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Where Will Evolution Take Humans Next? is the title of the Article written by Eric Haseltine Ph.D. in as he examines evolutionary trends in order to predict what is next in relation to the evolution of human beings who have failed miserably in their humanity as history have shown us a past filled with violence and injustice where “keep it moving” has been the call-to-action thus far as to have me believe that “grim reaper” is where we should be heading next in relation to evolution. Eric Haseltine believes that homo sapiens will become “homo crispr” where “crispr” stands for “Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats” or, in other words: babies genetically modified according to parents’ taste. And if “will” in relation to “who the daddy is” is not enough genetic modification; given that humans are not able to get over the “rape” element as of yet, then “why not?” in relation to modifying one’s offspring using science? Right? Force women to marry whoever you desire and use manipulations and force in order to get women to “freely choose” whatever your manipulations has driven them to choose—and indeed, humans are not able to get over rape itself. And, hence, if evolution is going to happen (and if I was to entertain that idea), I would say that a “retry” as to declare us all monkeys in order for an actual humanity to arise is what needs to happen. No, no scientific modifications…. let an actual humanity come forth first.. a humanity free of rape and injustice as for them to look back at us and truly call us “barbaric monkeys”. We would be lower than a monkey in relation to “values held” and more vicious than a lion in relation to “lack of mercy” as to be one of the few species to ever “have had the ability” to do things but have had half of its members get in the way of the other half as to prevent them from doing anything at all. Even in terms of evolution we see that a single celled organism did not excel as a dolphin but it excelled as a single celled organism. And every other animal has excelled in using itself to the fullest its energy and ability has allowed of it. Yet, humans have failed miserably in allowing its members to use themselves as to have half of its members excel at the art of “hindrance” with flying colors.

With the ability to comprehend comes a duty to not use what we comprehend as an empty excuse. And if evolution happened, other animals are not aware of it as to comprehend it past the immediate effects that come in the shape of one animal encountering another—which is merely a comprehension in relation to being alive. Yet, human beings have looked at those animals and brought up “evolution” as theory to not only account for other animals but to excuse our own behaviors in relation to competition and sexism as to feel an undeserving sense of “no wrong doing” in continuing a pattern of life that is more “Consuming” than “homo sapiens” total energy can ever account for. For the ability to comprehend does not come without a responsibility in its regards and the energy it takes to “cleanse” the conscious of those who are able to understand more than they are able to do is something that should be balanced in relation to what it is a person is doing and NOT a thing that can be cleaned by the use of ONE THEORY as to continue to rip through meat and tell ourselves that we are “merely animals” and then turn around and bitch and complain if one was to treat us as if we are dogs. “Whenever it suits us”: where does that land us in relation to evolution except to give us a chance to be “below and in the past” in relation to all other animals?! For even in relation to evolution, time was of the essence as no other animal was able to say, “whenever it suits me, I shall be better than this” since much energy and perseverance in time was needed to make such statement true. But we are as “on demand” as TIVO and we can say, “better whenever one approaches me in my expectations of them” as we approach others with a knife behind our backs. Where is the time being invested when it comes to human being? And I say that we are investing our time more so on problematic behavior of injustice and restrictions than we are spending them on goodness. So, if evolution is anything of a theory, I say that it is more honorable to rip through each other to death than it is to have better and use it as a “friendlier” way of tearing each other down. And evolution would agree with me as to say, “better that way in time” …for  death is a goodness (or death of a goodness is a death) that shall fail to resolve its own self but shall be the thing that stands up as to say, “this is bad! And this is how good it is for bad to at least be labeled correctly as so!”as all other animals kill each other without allowing room for one to say, “I want to be its victim!” And let us compare that to human cunningness under which men have successfully made many women stand in a position to desire their abusers as to see that even death itself has more truth.

As for Homo CRISPR and the need of parents to tailor children to befit their likes and dislikes: great! That shall be easier on girls than for them to sit trapped by 4 walls as they wait for a husband.  At least make sure the husband is as talented as Kobe Bryant to make the entire ordeal worth anyone’s time. Make sure the husband is as talented as Van Gogh as to allow room for a different view as the woman stares at the beautifully painted walls after becoming his wife. Make sure that the husband is tall, dark, and handsome as to have her truly feel “not pretty enough” given that our feelings are illogical today in relation to sexist men who are missing half of their teeth making us feel like we are the ones who are walking around without a face as to covered it in full. Tailor as you please but I fear human arrogance to lead men to want boys who are a twin version of themselves as to look exactly like the father—which is nothing short of a disease. “Forget the mother completely” is what would be of sons and allow the woman to have one daughter just like her as we are bundled up in value anyways.

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