Big Deal: Duterte and Drugs!

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Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has been fighting a war against drug users for a while now killing anyone who is caught doing them which, thus far, has been at least 4,000 worthless junkies. Not only is nausea, drowsiness, reduced respiratory rates, and confusion part of the side effects that one experiences when doing a drug such as Heroin, but now “Rodrigo Duterte” is another previously-unknown side effect that these drug users need to be aware of when doing drugs. Indeed, if you want to do drugs, do not do it in the Philippines since it is mixed with a nasty cut called, “Mr. president”. Mr. President is a drug additive that is meant to make drug users shy away from using drugs via the strengthening of its lethality—since unlike any other drug out there, it has a 100 percent chance of killing you. And although drug users give the illusion that they do not care about their own lives—which is why they do drugs, right?—it appears that Mr. President is a drug that exploits such illusion confirming it as true when it is indeed just an illusion.

What is fair is fair, however, and just as all drugs out there, the chances of someone dying when ingesting it does not discriminate between rich and poor or between man and women. And although you may think that people who do drugs are ones who are tired of this lack of equality being found anywhere else in this world where they only are able to find it in drugs, it is not true nor is it possible that drug users are people who live by the motto: “give me liberty or give me death”. That is not possible since, again, they are just pieces of shit. Hence, where equality is harder to find in this world than a sack of cocaine and where equal opportunity is something similar to an acid hallucination that does not exist anywhere expect in the minds of those who want to deny others the right to have it and where death itself seems to be the only thing that truly and honestly says, “at the end we are all the same”; we still have no clue why these pieces of crap insist on doing drugs despite the butchering they have been promised to receive. Which butchering am I talking about? That is a good question.

Find happiness anyway you can find it, however, and care not about how it affects others. That is the motto under which most people conduct their lives. You want to be a millionaire? Why not? You want to own half of the shit in this world? Go right ahead! The lack of self control inflected on the people in this world is often applauded. BUT, we still want people to be healthy, happy, full of dreams and ambitions. Why not? Can we not have out cake and eat it too? While you are at it, cut me a piece…

Why do drugs, people?! Why do drugs that ruin your otherwise perfect brains although this is the first time we are to ever acknowledge the lack of faults in those brains of yours since otherwise we will lecture you about how stupid, dump, useless, and shitty you are. So listen here, Jason and Marissa: What the hell is wrong with you and all this drugs you are doing?! Do you not know that it DAMAGES YOUR BRAIN?! YOUR brain Jason… Your Brain, Marissa!!!! YOUR BRAIN!!! I just do not understand you!!! How can someone do this to their brain, you two?! But, I should have seen this coming, however!! Remember how you failed (your brain was given an F) all your classes in your junior year of high school?! I should have known that something was up with you two then! I am sick and tired of you Jason! You too Marissa!!! GO BETTER YOURSELVES YOU MANIPULATIVE PIECES OF SHIT… I CANNOT DEAL WITH YOU ANYMORE! (napkin: sniff sniff…am very upset)—–Indeed, people are called and treated as if they are fools until others are ready to declare them as not by saying, “why do this to your perfectly amazing brain?!” Foolish Jason…he is an idiot numero Uno! And Marissa is an idiot numero Dos!

I just do not understand: this world is often confusing with all of the contradictions that people assert as truths—kinda like the mixing of love and abuse. These two, in drugs terms, are just a deadly mix. And I do not understand: this world is leaving me with a dry mouth since there is nothing to quench the thirst of my imagination and potential. I do not understand: this world is really chocking the breath out of me with all of its frivolous restrictions as if I am here to be punished and die. I do not get it but it feels like this world is making my heart beat a little slower by the day with all the acts of “heart” and love that are nothing short of pure hatred which I still need to embrace. I do not comprehend you people: you insist on numbing all of my emotions leaving me with nothing but pain to feel freely and without restriction. All you can eat pain buffet! Should a drug be better than the people when a drug takes away a person’s life? What a contradiction is a drug user trying to escape only for them to fall back into one?! Run from the pain they inflect on you, drug user, to find yourself be the one who brought it onto yourself…. run from their abuse only for you to be declared as the abuser… run from their controlling restricting behavior only for them to declare you as the one who is not able to have some sense of control over your own self. What an insult?! What a fu%#ery?! Indeed, give me liberty or give me death!

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