The evil Ayaan Hirsi Ali (satire blog)

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I am sure everyone has heard of the evil Ayaan Hirsi Ali who has made it her ultimate mission, since birth, to attack and bring destruction to Islam. Hence, when she was a child, she begged her mother and father to perform a genital mutilation procedure on her as she pretended to scream and cry (as if her evilness allowed her to feel any pain at all) in order to create the plot for her then-upcoming novel, Infidel. Although Ayaan makes it seem that this minor procedure (which is performed with a sharp blade) has scarred her soul for life, we must remember that she never had a soul to begin with.

Tons of evidence exists pointing to why Ayaan has a personal vendetta against Isalm. Not only was she born in a Muslim country and raised by a Muslim family, she never showed interest in meeting or interacting with Jewish people or Christians as she was growing up. In addition, she never asked her parents to take her to a baptism or a bar mitzvah thereby successfully isolating herself from all other religious groups in the name of Islam. Not only that, but Ayaan showed no interest in learning the Torah or the Bible in the Quran classes she attended throughout her middle and her high school years—-showing that she has targeted Islam from a young age. Surrounding herself by Muslims was not a friendly act to the evil Ayaan. Her closeness to them was aimed at making sure that she knew their vulnerabilities so she can catch them off guard.

No worries, however: Ayaan did not receive the warm reception she was hoping for thanks to Allah and the western (lesbian) feminists who did not fall for her cunning ways since they are more cunning than her. These lesbian feminists (along with Zionist Jon Stewart) tested Ayaan’s knowledge of Christianity and Judaism as well her knowledge regarding Christian and Jewish men alike. As mentioned before, Ayaan showed no interest in these two groups of people as she was growing up. Hence, it came as no surprise when Ayaan failed these tests miserably allowing these cunning lesbian feminists to expose Ayaan’s life-long plan of isolating herself in the name of Islam in order that she can target them here in the west.

I mean, these are the things we are accusing her of doing, right?!

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