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Mental Illness: Brain Disease or Gut Disease? is the title of an article written by Rob Whitley, Ph.D. in PsychologyToday where either 1. A brain disease becomes a mental illness if it was a gut disease OR 2. where a gut disease becomes a mental illness if it was a brain disease. Which one? DOES A BRAIN DISEASE BECOME A MENTAL ILLNESS IF IT WAS A GUT DISEASE…OR DOES A GUT DISEASE BECOME A MENTAL ILLNESS IF IT WAS A BRAIN DISEASE?

As you see, there is a mental illness issue going on… and at the same time there is a brain disease and a gut disease and there is a confusion on what links with what. So the issue at hand is the following: Is mental illness isolated to the brain as for the brain to be the source of its origin where the gut disease is merely a separate issue? OR is mental illness something that owes its origin to other parts of our bodies thereby affecting our brains in that fashion?

Hence, let us take a look at the gut-brain connection:

Responsibility, when it comes to internal-external and external-internal body functionality is the greatest in two areas: food and mental well being. You are physically and consciously responsible for what goes into your mouth and also you are responsible consciously for how you conduct yourself as eating itself is a form of a conduct.

As such, it is to be expected that such gut-to-brain so-called “Axis” is one that is mostly the person’s to access as it SHOULD NOT BE for other people to run and access in accordance to their stupid rules and ideologies. Right?
So what happens when men dictate our behavior and try to influence our conduct through the ignorance of their ideologies? We become overweight: that is one thing that may happen. And what happens when a woman feels over weight? PUKE PUKE PUKE: this may happen sometimes as a result. Right?!

Yet, it appears that doctors and psychologists are not on the same page as my gut is telling my brain to be. As such, I will let Rob Whitley and other respectable people teach you a more correct knowledge as they tells you that,

…it is too early to state that mental illnesses are “gut diseases,” and we should be wary of replacing simplistic notions of “chemical imbalance” with equally simplistic notions of “gut imbalance.

Too early…No problem: people can sit around and wait for a later time. Meanwhile, grab yourselves a snack and watch some TV while these respectable people get finished with the rodents they have in their labs to tell you how you should connect your heads and stomachs to your brains (as you remain, meanwhile, a body-disconnected).

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