Catty Women

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Catty:  Many men have criticized women for being catty where they may say, “stop fighting ladies. Why you always waiting for the other chick to mess up?  Like, you need to chill out!”

Yes: Apparently I am sitting here and___tick tock tick tock____am waiting for her to mess up! No: never mind ME and how many times everyone has messed up with me already that even if Jesus himself was to come down he may not be able to save me due to the hell that I am starting to resemble. No: I am just waiting for her to mess up so I can “attack”! Silly me. Right? Never mind that men have placed the lives of women under the most pathetic of rules where animals themselves would suffocate—rules that are stressful and require strict fulfillment as if life itself is a recipe where she needs to boil, bake and brown around the clock without being allowed to mess up one dish! No: WE  are just waiting on each other to mess up. Yep yep; It is “We” who are waiting on each other to mess up…ha! Maybe because, all at the same time, we are also waiting for him NOT to mess up for once! I mean he is taking us backwards on this clock and if one woman was to dare and take one step forwards, it is as if she has ruined all of our periods! But no: I am just waiting for her to mess up because I am catty. Right? Never mind that women are living in a world where we are fighting with ourselves every day so that we can get ourselves together enough to not feel like staying in bed all day long. And after such effort: I do not need HER to point to the fact that my hair is frizzy because I already noticed all of my flaws on my own. No: Am just waiting on her to mess up because Meow…that is why: Meow! Never mind that men have fought each other in battles where “The most sexist one wins” in order to create the most poisonous of societies where by merely being born a woman into this world it may feel like one is living in a war against herself. No: do not be silly—am just waiting for her to mess up because I have nails that can scratch her pretty face and today mines looks ugly. How simple and naive of me?! Right? Never mind that a woman is a woman is a woman—and if I live in a world where the beliefs are against me, then I have no choice but to abide by the rule that forces me to be against her…unless, of course, we are against ourselves in the same manner in which case we may become friends –Friends in sharing the same hatred towards ourselves.  No: no no no…Am just sitting here and ___tick tock tick tock____am waiting for her to mess up! And Meow!! So catty of us!! Right?

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