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As you all may know, the 8th Amendment in the Irish Constitution bans abortions and guarantees the “right to life” to the mother and the “unborn child” in a manner that even the lord himself is not able to guarantee… showing us how far men are able to go in terms of brains and power if it was to just set women back. From the amazing journey of a sperm, which is a video that needs to be banned (I will tell you why another day), to ultrasound machines: the invasion of a woman’s body for the sake of collecting evidence against her is something of a morning sickness that I cannot find any cure for yet. Before a “crime” is committed is usually NOT how evidence is collected, that is all I am saying.

On the 25th of this month, however, Ireland will hold a referendum on the eighth amendment of the country’s constitution. If the electorate  are drunk enough to vote in favor of repealing the eighth, it would allow for the government to create better abortion laws. Yet, many Irish anti-abortion groups are hard at work pulling all the stops as if children are a form of self-expression that men have the right to defend for the sake of feeling like they have stood their own moral grounds without having to do anything else past pushing some air out of their voice-boxes as to utter a few words (morality is very easy that way when the woman has to do all the work)—forgetting that children are a great place to exploit people as they are wrapped up into one group where the motto becomes, “come one, come all” which is what anti-abortion groups wants… come one, come all little children. Hence, this sign courtesy of  The Guardian :

Yes,  In Britain 90% of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome Are Aborted (as the sign claims). “COME ONE, COME AL” is indeed a great way of having all people come through the doorways of your mind in order for you to find some that can be of use for whatever the hell you want to defend or go against. Hence, those children are taken in through a “come one, come all” motto…and then the person is selecting only a few ones that are “good enough” for whatever cause he wants to go against or support where, here,  “children with downe syndrome” are found to be a thing (yes, “a thing” is the right word to use when you collect all children and pick some to use for whatever objective you have) that has the ability to cause rage in relation to them being seen as “unwanted” given that one IS USING THE DISCRIMINATION THEY ARE EXPERIENCING TODAY IN OUR WORLD IN ORDER TO APPLY THAT DISCRIMINATION, IN THE FORM OF FEELINGS, ONTO ABORTIONS.

And so, in the spirit of “REPEAL THE 8TH” chant that women in Ireland are marching to, I want to give 8 other reasons (than the ones you may find on other online sources) for why the 8th Amendment needs to be repealed:

  1. I know that I said that “we should not use the differently abled” in an exploitive manner. And what I am about to say is not exploitive as I am attempting to relate what it means for one to NOT DISCRIMINATE against ANYONE. Hence, a person in a wheelchair has the will to go places..if we were to say to that person that, “your functionality (your bodily abilities) does not allow you to walk, therefore you cannot use a wheelchair” then that would be functionality over will and that would be something cruel to do which no country allows anyone to do.  And we cannot say to a woman that your functionality that has given the opportunity for you to get pregnant is greater than your will as that would also be cruel. Hence, reason 1: functionality does not take priority over will since, whenever it does, we offer medical help and support to allow a person to overcome it. 

  2. The right to life is the right to not be harmed in life by anyone else. The right to life of the woman fails to be protected if she views the pregnancy as a harm. Hence, in guaranteeing the right to life to the unborn child, one is not equally guaranteeing it for the woman if she did not want to get pregnant. Hence, reason 2: Right to life for the woman is no longer protected if she is forced to carry a pregnancy against her will.

  3. Guaranteeing the right to life for the unborn child cannot happen without the mother. And if through the mother one is attempting to guarantee the life of the fetus, then that tells you that THROUGH THE MOTHER/IN ACCORDANCE TO THE MOTHER this should happen. Hence, reason 3: One cannot guarantee the life of the fetus except through the mother. 

  4. To bypass a woman’s body and mind in order to get to the fetus is what “attacking a fetus” is all about. Hence, reason 4: you do not have the right to attack the fetus by bypassing the mother as that will make women get an abortion when they otherwise may not have wanted to get one. 

  5. A fetus’ life is being developed…and as it is developing, we can say that it has the right to have whatever such development has allowed of it to have thus far. Hence, in guaranteeing the right to life for the fetus and if it is not able to survive on its own at the time it is aborted/delivered, we still say that we have guaranteed its right to life. Hence, Reason 5: an aborted fetus does receive its right to life…it is just that it has not acquired enough of it to survive on its own. AKA: Do not blame me for the 9 months that is needed for the completion of the project, blame g-d if you want.

  6. The life that some may be seeking to protect for the fetus is hallmarked by the delivery of this child after the woman has carried it for about 9 months. Again, if the fetus has the right to life at 4 months, let us deliver it at 4 months then and you can have the fetus and it can have the life that you wanted to protected for it all it wants. Hence, reason 6: The fetus does not have the right to life lest it is able to survive on its own which is proven by the fact that the fetus dies on its own if it was delivered at 3 months or 4 months, etc. 

  7. Men cannot get pregnant. And if one wants to reason why a woman must keep every pregnancy she has, then one must say that men cannot get pregnant for a reason (or a lack of reasoning). What are the reasons why men cannot get pregnant? And if one was to say, “functionality”, then I say that due to differences in functionality, men are not able to take pregnancies seriously and still be correct in regards to how such functionality needs to be addressed. And if morality is the reason one must keep a baby, then I say that the morality of men is past questionable as they cannot even keep sperm in their bodies long enough. Hence, reason 7:  A woman has  different bodily functions in terms of reproduction organs and men cannot assert a level of understanding of it as to make a woman comply by their-terms-in-its-regards when a woman is saying otherwise.

  8. G-d made sure that children are not made by having the woman lay an egg as if she was a chicken. Yet, if that was the way women had children, then one can argue that men are allowed to get to the baby first as to skip over the woman. Yet, g-d made it that the baby develops inside the mother as a way of saying, “one cannot skip over the mother when it comes to the fetus”. And although some may say that, “this means that a man has rights over the mother when she is pregnant due to her having a fetus inside of her”, then I say that such would be a reason NOT to have a baby as no woman wants a man to have a say so over her. Reason 8: Skipping over the woman is not allowed as g-d has asserted her to be the one who should be seen as more important to others than they are allowed to find a fetus to be.  

These are but 8 reasons why women, today, cannot be deprived of their rights to have an abortion. I do hope that Ireland and other countries around the world can move towards a society where women have autonomy. And although there are adults out there whose mothers wanted to abort them but changed their minds…and they may tell you that they are glad that their mothers did not abort them, we can say that such feelings of gratitude are in relation to the child having developed the ability to feel those things inside of his mother’s womb and not despite her. If you are feeling great about being alive, then feelings matter and women’s feelings matter too. Okay, I will stop in giving more reasons as I can go all day if you challenge me. Seriously, I got at least 99 reasons but “because it is the moral thing to do” aint one since the emptiness of such gesture is what being immoral is all about.

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