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Don’t Tell Me What to Do! is the thing that David Woodsfellow Ph.D would say if he was an abused woman… but given that he is not, it is merely the title of an article he has written in psychologytoday where he expresses his frustration in relation to all the problem-solving that men have contributed to this world as to compliment the understanding that women want from men. Yes, women want understanding from men and therefore, here is a dictionary written by John Douglas Walters (made up name) for your information. And no, ladies: prostitution is not the world’s oldest profession…it turns out that info-trade is the world’s oldest profession which is why men tried to make a lot of profit in generating a lot of problems so that they can hustle us as if we are their little fools.

Dr. Woodsfellow tells us about a study that measured, “114 newlywed couples, all of whom were male/female pairs in their first marriage. The emotional support questions included items such as “Said he/she thought I handled a situation well.” The informational support questions included, “Shared facts or information with me about a situation I was facing.”——————-and then he tells us the findings of these studies… which are the following:

The first finding was that people who receive emotional support feel better and have higher relationship satisfaction.
That’s principal 1: Emotional support is good. Do it.
Another finding was that wives wanted more support of all kinds than they received – both emotional and informational support. Husbands also wanted more emotional support than they received but were okay with the informational support they received.
That’s principal 2: Husbands, be more supportive overall. Wives, be more emotionally supportive.
The next finding was subtler, but quite important. Among the subset of husbands who preferred informational support, the more informational support they got the better they felt.
But among the subset of wives who do not prefer informational support, the more informational support they got the worse they felt.
That’s principal 3: Husbands, do not assume that your wife is the same as you. If you prefer informational support, don’t assume that she does too. She might have the opposite preference. The kind of information that might make you feel better might make her feel worse. Beware.
The authors conclude: “Based on these findings, couples may be well-advised to provide emotional support to one another instead of informational support.” And when it comes to informational support, couples need to know the other’s preference.

Well here is what I think: Whoredom  indeed has over-flooded the universe and it has spilled itself on books as to make a support system out of the world in writing because one world is not enough and neither is two or three or 23409234 of them. Whoredom indeed.

Okay that was the emotional support that I needed to give myself…. now I need informational support in order that I may feel like a woman because it is not the genitalia of a person that determines the sex of that person but it is whether they want the 411 or if they want a hug and/or whether they want to give the 411 or give a hug…that is what determines the sex of the person. Are you huggable? Or, in other words, are you a man? Are you a sponge? Or in other words, are you a woman? Which ever you like people because we are here to spill the cup and be the towel that dries the area in order that you do not slip and fall. —-Okay, this was still a continuation of the emotional support I am in need of… seriously… no more emotional support towards myself…it is time for my informational support and this is what I have to say about it:

Those things are not up to people to decide in a fashion where they can say, “I feel like jumping on your head and that is just what I am going to do” as if opinion has not overreached past the moon in relation to how much people have abused their opinions. What constitutes emotional support? and what constitutes informational support? and which one would you like: which one would you like….lol… which one? tell me… do you want emotional support? Well if a woman walks through the door saying, “the tire on my car went flat” I will not get up as to give her a hug and then return to watch TV… I will suggest that I call my mechanic (If I had info about a mechanic)… and if a woman walks in crying because someone just died, then I may give her a hug and not call the mechanic lest I need to help her get rid of the body and my mechanic friend has an industrial burner that can melt iron. Which ever one you want because preference is up to you in such manner as to ask me to help you dispose of a body when only you had a flat tire. I mean there are emotions and there is someone looking for evidence and I am thinking that the police will follow and I need to find a carpet pronto to roll someone in it before carrying it down the stairs since we cannot have the neighbors see us drag a body…

Me talking to the friend who just murdered someone as she is in the room down the hall: A very heavy carpet that is caving in the middle due to the weight of the person you have murdered is less suspicious (this is the quality of the info I will provide on such journey and I will use the volume of my voice as evidence that I am incompetent for when the trial comes as to avoid the death penalty) although if the person is Asian (who she killed is not important and I have not asked yet because I am over whelmed by the situation as I am trying to shuffle through the carpet selection that I have because lucky for her, I have a carpet collection hobby that I finally have a use for which is why I am more excited about the type of carpet that will work out for the situation at hand… I mean: there is an emergency that requires CARPETS?! Well, I do not know what to say… I am just… let me give you a hug first…) then that would go well with the Persian carpet that I have as it is heavy enough for us to carry it (am matching carpet ethnicities and I have determined them to be homosexual—ethnicity, gender, sexuality: ugh what is important are carpets right now)… What do you think, Jessica? Do you think the Persian carpet would work?

Seriously: informational support, emotional support, sexual support…what a mush?! Whether you want emotional support or informational support depends on the police and whether they are involved or not…

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