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How Independent Should Teenagers Be? is the question and the title of an article written by Christine L. Carter in

I will be quick on this one in saying: When we have all these problems in the world and when men have not thought twice about their behavior and what it would mean for children and teenagers, then I say that we have already told children and teenagers that, “you are on your own!”

Hence, as Christine Carter criticizes parents who micromanage their teenagers, I say that such micromanagement is precisely due to a sexualized society that is not suitable for children as it is not even close to being suitable for adult women. Yet, let us micromanage those we can as to do our jobs because some people do not want to treat women correctly. And as one wants to give teenagers a bit of room to make their own decisions, I need to say that the decisions that parents worry about are often not related to that which is suitable for them to make given that you have boys who are below 18 who want a teenage girl to carry responsibility for his behavior when she herself is not even allowed to be fully responsible for herself. But, again, given that this is the society we have: what are going to do specially when the teenage years are poisonous for girls within a sexist world in terms of selfhood and individuality, right? Thank goodness they are just girls and sooner or later “disrespect as a form of a life” is inevitable so might as well get the hang of it early on.

Again, given the society we have here and everywhere else around the world, I say that we have already told teenagers and children that they are on their own. How sweet is the sound of independence?!

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