Can I Not?!

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If you ladies have been having a hard time finding a job or if you are low on self esteem as you feel like this world is never going to give you a chance, then you probably have had many men tell you that you should be doctors and lawyers as their way of saying that you deserve better because words matter. And when you come to the sudden realization that you are not able to perform your medical duties or can no longer offer your legal services given that it just daunted  upon you that you need a couple of college degrees for that where men have made it appear that you can just walk into any hospital and score a job by the way they seem to be confident in your potential as loose terms are just that, you may feel a big sense of disappointment in not having what it takes to be all you can be. Hence, when the next guy tells you that you should be a doctor or a lawyer and that you so should “go for it” as you are “so smart…I cant believe” you are not butter, you should smile politely and tell him, “I cannot… ” and when he is shocked enough to ask you, “why not?!” as if you have just told him that you cannot breathe, take a deep inhale and tell him, “I cannot… ha ha (giggle) because I did not finish college… plus I need a medical/law degree” given that the man sitting next you is measuring you from a sexist perspective where women have no clue as he got a bit caught up in it trying harder to flatter himself than to flatter you.

Yet, no worries, because men are not going to let you get away with your, “oh no I cannot” since porn is here to help men give women all the courage they need as men stand firm in telling women, “YES YOU CAN!!! AND YOU SO SHOULD DO IT!!! YOU ARE HOT AND SMART!!!” as that becomes the “Leave No Woman Behind Educational Act of 2018” established for the sake of making sure that no woman is unable to read (fantasy). “Why are you not a doctor?” will finally become a question that has found itself a perfect setting as a woman is put in a humiliating position of having to explain her “not so prepared to serve you, dear men” (thumb in mouth) stage that she cannot seem to over come lest she hears one asks her about  her failure to see herself as “hot enough”. From complicated “small talks” to simple, “championing gestures” women have a friend in the diamond business (GEORGE THOMPSON DIAMOND CO ™ ) who will help her pick out a ring as if everywhere else she will go, they are just going to let her do her own thing with their diamonds.

When women are placed in a position under which her “I cannot” is set in a flawless princess cut stone perfected by society’s requirements under which she is always way too smart to do whatever it is that she is doing yet not up to par in relation to being in the right position to do the “better” that “she so deserves”, then this “I cannot” is not hers but it is an assertion that demands of her past that which sexism is demanding as if to say that too much is not enough. And so when this “I cannot” is all of the sudden an unacceptable gesture when it comes to porn and the sex industry, what shall women make of the kindness that men are showing them as they are opening the doors for women to walk them in with a determination to make sure that nothing goes wrong in her job interview and her first day at work as she needs to feel comfortable enough and “certain” enough of the choice she is about to make as men themselves–although it is just their personal opinion served with no-pressure—think that she is not going to regret it?! What shall a woman make out of such dynamic where if she was to say, “I cannot be a doctor due to x or y circumstances” everyone gives her a few “awww am sorries” and where if she was to say, “I cannot be a porn star due to x or y circumstances”, she gets many people rushing in order to resolve all issues that may be getting in the way? What is the value of “I can” and “I cannot” in relation to our expectation from others in terms of self-esteem that demands a level of trust when it comes to appreciation for the job well done? To reach a level of self-regard that is as high as a kneel is to still reach out for a hand only for one to be handed something else. ——–Prayer Break:  For,  “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11 If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”Matthew 7:9–COMMENTARY:  I say that blaming children for the condition of their parents is “not in” these days as if parents are supposed to look at themselves and think, “why the hell is my life crappy?” where  then they turn to their children and think to themselves, “the gift our children wanted is: us sick!!!” Where then they will look at the heavens and say, “how can we gift them this “sickness” they have asked us to feel in a manner that is good, lord?” as the children become the “evil” reason why they will be getting stoned (for the girls) or why they will be given a snake (or a wife for the son) because if those children were to merely say, “we just want our parents to be happy and content” then they will get bread and fish. But nope. Snakes and stones. GET IT? If the gift your children wanted for their birthday is for your to die, then that is the reason why you have not been doing so well lately…right? Hence there goes blaming children for parents’ condition…  END OF PRAYER——

To reach a level of self-regard that is as high as a kneel is to still reach out for a hand. To reach a level of self-regard that has been acquired by an unjust superiority over women is to always put women in a position that requires of her to regard him past herself as to be one who is dismissive of her own wellbeing. Yet, when self regard is that which is measured in relation to a security that is reliant on other people for limitation, then what is the limit if we have not yet ventured past our groins? I say that the limit is that which is far from one feeling disregarded as one stands a safe distance from that limitation where that “safe distance” can be measured, in length, to be the thickness of another person—thereby requiring of us to be a place of “safe distance” as to have it okay for others to be around us. Are we a safe distance away from men?—Over! (walkie Talkie)

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