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There is an article published on by Dr. Leonard Sax entitled, Fortnite, Boys, and Self-Control that makes for a classic example of how medicine and science help reinforce the status quo into leading people to become out of touch with reality itself. The article is about violence and video games. Dr. Sax tells parents to, “Do your job. Turn off the screen. Take your kid for a hike outdoors, or go sailing, or visit a museum. Don’t worry about your kid’s popularity with other kids: being popular, for young teens, is now a major risk factor for bad outcomes. And if your kid absolutely insists that only simulated combat will satisfy him, then take him out for an afternoon of paintball. Prioritize the real world above the world of video games.” Yes, parents, allow your children to find happiness in the world as it stands. Do not think that there is no happiness out there for them: men made sure that things are pleasant enough for all. The world is great if you merely get your children to shut off their xbox’s and go take a hike. Come on teenagers: let us go to a museum of global history where you will see fossils of women’s feet that have been broken into pieces as to make them more sexy—binding things made for a great past-time hobby. That shall enlighten their minds. Or let us go paintball shooting that way you can see if your aim is as great as your xbox skills has made you feel them to be. Get a couple of rounds in the paintball-battlefield in order that you may learn how to dodge a cop’s bullets. Or let us forget about the issues in this world and let us sail (as if that is an everyday thing) and try to catch some fish (something has to die in the process). And if your teenagers insist on killing someone, the sailing trip will provide for a great place to murder you. It is as if the world is a big adventure that is interrupted by 10-hour school days and only 2 days to be left alone—squeeze in as much “life” as you can in those few hours and do not “waste” your time on a stupid game. Yet, here is where reality is being taken on a sailing trip that it may not return from:

Playing violent video games can ruin any teenager brain since it appears to have the power to transport the players seen on the TV screens and place them inside of the brain of a vulnerable teenager as to possess him/her…where then a teenager would run to the nearest car to steal it as s/he drives around shooting at people since the world, to him/her, has finally been turned into Grand-Theft-Auto. And as such teenagers are driving around in stolen cars and as they are shooting at other people from the passenger seat, we should be reminded that Los Angeles was established way before Grand Theft Auto-LA was released as a game.

As video games give killing and murder a casual tone to the loss of human life and its value, we need to remember that the world has been very casual in relation to women’s lives and their value as well as in relation to the lives of black people and their value. Casual loss of life is indeed not a game-made thing as it is a sexism and racism based thing that has been entertained for a very long time. Hence, when it comes to women, I must ask: Why is it that if men where to be harmed by something as a group, things are taken seriously as to move towards an immediate change? And why is it that when women are facing harm as a group, our issue is taken casually for the abuse to continue to happen for centuries without an end in sight? So what is the value of a woman’s life in this world as women are being treated casually in a sexual manner as to be used and disposed of? Is that not enough of an oppression to influence the conduct of teenagers who are in the midst of sexual development?

And when it comes to black people and their condition, I must also ask: Why is it that we continue to entertain their living conditions as that which they must put up with even if it kills them? And what is it that we are waiting for in order to say that “enough is enough” when it comes to their status and their condition? When the violent conditions that black people live under is taken in a casual manner to a point where it is literally a form of entertainment (rap, movies, games, fashion, etc) and when such conditions create an image of a “violent man” who is cool enough to be a video game character, does this not influence the casual way teenagers may view murder and violence? What is the value of a human being’s life and do we really not live in a world that is  video-game like?!

The killing of one human being by another is nothing short of a life ruled by oppression and injustice whether a person ever gets murdered or not. And the casual nature upon which we address such oppressions is indeed cartoonish all the way up to the senate seats. The graphic details of oppression are nothing more than a casual talk people have with each other, today, that is as rhetorical as asking, “how you doing?” It requires no gasping and it requires no shock and it requires no OMG’s and it requires no further explanations…heck, people may not even talk about it anymore. But here comes the men in this world who are ruling it by the same virtues that keep such oppressions around. And they are asking mothers to join forces with their husbands into making their teenagers turn off their TV screens and to pressure them to do more social things such as taking a walk in the woods with the expectation that no one will murder them as they take that freaking walk. And such isolation from reality done by limiting the exposure of teenagers to the issues that women face and the issues that black people face as to paint a better picture of this collapsing-world-that-is-rotting-by-age-old-oppressions is indeed a thing that will make it appear that we live in a better world today than we did a few years ago as if those who have never been oppressed are the ones we are worrying about and once they are no longer part of the “violence” equation, then all is well.

