Calling Out: Christine Ford for Being A Liar!

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Looking at Liberal media and their coverage of Christine Ford’s accusation against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, one can get a sense of where women stand in relation to sexism and specifically in regards to how not-so-important we are taken for ourselves as human beings and women given that the language that is accepted by most people as, “pro-women”, is frankly still very degrading and sexist.

I have read many articles on both Liberal and Conservative media outlets in regards to this case. And what I found to be a common denominator is a feeling that life belongs to men in totality and in full as women may sometimes get in the way in such manner as to create a “drama” that they find to be entertaining and amusing as it adds a bit of legitimacy and excitement to other-wise boring events where women are brought in to explain within the terms of men’s “we do not really even care if you are alive or not” as she is given a HUGE FAVOR for even being entertained. That is the general feel I get from almost every article I have read pertaining to this case and cases before it. Simply put: men have created a rape/sexual harassment culture and from how they are behaving, it appears to me that they are entertained to address the problems that rise–specially if women were to do it in a “serious manner” and whenever they act as if men are going to do more than address their cases and call it a life.

Sexual standards for women have been set way too high for anyone to even have a reason not to harass women once that standard is reached by the woman. All “other women” can feel as ugly and as unworthy of even existing until they too work on themselves to reach that standard. Once that standard is reached, a woman just feels okay about herself. But for men, once that standard is reached, we can say that men would have reached a point where there are no reasons for why they would not harass a woman or, at least, be a bit sexual in their conduct towards her. This is not what “WOMEN asked for to get” for anyone to say, “she got what she asked for”. This is what men asked of women as it took more than words for them to demand it from us given that years of sexual objectification and years of international standard-making and labeling is enough to make Mother Teresa put on some high heels and a mini skirt. When women reach a standard of beauty that men have fantasied as “hot” and “sexually serving of their needs”, that standard is one that is past the ability of a man to be “passive” in regards. Simply put: there are women who have reached that standard…if they walk into a room, everyone is attracted to them sexually without an exception. This does not say that women who “do not measure well” to that standard are left alone…on the contrary, those women do not even leave themselves alone in relation to how the standards make them feel as they are in a constant sexual harassment battle against it and for it in the name of society that has sentenced them to it.

One cannot say that women who have reached that standard are not sexually harassed by the world in general in a fashion that, for the woman: means one thing…as it means a whole other thing for the rest of the world. The integrity of all societies in the world in general is one that is based on sexual harassment which is why a man may commit suicide if his career ends due to being accused of it. For integrity works in such manner as to have one card bring down a house of cards if only that one card was to be removed as one truth pulls at another until everything falls down—hence, showing us a general acceptance and willful participation of men in the building and making of a sexual harassment lifestyle as what it means for one to have self respect and respect towards another cannot be brought to light without mental consequences under which a sense of betrayal and a sense of “confusion” brings a “drama not expected” to men’s lives that they find a woman to not be in the picture enough to have power over. When integrity that is of truth meets an integrity that is of lies, one cannot deal with it … this is similar to the way the food-web works and similar to all the natural connections that makes a “heat wave” in one part of the country when it is hailing snow in another. That is integrity and being against it is enough to make an entire specie go extinct. And women express true integrity as they are being handed society’s-integrity as the only outfit she is allowed to wear. “Not explainable in full” is the attraction that one gravitates to as they are intrigued by a woman given that this is the nature of two integrities not befitting each other as men would only like one of these integrities at the end.

This brings us to the “can you blame him?” argument that many men express in regards to women as they may claim her to be the one who brought it onto him if she is/is not pretty enough for them to claim that, “she has brought it onto her own self”. To bring something onto your own self is to “accuse one’s self of”, however… and to bring something onto your own self is to bring attention to an issue that one is facing and does not know how to deal with as it is still not clear if it is true or not. “I brought this onto myself when I was doing my nails the other day that I am spending way too much on them”—the accusation goes. And “I brought this onto myself when I was getting dressed the other day that I have overlooked how sexually objectified my clothes are befitting lately…I do not know whether this has always been or if I am getting too old for these kinds of clothes”—the accusation goes. Yet, “I brought this onto myself when I wanted a man to grab my ass that I should sue him and take his money since he needs to go down” is that which a man brings onto himself and is a thing that needs more thought and further investigation. And as the accusations that women bring onto themselves goes, the purpose of such accusations is related to self-respect as to correct one’s behavior where if one looks at herself and finds that her behavior is not the thing that needs to be corrected, then “brought it onto herself” is not the culprit of that conclusion as to make it into a flaw for helping the woman see the truth of the manner.¬† “I brought this onto myself when I was doing my nails the other day that I am spending way too much on them” says that no other people need to comment as to tell her that she is horrific for doing so as she needed not to “bring this onto herself” at all if she did not find it to be important at all. Yet, men have brought onto themselves a society where “women should be half-naked” is better than women wearing the burqa as to have us split amongst these two sides as we choose the middle to be a “good enough” of a starting point given that those men have brought onto themselves “decisions” manifesting themselves in the form of women representing those decisions where then they can go against the woman as a way of them saying, “I made the wrong decision” as many still stand firm in saying, “the wrong decision was not made at all!” which is frankly a sexually harassing statement (“no baby, we were not wrong at all…trust me!!”) as men continue to bring onto themselves “women as a sexual decision they have made” because such decision was something that they brought onto themselves in the past and they have concluded that, “No! I am not spending too much on my nails after all!” In that, let the judge bring the same statement onto those men as to see men say, “we have already thought about this..we are not doing anything wrong at all!” and let the judge question those women as to see them being treated in a fashion that has already been decided on before she was even born as to turn such cases into a “drama” that men can entertain themselves with as they feel a sense of accomplishment in bringing to justice a case that has long been lost as they have the chance to mock justice again in front of our faces without us realizing us…for what they are bringing to justice in such cases, is justice itself against itself no matter whether the woman wins the case or loses it as that becomes the tone that I complained about at the beginning of this article: it is the tone that says that justice is being brought against itself as for it to have lost already in order for the trial to continue or not continue…who cares?! And who cares, indeed, when the truth is that the big-book-of injustice has already been bookmarked to begin each trial where justice was dismissed?! (meaning: it is okay to objectify women and treat them like shit….from there, let us begin the trial in order to see how insulting it is for that to happen).

