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Around 90,000 women get raped in America each year. Now if you were to take that first number and add the number 11 next to it (for the number of victims in the shooting who died), you can call 911 because the minimization of a woman’s worth has become a new religion with much policing  since it requires one to kill a few Jewish people in the process in order to tie it all together into a legitimate religious act where the lambs of g-d (aka Jewish people) can save it (or remain as perfect scapegoats) until the end of the world. It is irrelevant and a “should not have”: that which man is attempting to make of a woman. And as she gains the “should not have” in the “thou shall not kill” that the killer has ignored… and as she gains the “should have” in relation to his “ir/relevance” that has no place now but behind bars, a woman has been seen as the sinner who has committed a sin of sexual relevance that sentenced her to a life of restriction. Hence, it is such irrelevance in relation to her worth in this world that a woman has been defined by … and such irrelevance is a thing that should not exist…since that which “should not have” any worth is really the sin itself. And she who is made to live in accordance to the  relevancy of the punishment bestowed upon a criminal, better be a person who has committed a crime!  Yet, was it a woman who shot  at Jewish people in the Synagogue on October 27th for her to be treated in this manner? And did a woman hijack a plane on 9/11 for her to be treated the way men treat us today? The restriction–which is merely a punishment most suitable for criminals– that women face in this world is an act of terror against us that can no longer be tolerated by women as we need to place our lack of tolerance—given that people in this world seem to have plenty of it to spare—in fighting against such sexism instead. For what is tolerance in relation to a woman but that which men have already stated that she is too weak to uphold? Can a woman tolerate men’s behavior against her all while he is accusing her of being too weak to carry two bags of groceries alone? Can a woman tolerate a punch in the face as men are saying that she does not have enough tolerant strength to not be treated as his inferior? When weakness in character is that which we need to be tolerant of, I say that such thing is a physical strength that is abusive of others. For strong character requires no tolerance as it does not place itself as a thing that people need to put up with just for a little while longer.

As men lie to themselves and to others in relation to the tolerance that people need to have towards their group, I say that women need NOT to be tolerated as we are not people who have burdened others…and such is stated due to the fact that many men have claimed us to be ones whom they cannot live with nor can live without as if we are a paradox against their comfort level and soothers to the nightmares we have caused them to have. Women do not need tolerance as we are capable of carrying our own lives without infringing on other people’s rights. As all men have shown us that they are not able to carry their lives without infringing on the lives of women within their own group and/or outside of their group, let us not let that which hangs on the outside be the thing that makes us accept our conditions as to force us to take an inward sexual position which is only useful in allowing “our” men to have their way. As all women are forced to live a life that they cannot perceive to be anything but unequal–given that the treasures that one man gains is of different quantity than the treasures that another man has–let us also not forget that all women are born equal as our life should only have been sustained by justice and liberty rather than the injustices that men have subjected us to live by. And although men would like to point to the injustices they face due to other men, I would like to state the fact that we ourselves are not that injustice so that the inferior treatment they may feel is not projected onto us for us to house within our minds as to find ourselves relating to a thing that needs to not cross the line.

11 Jewish people were gunned down and killed at a Synagogue during a naming-ceremony and a woman was not the mass shooter who killed them. The nature of what constitutes a legitimate excuse is the reason why it was not a woman who has committed that crime. Hence, what is tolerance but a coin given to women to spend every time men act in an unjust manner as we gain it at the window of intolerance only to spend it at the door as if we are entering a battle arena where women are asked to defeat their own selves?! Around 90,000 women get raped in America every single year… do men need to be more tolerant of each other?!

Anyways: how can we protect Arabs from Jewish people and how can we protect Jewish people from Arabs and how can we protect them both from Americans and how can Americans be protected from both? Forget about asking such question in relation to women and how they can be protected… these sluts got what they deserve! What a confusing mess that allows us no room to think about our own selves, aye?! When you men are done with each other, let us know so that we may have few minutes to think about how to deal with ourselves in your mess! We have 90,000 women who have been raped last year here in America… and somehow the sympathy we have towards all these women only takes a few men to be injured to equate its strength… Meaning: if we were to take the sympathy we have for 90,000 women and just harm 100 men,  the sympathy in both piggy banks would be of equal amount which would be a great motive for a man to commit such crime given that killing a few people here and there would outmatch all complaints we may have… HENCE, IN REGARDS TO THE SYNAGOGUE SHOOTING: 90,000 WOMEN ARE RAPED EACH YEAR HERE IN AMERICA. Yes, It is irrelevant and a “should not have”: that which man is attempting to make of a woman.

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