: I will not be able to help him and neither is he going to be able to help himself! How would you feel if someone saw your son or brother or nephew that way? You can’t do anything about it.   His life is in their hands–at the mercy of a nice interaction. That is the problem here. I say that a world where such descriptions of people are seen as okay is not a world that I MYSELF would want to live in! I DO NOT CARE IF YOU HAVE A PHD FROM HARVARD!!!! DO NOT CALL OUR CHILDREN THESE NAMES!!! THAT IS A MENTAL ILLNESS IN ITSELF AS IT MAKES THE MOST SANE OF PEOPLE LOOK AT THEMSELVES AND WONDER WHERE IN THAT DESCRIPTION DO THEY FIT. It is a world were you must submit to the 100 rules of society where if you fail in one, it becomes like a thread on the seam of your pants..when you pull it, the whole thing falls apart! I do not want anyone to live in that world since we are speaking about what is important in life here! To be unstable and unhinged is a sign that a person has been harmed…and it is proven to be so because look how unstable and unhinged the parents of these victims are!!! When we show emotions to people: we are not displaying them for you to make a judgment as to how shitty we are for your taste! When a person cries, s/he is displaying an emotion that begs us to ask, “are you okay?”….when a person is huffing and puffing, it begs us to ask if s/he need help in something. When a person is acting unstable/unhinged s/he is displaying an emotion that begs us to give them a shoulder to lean on! It is not your Que to run as fast as you can before this building of a man collapses on you!! Should we run away when we see the parents of these victims because they seem a little unstable?! No!! Your words where you say, “unstable and unhindged” are a threat against victims of all types as they make them feel like they did something wrong themselves! As it has done to OMAR!

Just getting this out of the way before we get to terrorism. Terrorists do unacceptable things— and they accept doing them. When you make people feel like they are unacceptable, they find ISIS to be better than you because they accept even worse than them. They prey on people we reject and people we do not care to understand! He was looking for someone else to speak to for years–as it seems—and at the end his conclusions must have been, “I do not blame ISIS!” So terrorism to Omar seems to be an after thought to this butchering of his personhood by people who took a position to judge over a person (superior position). No one should feel the way he was described to be. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! WHO SAID YOU WERE STABLE?! AM NOT STABLE!!! SO? WHAT ARE WE? TABLES? YOU WANT A  STABLE TABLE? “ I would like this one…because that one over there wiggles a little bit!”

The people in the LGBTQ community are not strangers to being seen as strange. Many LGBTQ people have died being seen as strange and they have fought being seen as stranger–so that YOU may walk in not feeling as strange as they felt. They looked down from heaven and they were not happy for your pride parade. They were ashamed of the way you treated him. They too died because they were seen as strange—they died being treated like him. The people who got shot: they are good people who would have agreed that the way he was treated was UNACCEPTABLE. And when you brought him down, you brought them down with him too!

This was not a terrorist act as Omar has clearly been mistreated on a personal level! But what we would like is something of a movie: We treat people badly and that should not affect anyone. Even the wall hurts your hand when you punch it! Or do you want his humanity to benefit you when it served him no good BECAUSE of you?! Which one?


Liliyan H.