Sexual harassment cases, therefore, are looped up as it becomes difficult for many women to even report a sexual harassment case or to go to court because the personal battle in one trying to come to terms with her own self is one that resembles a loose thread that will undo the entire seam as to be something that resembles a spine that keeps pointing towards the woman as being the problem onto herself. Again, societal integrity in relation to such cases does not side with women even if women win such cases. Do women not have more integrity than the integrity that society subjects us to? Integrity is significance in integration of truth as to not allow room for objection that one belongs to herself. Does society not allow plenty of room for one to object that a woman belongs to her own self? In this case, therefore, lack of evidence in relation to sexual harassment cases is evidence that should present a burden of “disproof” for men where otherwise, believing the woman needs to be a standard. Why? Because we are harassed every day and every where we go for one to need to prove that otherwise has happened. If a woman accuses a man of sexual harassment, there becomes evidence of “special” in his regards that separates his conduct as that which was more “impactful” than other harassment women deal with on daily bases… usually this “special” takes the tone of “it is special for a woman NOT to be harassed” when it should be “it would be special if a man did NOT harass that woman” showing us how our mentality has been altered to side with men in this world as to take “special” and place it against women…. And here we have something that men may state along the lines of, ” you women like it when men tell you that you are pretty” or “you women flirt back and we know it because you did that when we first approached you to date you as you are my Girlfriend I know that you like to flirt..etc etc”…. and to such statements, I say:

“Then why the hell are we accusing this person of harassing us if what we like is to be harassed?” As the statements made by men merely raise that question again and does not add a single thing to it—meaning: Say, “Then why the hell are we accusing this person of harassing us if what we like is to be harassed?” …and now say, “you women flirt back and we know it because you did that when I first approached you to date you as you are my Girlfriend today”… WELL: SINCE WE LIKE TO BE HARASSED, TELL US WHY WE ARE ACCUSING THAT PERSON THEN?! Are we also not “whores” and we have been made to accept that as well? Tell us dear men…tell us what it is that we have accepted and what it is that we like to do in order for US to understand —as apparently we do not—why the hell we are accusing those men given that your retaliation against such accusations is something that says, “you know better than us”! Tell us what else we like to groove on that should make us ones to accept being harassed! Tell us! Unravel the mystery behind the mini skirt because, you are right dear men… we may not know our heads from our asses at this point in regards to the plan we are being dragged on! What is it that a woman does that you guys are using in order for us to accept being sexually harassed?! From my understanding thus far in relation to this issue that I myself cannot make sense of as to when I shall bring it forth or when I shall say, “what else is new?”, I have gathered that women are approached in the street in order to ease men’s way in sexually harassing women seriously without the woman thinking much of it by that time…I have also gathered that men use music and words such as “whore” and “bitch” in order to put women in an approving state when it comes to sexual harassment… What else, dear men?! Tell us how Christine Ford was NOT harassed in order that we see what it is that you guys are using to make us accept being sexually harassed without us being put in a position to object to it once! Go ahead and take her to the stand and rip her into pieces as I would love to know every single detail of that glorious day! “There were other people in the room” is the standard as if to say, “just by existing amongst others, women should expect being harassed!” No word is not useful so go right ahead and destroy that woman so we can watch and entertain ourselves! I CANNOT WAIT FOR CHRISTINE FORD TO GO DOWN!!!


PS: I know that¬† Christine Ford was in high school when the incident happened…but this article is in regards to bases of treatment today if she was to testify…

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