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Why is Staying Sober in the Summer So Hard? is a great question asked by Sarah Benton MS LMHC LPC in an article published in PsychologyToday. Yep, such sure is a great question. Yet, a better question is: Why is staying sober in the midst of injustice so hard? Nope, let us forget about the heat of the summer as global warming has not yet made its way into silencing women like the rest of humanity has done. Let us, instead, focus on the heat of the moment that oppression creates out of stability itself where such becomes a turning point out of one just wanting to give things a rest.

Yes, staying sober in the summer time is difficult. But difficulty in life due to oppression is not all sunshine as it is more of a stormy weather. Hence, due to the fact that stormy weathers require us to stand under the influence as its matching umbrella, we can say that the heat of the summer is a difficulty created out of a lack of justification where people are happy and are expected to feel happier than usual as one feels more problematic for asserting the need to be under the influence of drugs ON TOP OF them having all the opportunity (or so it seems) to just go out there and play in the sun. It is all sunshine for the world whenever the sun shines onto the world. And sunshine is the morning call that tells us that night time is over and that we need to get out of bed. Such requirement is a depressive aspect in relation to that which one is supposed to be doing and that which their feelings are asserting against it to do.

Let us not worry so much about men and their controlling behavior under which our hands are tied behind our backs: such may make some wish they were under the influence as men are operating the procedure. Let us instead worry about how to not be so much under the influence so to at least be witnesses to our own lives as to be fully aware of all that is being inflected onto one’s own body. Very important to know what it is that men are inflecting us with because you do not want them to leave a scissor in your body before they stitch you back up….right? Therefore, you can click on the link above to read Sarah’s article as she gives you 14 rules to follow if you want to have a good time (or ruin) this summer alcohol-free. To ruin your summer by having to be sober or to ruin your summer by having to be sober? that is the question. Good-luck is the answer to that question due to the fact that “having to” is an imposition of a virus that has only thus far responded to good-luck treatments.

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