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So the statistics are in and apparently 9 out of 10 Americans see Gun Violence as a Public Health Threat  1 . It appears that 9 out of 10 people who are in America are standing with a gun pointing towards their heads. Who is threatening them with a  gun? And what is the difference between a person pointing a gun in your direction where guns become a threat VS being a person who just has an issue with guns? For if 9 out of 10 people were being threatened as we speak, then we know that the 10th person is merely the one who is barely escaping that situation as that person would be one who is running away from the scene. And so, given that all of us are sitting at home doing not much (in comparison to such horrible situation), we can say that we are that 10th person who has been able to escape such horrific crime. Now check this out: the ones who have been able to escape are us, right? and apparently we do not mind guns at all… the proof is that we have guns everywhere. So yes that one person does not mind gun violence and neither does s/he see it as a public health threat. Because s/he is the one who has escaped such statistic being against us.

So all of us are just that one person who escaped…what about the other 9?

The 9 out of the 10 who are letting the guns mind them: they do not exist. Because the truth about such situation where 9 out of 10 people are against guns is one where we live in a perfectly fair society…a society that we do not have today. And hence, in being against guns, one is for guns. And in being for guns, at least a person is in line with what society requires from one to be safe. To be safe, you gotta run and be lucky to escape AND you need a gun: that is what happens in a society that has injustice and inequality and many problems. For women were not spared violence and we were not spared any form of injustice. There were no lucky women who escaped… but I know that half of the population was acting as ONE who is entitled to escape whatever other hell was happening. So we land on a situation where men demand more of our support since he is promising us to secure our lives as to make sure that 10 out of 10 people are not harmed by guns… forgetting that what he is really asking of us is to merely become as the ONE who barely escapes the effects of the sexism from the past so that we can be included in a future that is more secure AT THE COST OF WOMEN without us having the right to assert such “security” as invalid due to low self esteem and other issues. I mean, can women stand up and say, “we object to society being secure given that we are in a situation that is really sexist?” Nope. To add extra security measures without fixing the injustice in society, women will be given a secure sexist society which is not a society that has ever existed before due to the fact that it is a calamity that no one should ever look forwards to.

Women want to live the truth of the matter. And the truth of the matter is that men have instigated violence against women and they have instigated violence against each other in relation to what it took to instigate violence against women. And children have always been given a more secure state than women have been given if only due to the virtue that it allows men to practice more sexism against women. To say that I do not care if children are not safe is far from true. But we secure children through education these days…and it appears that education is not good enough to secure children as it becomes an unfulfilled promise for many whether they get shot while seeking education or whether the education system fails them out of their rights to live a secure life. Hence, what is an education that is needed for security but an ignorance that attempts to deprive people from experience in a legitimate manner? And what is an extra security measure while one is trying to seek another security measure but a failure that we insist should happen?


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