Why oh why don’t women make the first move?

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What a dismissal of reality we have here? What an absolute disregard for the bigger picture is this world running on? Who am I talking about? psychologytoday.com, of course —– believe it or not, they are out of their minds!

The title of the article is: “why don’t women make the first move”.

You tell me, feminists. Why don’t they? Please take a swing at this one!

Maybe because even if women were to make the “move” in asking him out, she is still not making the “first move” given that the “first move” is the patriarchal society we live under. Not only that but did you get out of the house lately? He is making the first move by merely walking down the street. The entire society is now THE FIRST MOVE THAT HELPS HIM GET LAID! If women were to make the “first move” it would be similar to her asking for a jacket in Alaska. I mean Alaska made the first move on her behalf here! DUH!! OF COURSE SHE NEEDS A JACKET! The essence of the rape culture that we have around the world is in our lack of ability to escape or find a place that is not pushing people to have sex with each other. From fashion to restaurants to night outs to even the subway: everything is too sexual to allow for healthy consent. I am merely saying that people who consent should be free from a society that pressures them sexually. And here, psychologytoday.com is putting more pressure on women to make the first move as if to make her feel like she is part of this sexualization that surrounds her.  Psychologytoday has the audacity to say that it is a (good) DEVELOPMENT if women were to ask men out…. a good Development for who? And based on what? And what had to happen for us to get here? How oppressed did women have to be for us to reach this point? Listen people: The idea that women should ask men out is great is you think that chickens should ask us to eat them. If a chicken asks us to eat it, it would be due to us having killed it to eat it for thousands of years—-and it would not be proof that chickens like to be eaten!

As for psychologytoday.com: Look out for their next articles, “why isn’t she begging him to impregnate her?”— and “why is she not opening the door for the rapist at night?” I wouldn’t be surprised if these actually exist on their website already!

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