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Trust and sex is the key connection here that should not have been connected lest one wants to go back in time as to not act in a sexually violating manner against women as to break the original trust’s hymen as to allow you to say, “trust is connected to the sexual activity that a couple has”. And as such, going back in time where a husband and a wife can have more sex as “marriage” is no longer a “sanctified” enough of a thing to keep it your business in a manner that is related to gayness itself, we have Dr. Loren Soeiro from who tells us about the 12 Sex Problems Most Often Discussed in Psychotherapy and as far as the “Jesus Christ!” chant that comes with sex, we can say that here also the 12 desciples require a “Rooster” of a warning asking us all, “why can’t we all just get along?” Hence, there are 12 reasons of how we can get along sexually as rape and crucifiction can become a sign of a blessing.

Trusting one’s own self and one’s own abilities and one’s own standings in relation to the self is hard enough of a job when one is living in an abusive society that has criminal intent towards women. And so sexism becomes a thing that has run the elements of trust in relation to the relationship that women have with men given that “relationships” as an idea is offended by such use. In that, it appears to me that sex is too far stretched of  a place for one to extend trust to…although it also appears to me that trust is something that is not found much anywhere else as to turn the situation into, “The Kingdom of the Father [which] is like a certain woman who was carrying a jar full of meal. While she was walking [on] a road, still some distance from home, the handle of the jar broke and the meal emptied out behind her on the road. When she reached her house, she set the jar down and found it empty.” –Gnostic Book Of Thomas Verse 97 Except when it comes to sex and trust the story becomes more of this, “the kingdom of heaven is like a certain woman who was carrying a sack of potatoes from trustville, Idaho …and the potatoes kept falling all over the place until she reached home in California where she managed to not break the trust-sack as to have a few potatoes left for dinner”. Great distance was traveled indeed for such a lousy sack of potatoes from trustville, Idaho—home of men who do not give a crap. As for the parable in the Book of Thomas, I say that the weight of carrying something remains the same as one travels a distance if one was to lose some of its weight along the way due to one’s arms getting tired of carrying senseless weight…hence, that woman was probably traveling from Idaho to California as to make it in time to cook dinner given that the ending is great for her as she now has a reason not to bother herself with cooking it. “The books fell out of my backpack and now I have no homework!”

And as such, the inner conviction of the self does not allow for such incidents to happen given that the trust one needs to have for herself cares about the weight of the values as to make them all one of the same in regards to principle. In that, sex in relation to trust is about principle and not about sex itself —-while still remaining to NOT be about principle nevertheless—-as trust is the thing that removes the aspect of “pity” (which makes a principle into a thing that does not have pity…lest it is pity that is the principle) as to make our minds of the nature that is related to “solid grounds”…and in such case as having one’s husband/boyfriend/partner cheat on her, I say that trust breaks apart as to be a whole other thing when it is in relation to sex hence becoming an assertive aspect of what makes a principle as to then create its own “pity section” out of its own ass… which is an operation that the soul despises as no one is worth that much effort. Hence, contemplation is on the woman’s mind whenever such “trust” is broken as to feel a bit conflicted where her “pain” is in relation to how her mind is daring to accept making for itself a whole VIP lounge area  (Very Important Pity Lounge Brain-Area) just for a man’s sake as if that is an appropriate option. So, going back to the article at hand and in relation to the sexual activity of a couple declining if one partner was to cheat on the other, I say that “more than sex” needs to be emphasized. Does it not? Or do you think that a woman should see a man’s cheating as a threat against her as to turn into her man’s whore in order to keep him from cheating as she spends every day on her knees? And finally, I say that having 12 possible problems in relation to a sexual relationship, speaks of such relationships as an “attachment style” where even having one problem would be too big of a problem to have yet alone for one to say, “there are 12 problems that can possibly be going on in your life when speaking about the area between your legs and my legs!”—-I do not have that many problems there…. lest you add a man, of course! TWELVE PROBLEMS: THAT IS A LOT OF PROBLEMS!!! I AM NOT CERTAIN IF I WANT TO GAMBLE ON THAT AS TO HAVE ME THEN TRY TO GO ND FIGURE OUT WHICH ONE OF THESE PROBLEMS I AM GOING THROUGH AS TO BECOME A SLAVE IN RELATION TO HAVING TO SOLVE IT. But again, trying to solve it would be the FUN part, right? Add a few more on your list, why don’t you so that women can go home and try the “solutions” out!

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    Dr. Loren Soeiro joined the WebMD Health Services Clinical Advisory Board in 2016. He is a psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice with over a decade of clinical experience. Prior to opening his Manhattan private practice, Dr. Soeiro worked as an attending psychologist in an outpatient psychiatry clinic for patients with HIV and AIDS. He collaborated with a multimodal treatment team of psychiatrists, physicians, social workers, and other specialists to evaluate and plan treatments for both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking patients from a population of chronically ill patients in the Bronx, NY.

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