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When it comes to people who want to address drug use, it needs to be mentioned that it is important for you to not abuse them. And part of the abuse that is happening against people who do drugs is a carelessness in all of its aspects given that drawing conclusions are often not met with anyone challenging the information that is being presented—Because the “you are wrong” in relation to those people their drug habit is greater than anything and is even greater than any misinformation that exists in their regards. And so is the case for Dr. Steven Stosny from who is attempting to make a distinction between Conviction and Uncertainty and using the effect that drugs has on these aspects despite the fact that there is not even one sentence in that entire essay that I can for certain say is even close to being correct.

Second paragraph into his article, Dr. Stonsy begins, “Many of the mistakes we make when emotionally aroused are due to the illusion of certainty emotions create. High adrenaline and cortisol emotions, particularly anger, create the profoundest illusions of certainty, due to their amphetamine effects. Amphetamines create a temporary sense of confidence by increasing metabolic energy production, while narrowing mental focus and ignoring or discounting most variables that might invoke self-doubt. That’s why you feel more confident after a cup of coffee than before it. It’s why feel convinced that you’re right and everyone else is wrong when you’re angry.” Ummm… first, certainty itself is the reason why those things happen and not the other way around. Meaning: to feel certain about something is something that releases adrenaline given that certainty gives an excited state to a reaction as to allow for that to happen. Imagine talking to someone and then they start to react to you as if to actually enjoy what you are saying where then you would feel a sense of certainty in speaking as for your energy to get into an excited state which is often one that tries to draw onto humor as that is the fruit of one feeling certain in regards to their own selves not being silenced. Meaning meaning meaning: silencing people is for liars who need to shut the hell up and women have often been silenced which is a thing connected to self esteem being low. If one speaks and feels welcome in speaking, that draws a personal sense of certainty in regards to the speaking itself as to put the person in an excited state no matter what it is they are saying and how “true” it is because what that would include is the bigger sense of “good intent” that often makes up for any “dishonesty” uttered. And women have been silenced as if we are the liars: that is the other point I would like to point to. And when one is angry, it has NOTHING to do with certainty in that fashion except that the person is certain that they have had enough even if it is in regards to uncertainty itself and specially in regards to uncertainty itself where if one tries over and over again to put a computer desk together and it is not working out so well, that person will curse the universe out a few times and might actually be driven to anger to the point of throwing it in the trash while it is still new and that would be an anger in regards to uncertainty.

So I just need to go back a little bit and speak about why this angered me in relation to drug users. The certainty cannot be negated in those people as to add a little more rights for other people to discount them more than they are already discounted. Even if what you are saying is 100 percent true, this would not be the time to point to it because that is an extra danger against them. People love to say, “these drug users act as if they know everything” and “these drug users are manipulative and can run circles around you with their lies” and “these drug users can act so honest as if they are telling the g-d given truth…so do not believe them” and all these things compiled with them running in trouble with the law and having to face others in a fashion where others are put in charge of making “final judgments” against them, it would be dangerous and wrong for any person in this universe to add a bit more of “their certainty is due to their drug use” as they have already dealt with people who have approached them in this manner  as to cause them humiliation and as to treat them in a manner that is not dignified where they may hear them speak without caring what it is they say and where they may see them there and step over them as if they do not exist. Go and focus on your words and see how uncertain yall should be before taking those words and applying them onto others as to run their lives all while having assigned yourselves the righteousness to be in charge of them at the same time yall are threatening to abandon them! What a bunch of morality=zero!

Now let us get into the errors in regards to what Mr. Stonsy have defined as conviction and uncertainty. Again: what Dr. Stonsy has mentioned is wrong in totality and in general and in every aspect imaginable. Conviction is in regards to importance itself remaining to be important—which is similar to one saying, “I do not believe in g-d because I am convinced there are aliens”—the conviction in that has nothing to do with aliens but it is in regards to the personal conviction that a person has in relation to how important astronomy is to themselves where one would later say, if their conviction is put to the test, that, “I love astronomy so much that I went as far as believing in aliens over g-d!” And the questioning of one’s most solid beliefs as to attempt to “test” it is indeed an evilness where one says, “Jesus was in the desert and the devil came to him in the form of a snake and tried to test him…” and his conviction is the reason for that because in a state of hunger, the conviction that people have raises these thoughts as those are aspects of self-defense that keep a person wanting to live. Hence, even if there was no snake, there was a snake—because Jesus is so convinced about his belief that his mind might have imagined it to be so as to have that still remain be as true as reality. And putting another person’s conviction to the test is something that is associated with a person being in a state of grief and exhaustion. Certainty is a whole other thing as we can be uncertain and that would not matter—I am not certain about the numbers for the gravity of this earth…who cares?!  But if I was to take the person who is in love with astronomy as to say to them, “and what are the numbers for the gravity of this earth?” at the time when they have not eaten anything for a week, then questioning their conviction may in itself make them forget the answer or feel uncertain about it as there is a “fear” that one adds when one tries to do that because it is similar to one trying to own you using that which you love the most—-(“disturbia…its like a darkness is the light…. disturbia….  getting used for what you like….”, by  Rihanna).

Conviction is about important remaining important…what do you value to be of importance? that would be the bases of whether it matters for you to be certain about something or not. Given that people are of importance, then people are capable of “testing” another person’s conviction if they were to create an uncertainty in its regards. Meaning: people can start posting pictures of a “new planet” that does not really exist as that would cause the person whose conviction is based on astronomy to grief due to how people are capable of putting that “importance” to the test via creating an “uncertainty”—which is an evil thing of them to do if they do that.

The song above by Rihanna speaks about the state of mind of a person while their conviction is being put to the test. “Your train of thought will be altered….”  and the song is on point in regards to that as it is a state of “disturbia”.

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