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I read an article today on Psychologtoday that got my attention in regards to the lack of limitation that is guiding research when it comes to psychology. The article is written by Raychelle Cassada Lohmann MS, LPCS and it is entitled, Virtual Choices with Real Consequences. In the article Raychelle speaks about teenagers’ behavior saying, “Some of the research that I have seen examines adolescent brain development, with a particular focus on the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is responsible for problem-solving, impulse control, and decision making. The prefrontal cortex isn’t fully developed until the mid-twenties. Although we expect our teens to know better, the fact is there are some physiological reasons they act out impulsively and believe they are invincible.” I am not criticizing what Raychelle is saying. I, however, am very angry at the thought that adult men are venturing into teenagers’ brains to do their research specially, and as Raychelle has pointed out, that their brains are not fully developed until mid-twenties. And the “particular focus on the prefrontal cortex” is just something that sounds medically invasive when it comes to applying such thing on teenagers even if merely in the form of a research project and not as a medically invasive surgery. I find it be to just as invasive as a surgery. What do you want with their prefrontal cortex? And what business is it of yours? And that is the precise question that I have when I read Raychelle’s article in regards to how Harvard had to “rescind admission offers to students who post inappropriate content, images, etc., online.” What business is it of yours? When we know that teenagers are impulsive that is enough of a reason for why they may have posted such things. One is not allowed to say, “well, I would love for teenagers to be less impulsive”…since that is the thing that makes them teenagers! You cannot demand from others to change that which a phase is going to remove anyways. And you cannot punish teenagers or hold their behavior against them for the rest of their lives. We are adults. We can understand. We can make exceptions. Let them post something stupid and if it is not criminal, then we can get over it. To turn the online behavior of teens into a thing where they may risk future opportunities is an extra additive that helps men gain some composure as they are the ones who are out of control. Do not deprive teenagers from future opportunities because they posted a tweet when they were 16 and you find it to be of questionable morality you wobbling men who cannot wait to find anyone who is placed in a position that allows for you to exercise some stability against as if you have ever been able to walk a straight line. It is indeed the making of a mountain out of a freaking mole whenever men attempt to create the same for themselves in regards  to who they are in relation to youth as to gain a status that is respectable enough at their cost. Look at what the respectable researchers are doing: they are trying to find out all about teenagers and their brains and they found that Tim is not fully developed in his prefrontal cortex as of yet. Thanks, Doctor Immorality Itself: You have managed to look at sexually developing teenagers who have not yet been fully adulterated by the adults as to alter the definition of “clean-slate”.  Hence, “Let me take a look at how a “clean-slate” is being developed!!” is not the right thing to do. And so we have no problems living in a world too complex in relation to the problems that are infesting it and we do not mind teenagers living to experience those problems. Just do not post anything “bad” about the “bad things” we have online. It is as if they are an Arab woman and they cannot afford anyone judging them negatively lest their entire future goes to shame. Communicate in a more effective manner, teenagers: lord knows that women have tried to do so with little success thus far.


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