Equality is the key that opens up the Window of Opportunity


Connecting The World: On Going Research

When we think of Female Mutilation (FM), we often think of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) that happens in certain parts of the world, like Africa. But what I want you to do is to think of FM as a scale that happens in different forms where FGM is the most apparent form of FM. To mutilate a woman is to disfigure, injure, make ugly, change in nature, or reshape a woman. The word, “whore”, for example, is Female Character Mutilation using sex. Plastic Surgeries are Female Modification due to sexual beauty. To make women submit to a conduct where they must be submissive and soft spoken, for example, is Female Personality Mutilation. All of these ideas connect to the concept of virginity. And it is true that the “Virgin” and the “whore” are living according to the same issue. The essence of FMs is that the woman is changing to fit a man-made idea in order that she is seen as acceptable.
Honor based crimes happen in more ways than in Honor Killings. In America, Honor Based Crimes are mostly done on the LGBTQ community. A father may kick his son/daughter out on the streets for bringing him shame (Or going against his beliefs) due to being LGBTQ. Instead of being the one who is in charge of the crime itself, he lets the streets do the crime/killing on his behalf. The father kicks the child out knowing that s/he may die. It is important to classify family abandonment of children due to sex as honor based crimes.Why? Because that is what they are! He did not kick his son out for being gay. No he kicked his son out because he feels a sense of shame from it—he is attaching how he is perceived to the sexual activity of his children. In providing resources for teenagers and adults of the LGBTQ community, it is better to label this issue as an Honor Based Crime so that we can provide resources across many cultures where they do not currently exist—in addition to understanding the significance of what is happening to people in the LGBTQ community. What is happening to them is an Honor Based Crime!
Racism is the forceful use of black people to aid other cultures against their will—which started out as an actual enslavement of black people. Racism appears to be a black skin thing; and that is the racist part about it since it is more about other races. Meaning that slavery was more about (more beneficial) other races than black people. Black people were used by other races. The idea of racism is to use black people to protect other races. Hence, racism is racist against black people. From there we have racism against other ethnic backgrounds and it is racism because it neglects the fact that there is no culture or ethnicity that is perfect and that does not have problems. Racism is a war of, “Who has the worse problems?” a time being wasted on that question instead of spending the time to solve the problems in our own cultures.

To provide sexual service in exchange for the right to live (to make a living) and it is a root problem .

Sex work is something that all women have to work for. If there is a ditch in the ground, some may fall in the ditch. And if you do not want to fall in the ditch, you have to make the effort to walk around it. You worked for the ditch whether you fell in it or not! So sex work is a burden and a stress that all women must keep in their minds and worry about

Sexism is violating. When this violation is expressed physically , it is called: violence. When this violence is sexually direct, it is called: rape. When this violence is mostly sexual but indirect, it is something like Gay bashing.


Global Participation Projects CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

There are many issues that are tied to the economy that are due to sexism that are not currently seen as so. Here we will discuss these issues in detail. Why is poverty associated with more sexual activity? what is the connection between scarcity and sexism? Why is sexism and poverty connected? In addition, we have a faulty monetary system that is being used world wide. Our current system is similar to a plastic pool that has a hole in it. It is wasteful. We will discuss proper trading values and what the problems are with our global economy today.
The current field of psychology is sexist in how it diagnosis problems and promotes prejudice and sexism in an unacceptable manner. The advice of doctors may not be the best advice. Here we will challenge psychological studies and papers and draw attention to the sexism in them as we see the current field to be too problematic to ignore.
Education is important for women. And it does make a difference whether the men around her are educated and whether her children are educated. The question is: is our educational system good enough or is it problematic? What issues exist in our educational system? This is an important question for all women to think about as the answer shapes our lives. The minds of all people and children are universally resistant to our current educational system. WE MUST FORCE OURSELVES TO STUDY, LEARN, AND GO TO CLASS. It means that our minds are telling us, “this is not the way I learn”. THE OBLIGATION TO LEARN WILL TEACH US ONE LESSON: THE FEELING OF THE OBLIGATION TO LEARN HINDERS OUR LEARNING. We need to find a better system that our minds are in agreement with. This will be part of our education reform project.
Prisons are an interesting idea: SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING THAT WE ALL HAVE AGREED TO BE WRONG—AND WHEN THAT PERSON DOES IT, WE LOCK HIM/HER UP. Is this the right thing to do? could there be a better way of dealing with problems. What we want to do is look at the issues that send people to jail. Find places in society that we can fix so that people are not hurting each other. This will be the first step in this project. In the second part we will try to see whether our current prison system is even ethical—even at its best. The idea of guilt and innocence is key and we will be examining this in our Prison Reform Project. We will also be studying Solitary Confinement and the problems that contradict the purpose of putting someone in there. You cannot slap a person and get them used to seeing slapping as okay as a way of getting them not to slap anymore. Right? This is our Prison Reform Project that we will be working on and updating you accordingly.
Our project on terrorism will be about understanding all the elements of terrorism. How does a child turn into a terrorist. To do this correctly we will not look at terrorism from a religious perspective or cultural perspective. Instead we will look at it from a unique way that does not target any group of people where we can understand the elements within any part of this world that may trigger a terrorist attack. We want to know if we, as people in this world, can do something to solve this issue. We want to have control over this problem.

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