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It has always been within America’s power to announce Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. Doing so requires not much in relation to the effort we, America, need to put in. Indeed, what would have been a proud American accomplishment is if our president was able to get Jewish people to approve Jerusalem for Arabs. OR it would have been equally a proud accomplishment if America was able to get Arabs to approve Jerusalem for  Jewish people. Neither of these two groups approved of  giving up Jerusalem, however. Arabs continue to want Jerusalem and Jewish people continue to want Jerusalem. President Trump did not bother to work with either sides to come to a solution to this disagreement: this is what other presidents were “stuck” on not being able to accomplish. And this is the thing that they did not want to resolve by simple asserting our opinion over them given, again, that it has always been within our POWER to announce Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

As a woman who understands having had enough of the entire situation to sweep it under the carpet and move on with our lives, I find that my feelings are most suitable for me alone on an individual level. Asserting the same “am sick of this” onto groups of people frankly becomes a form of an official resignation in relation to our involvement in that area. Meaning: by announcing that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel, we have said that we no longer want to be involved in that area. For let us not forget that Jerusalem has always been within the power of Israelis to have and to name as whatever they want. They were not waiting for us to say, “we agree” in the form of us “realizing it”. Indeed, the reaction of most Jewish people here and in Israel has been something along the lines of, “Jerusalem has ALWAYS been seen that way by us”.

Investment of power requires diplomacy. Investment of withdrawal, requires one to state the nature of the power as it stands if no diplomacy was to occur. Meaning: if amongst two of my friends, I invest my friendship in making sure that they are not fighting with each other, then that is me investing my friendship…but if I invest my friendship by saying that I side with friend A, then I would have withdrawn my friendship and stated something as if I has always been only a friend to one side thereby becoming useless in relation to making sure that the two sides are not fighting. MEANING: the nature of the fight is greater than the nature of the power I have if I was to invest it on making sure that the two people are not fighting. Hence, President Trump withdrew our nation from having further diplomacy in the region by stating that the nature of our power allows us to declare Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel without us being interested in the diplomacy process that allows for that to happen correctly the way the two sides have been wanting. For again, Israel could have made such announcement itself a long time ago. We should not be ones who are trying to sell you back the pants that you have bought yourself and is currently wearing by saying, “these pants belong to you” lest we exhibit a sense of “I want to matter” without having done anything much to actually matter.

All I am saying is that I just heard President Trump speak about Israel in a news conference today and I felt like I should address that which can only be summarized as, “I have done a lot for Israel…mostly Jerusalem” by saying: well, Jerusalem itself has done more than that, Mr. President! Please do not get them excited over that which they have had already if we were to measure it by your definition of what it means for one to have something!

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