Yes, people, the graphic nature of oppression is now merely a two player round in a game entitled, “A Match in Hell—Doomsday Edition” played by any two sides in this bipolar world where one player is having fun playing all the ladies as he accumulates points by the number of women he can dump as doing so becomes more difficult with time spent trying to convince her to take off her pants. Self-control is a thing that parents need to work on when it comes to their children, however—-At least that is the recommendation by the Virtual Bullshit Psychological Foundation.  But first, let the adult men in the world work on their self-control first.  Yet, self control where one is trying to make children learn to play video games in a manner that does not consume their entire day is one thing that is far more pleasant than the way actual oppressions consume the lives of people subjected to them. No joystick to control one’s life and no joystick to have a say so over its direction…for whether one pulls the trigger up, down, left, or right; it appears that the players are either going down or are spinning in place as oppression is a thing crippling. And when it comes to women and the oppression we are facing, it appears that Grand Theft Auto has given us a good portrayal of reality given that men have been driving their cars without hindering to any form of decency whatsoever as if everything in sight is up for the taking including women who are just standing around waiting for his ass to crash into them. But why the violence, teenagers? Why the video games? Those are bad for you, don’t you know?! Yet, speaking of things not so good for people, sir; I am glad that video games have at least made you notice how inappropriate such violence can be. Instead, however, such men are upset and they are raging because such things do not belong in a video game and such things cannot be presented in a 3-d-almost-real-life-graphic…because such things are only for men to act out in real life once they pass the age of 18 and the rest of the men are free from being dragged along with him in a guilty-verdict-trial.

Take your time, dear men. Perfect it. Indeed, we are spending so much time trying to make video game graphics look as close as they can get to the real world instead of us trying to make the real world a place where our eyes cannot see violence anywhere in sight. HERE IS THE REAL WORLD: STOP MAKING A NEW ONE FOR US TO MOVE AROUND ON OUR TV SCREENS INSTEAD AS IF THAT IS THE ONLY LEVEL OF CONTROL PERMITTED OF PEOPLE TO HAVE WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR OWN LIVES. We have 3 versions of this world: the real one, the internet, and video games. We are done trashing the second using the sexism found in the first and now we are off to the third one to virtually turn it into a dump. So again, I ask,  “The violence found in the real world: is that not what is behind the violence found in video games?” But reverse psychology in order for social change to remain within the current dynamics appears to be a better bet to take.

Women and black people are facing an oppression that is now presented casually in video games and men do not mind the fact that these oppressions are happening and neither do they mind that these oppressions are causal. They just mind the medium under which they are presented as the “oh poor” teenagers may be “oh so influenced” by them….tears tears, will someone hand him a napkin, please? But bullshit has been out played into overtime way too many times for us to know that “let us see how things play out” is merely a thing that grants these men extra play time. And so as men are “oh so” worried about their all-of-the-sudden precious teenagers who are living in a world that spins around in a testimony— a testimonythat the world displays each day upon the sun rising as if the sky is a piece of paper it crumbles up when the sun falls back in its western pathway— that says that no one has ever given enough shit about teenagers past hitting the pause button so that these teenage boys can get these teenage girls later at their own pace and after the age of 18.

Play your video games but do not play it often. Play your video games after you finish your homework. Play your video games but go out with your friends once in a while. YOU WOULD THINK THAT A FEW WORDS ORDERED OUT OF YOUR MOUTHS ARE ENOUGH TO MOVE THE EARTH FROM ITS AXIS. BUT meanwhile: Stay home you might get raped. Stay home because that place is not appropriate for girls to go to. Stay home because your vagina is bleeding and that is a bad influence onto your own self. Vaginal bleeding may indeed have more influence on the state of violence today although the bloodshed it has  in common with violence is surprisingly not connected.

Am such a horrible indecent woman…I am speaking about blood and vaginas. Beheadings: that is a non-violent solution to clean up the stained couch of a woman’s brain that men want to rest their bad ideas on. But violence is a video game thing. Right?  RUN RUN AND RUN…AND THEN JUMP OVER THE HURDLE THAT IS WOMEN AND THEIR PROBLEMS LEST YOU TRIP AND FALL! Wait the hell up, Dr. Sax: I think that you are asking teenagers to take a different route than the one you and other men have originally asked of them to take. Is the violence getting to you men too? Is that the issue at hand? Women are not able to take a different route, however. But let any man get in harms way and you will see “CONSTRUCTION” signs line up the streets as to try to give them a smoother ride. Go ruin your cars and kill each other… I thought that was fine! Nope: only fine against us…my bad!

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