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An article on asks the important question: Is Something Valuable Missing from Your Life? And Yes, Ms. Dreher, I am glad you have asked because a man is missing from my life and I cannot find a way to breathe without him. Now I understand that this might be an unfeminist of a stance to take, but I must remind you that equality between men and women is a feminist stance that I do not like to partake in for various reasons including my own evil intentions to make men subservient to women as if such miracle would ever come true despite us living in accordance to such accusations. Yes, we live as if we have the power to make men crawl on their hands and knees and we need to prove to them that such thing will not happen. This is similar to one taking a little child and saying to him, “Whatever you do little kid….do not shoot me with your toy gun…I am scared of it!” in order for the child to gain a sense of power as if he is able to actually kill anyone with such gun. Hence, whether I cheer for equality with men or whether I want them all to die all depends on what the toy gun in my hand is able to do as self respect will drive me to pick “equality” for the sake of proving to myself that I have some common sense.

Yes, a man is what I am missing from my life because there is nothing that can bring comfort to a stressful and confusing life than a man who is in denial about his own participation in the injustice in it. And when it comes to value, there is nothing more valuable than a person who has no problems ending your life on the spot. Hence, answering your question.

In the article, Ms. Dreher speaks of the good old days when people knew each other by name and when people were not mere strangers that we do transactions with. And I say that the transaction of abuse is indeed one that offers no pay back or returns but instead is more of a thief that takes more than that which a person can even ever get to replace. This is what constitutes a crime. Hence, when crimes is high, it is good to see a bunch of strangers given that “to the rescue” is something that makes a goodness out of strangers and foes out of people well known. As we live in a time that is finally recognized as criminal in relation to abuse being wrong, it becomes a better deal to have a stranger for a neighbor and a stranger for a pharmacist and a stranger for a bank teller and a stranger as a stranger one is to the abuse and what it means. Indeed, why know people personally when the personal has diminished in value lest that “familiarity” turns into a fake act or a formality that orders one around more than it allows one to make their order in a loud and clear manner?

So if this is the world we live in and if a man is missing from my life, then is it not true that men are trying to establish a new definition of familiarity and a new definition of “personal” as to make him and the world of equal caliber to the woman? I am afraid it is. Hence, I am missing the world from my life…that is a more accurate answer given that a man is supposed to mean the world to me. Blah!

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