Anger: A Distortion Party!

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To be angry is a distortion of double standards in regards to focus and expansion where the double lanes on the highway will become one and where the swerve on the wheels are going to be wider as one is focused on making sure that it is so not. And if such distortion is one that is broken, it creates a deflection that is of the nature of one moving their neck quickly as to have it strain. Hence, in such case, distortion is correct and everything else is not and that is truly a thing to be angry about.

Distortion is anger provoking when the focus is not on that as to expand itself as an insistence against the person … making the person feel like anger is part of the solution for this double lane road (you and the distortion) to have its way for at least a short time. In the mind: a distortion is not something that one wants to focus on but a distortion, when it is persistent, seems to expand itself as to become a point of focus nevertheless against the person to a point where it becomes part of any solution. For if such distortion was to keep expanding in the mind, then a person would be “angry” in their general demeanor and everyday conduct. And so, taking this to the outside of one’s self: you are something and there is something else that is similar to you but is kind of a distortion in regards to you… and there is an expansion of that distortion the more you focus on yourself or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish as to make one feel the need to expand in displaying themselves on the outside in order to balance the expansion of that distortion in their heads while tightening up as a display of what it means to have personal “balance” in its regards (or what it would take to get to a point of “balance” if one was to allow the distortion to dictate shit). Hence (back to the mind), one is focused on something but another thing is expanding against them (Outside or inside) as to make one have to move away from themselves in order to focus on it in such fashion that mimics that which a person is otherwise wanting to focus on and if one was to cater to that feeling, it would feel as if one is going to get up and expand themselves unnecessarily as a way of saying, “this is in order for me to get to myself again” which is a thing to be angry about. YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT I NEED TO “LION ROAR” IN ORDER TO GET THIS SHIT DONE SO I CAN GET BACK TO ME?! DOES THAT LOOK CORRECT TO YOU?! AND YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT I NEED TO GO AROUND IN A CIRCLE 20 TIMES FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN FOR THE SAKE OF COUNTING TO 20 IN ORDER THAT I MAY RETURN HERE AND COUNT TO 5? Take a deep breathe and count to 10 instead, however, in order that you may focus back to yourself as the crap inside expands itself without your knowledge until a more suitable time when we are not around! For time in relation to anger is a thing that gains rest through body distortions as to have one move their arms in a different fashion, walk in a different fashion, talk in a different fashion, and stand in a different fashion until one is “cooled” down. Time is body movement that is mechanical when one is angry and time is for you to rest and cool off.

To be cool is not a thing that is free from anger since it is a thing that provokes one to be angry as to become a measure of coolness itself where the cool is allowed to be angry in a fashion that is fashionable and the not so cool is allowed to be angry in a fashion that makes people around them freeze due to how not-so-cool they are. So, cool people are allowed to be angry in a fashion that is of the nature of their cool… “I will kick your ass, punk!” and “wassup bro?! you wanna piece of me homie?” and the focus is culturally diverse as Hispanic women get angry in a different manner than white women and black women get angry in a different manner than Asian women, etc. How cool are you and how hot are you when you get angry is not going to matter if one’s identity is screwed with, however. Distortion in relation to identity is the road to insanity as one has no where to expand without being the wrong and one has no where to focus but on avoidance of that wrong that is themselves—which will make one avoid just to be wrong and swerve just to be wrong and expand just to take the wrong and pass it around themselves in balanced portions as to continue to have wrong fulfill itself within them to a point of insanity that makes an anger out of laughing itself. Angry + laughing: insane because what you want is to laugh but really you are just too angry to forget about the angry that is taking over your identity as to just try to become anger itself. It is insane.

What is insane and not so cool however is sexism as it is a thing that tells women to go kick rocks as a way of expressing the anger that has become of their lives. And what is insane about sexism is that often times we are asked to take anger and make it into a lifestyle where later on people look at the past and say, “this is insane…why the hell did they do that?!”  And we do not need to do much research to see the anger that has become of the lives of women as we have shootings and bombings and random/planned attacks happening everywhere as many crimes are specifically targeting of women and are in regards to their condition. So the distortion of women’s identity is something that becomes a personal focus when one interacts with them as to create further distortions that keep expanding. Hence, do not let Karma get angry on your asses as to have the lion rush to eat up the lamb.

If anger is due to a distortion, then what becomes of anger itself if it was distorted? Well, that is all I am saying… you will be mildly disturbed as you head near the insanity zone.

HOLD ON, I AM NOT DONE BECAUSE I WANT TO PLAY THE PROVOKING GAME: Go and do something that you love to do…. and I shall call you over numerous times to help me out with tiny chores here and there until your activity becomes the thing that needs to expand itself in order for it count as one. In your head, I shall point to the tiny little feeling that starts out as an “ugh” as you pause your favorite show in order to come and help me out—your favorite show is still a ? in your mind as you are happy to return to it… and then the second time, this”ugh” will turn into a gently warmed up sensation that makes you throw the remote control in a manner that is not so pleased to put it down ?—-your tv show is starting to become a thing that is out of focus as you are struggling to keep it the center on your attention… then this “warmed up sensation” will turn into your feet stomping as you  head out to take out the trash as I have calmly called you over to do—your tv show is now ? frowning upon ye as you do not know why the hell you even started to watch it. Then as you go back to watch your show  having lost interest in it while  you are hoping that your liking of it will encourage your interest to help you forget about the hell that I am asking you do, I shall call you over one more time ?because I have no clue in regards to something… as you come over to change the light bulb that is not switching on within my head to save my life, you will see that the ladder is not folding as you need to put in one more time of an effort in order to for you to store it away under which you will bang it around as if one has asked you to donate a kidney against your will ?. “I just asked you to change the light bulb! Chill out!” Now you can go back to “watching” your show as “watching” is no longer an applicable description of whatever it is that you have done over the weekend.

In the featured image above: yes, the woman had to be photographed without a shirt on in order to capture the nature of sexism as something that is hot if women were naked to a point where even anger can be dismissed as you neglect the woman and precede by trying to make sexual advances towards her. IT IS OKAY TO BE ANGRY, LOVE… YOU LOOK HOT! As you see in that picture, the woman appears to be dealing with a distortion of some sort as she cannot find out what to make of it to save her life… and in retaliation to that distortion, she is expanding as to keep focus on herself because she likes to be the center of attention as she is a needy person.

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