Can you Contain your Own Selves, please?!

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Any object that is hollow on the inside but has solid walls at its bottom and all  around can be considered a container. The difference between the container that is a cup and the container that is a pool  is that a cup does not hold enough liquid as to soak a person or drown them although a pool holds enough liquid to soak a person and drown them. In that, a cup is that which we pour liquid into in order that we may quench our thirst and a pool is that which we pour ourselves into as to swim in it. When it comes to sexism and sex in general, it appears that men have made a waterfall and dug a pool of moving waters under neath it as they have also created a bucket list of demands and duties in order to splash it on a woman’s body soaking her from head to toe as she stands on the edge of a water fall that may drown her if she is not lucky enough to know how to hang on to the edge. The hypersexualization of society is indeed not a consumable aspect of existence as it quickly takes over a woman’s life rendering her nothing but a sexual object as she floats around in it. And the sexual ideology that men carry is one that is neglectful of what it means for one to be able to handle something correctly. Men are handing us a pool filled with water and they are asking us to take a few sips to quench our thirst.

When it comes to boiling hot liquids, however, it appears that a small cup is equivalent to a dangerous pool. For through boiling hot liquids, if one was to pour it onto someone’s skin, we are able to see what it means for one to drown in a pool. Indeed, drop a tablespoon of boiling hot water onto your skin and it is as much of a mess as one having splashed an entire bucket of water in your face. In that, boiling hot water comes as its own container which is why it evaporates as a method of being poured out given that in relation to human use, there is no container that is strong enough to hold a boiling liquid. And when it comes to sexism and the way women are treated, it appears that women are often restricted in such manner that renders them similar to boiling water where they are accused of being too hot to otherwise handle and too self-contained to mind not going anywhere fast. Not only that, but women are treated as a boiling liquid that is meant to evaporate by nature as she sits around losing herself in a seeping fashion.

Yet, let us not forget the truth of the matter: that it is men who are too difficult in their demands and too harmful in relation to what they expect from a woman…and let us not forget that it is men who often act as their own containers: a container in the form of a human being who does not mind breaking the laws of common sense and laws of correct conduct and morality when it comes to women and how they are treated. For it is true that a cup is something that many can recognize if we were to ask them to point to it, but it is in what that cup holds that one can say that it is truly a thing that can still be considered, “a cup”.

MEANING: If g-d made man in his image, it does not mean that a man is g-d….and in that same regards, just because one has the image of a man, it still requires of him to act as a human being for him to continue to be considered as one. Otherwise, no woman wants another person to boil water and just dump it on top of her head as to still claim himself to be a human being… for if we were to look at sexism from that angle, I think more women will opt into owning guns and firearms as a retaliation to such conduct. Am just saying that boiling water will not feel so great…and it will hurt bad enough to make one want to seek revenge… yet, just because sexism is not harming us physically in such fashion, it is only due to us knowing how to swim very well that we have not drowned as we have the same type of skin and body that allows for us to experience such thing in the manner we do.  Do not abuse the fact that we have a similar body and a body that does not inflame into a senseless allergic reaction if we were to merely touch in order to say that we are that much compatible with sexism or in order that you may say that you are allowed to treat us in this fashion or to have that much say so in our regards. That is all I am saying.

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