Framing Photos Of Forgiveness!

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All couples argue. And sometimes romantic relationships can get so nasty that a woman cannot help but go on a rage from hell as she break dishes, throw remote controls against the wall, throw her cellphone across the room and breaking its screen into pieces…. But when it comes to pissed-the-hell-off, there is nothing that can satisfy a woman’s rage more than taking a framed photo of her and her lover and flipping it face-down as it hangs on the wall. Just go around the house at all the locations where you have hung pictures of you and your lover and flip them over for you to see how seriously insane the overall atmosphere of your house will feel like. All I am saying is that breaking dishes can be a lot of mess and requires too much clean up… just flip any wall framed photograph over in order to send a psychological message that says: 1. I demand a change of mind. 2. “Shut the hell up” is better than whatever it is that you have said to me. 3. I cannot stand looking at you and you make me sick. 4. Talking to you makes me feel like I am talking to a wall. 5. Just because we are together: do not forget that things can turn around and change quickly. 6. If these walls can talk, I would not even want to talk to you. 7. Let shit hit the wall for all I care. 8. Facing the truth hurts, so now I have to face the lies alongside you. I mean, these are but few of the great messages one can send her partner by flipping a photo over as it hangs facing down in a pathetic manner. Hence, I do recommend that all women hang photos of themselves and their partner early on in the relationship before you two have any arguments in order that you may use this tact whenever you two argue.

Now although men are usually the ones who pride themselves on being the bad guys (Chun Li) and although women are often attracted to the bad-boy persona, it appears that “forgiveness” brings a sense of confusion to such dynamic. For when it comes to our daily lives, women’s relationship with men is similar to a photo that has been flipped face-down as it expresses a sense of discontent that she is not able to get over ….Yet, when it comes to forgiveness, men want us to turn those frames back to their correct position where the two of us are holding hands in a loving and inseparable fashion. In that, when it comes to women, men have made women accept their bad-boy persona as that which is great… and when it comes to forgiveness, men want women to accept them as good guys who would never do no harm again.

Many women have indeed felt confused whenever men have asked for forgiveness. For forgiveness demands that a person make amends as to right their wrongs. Yet, men have already made right that which is wrong. For to men, it is right to abuse women  (righting their wrongs) and for men it is right to place women in an inferior position (righting their wrongs) and for men it is right to deny others justice and basic human rights (righting their wrongs). Men have been granted forgiveness and those violations are their way of making amends (or their way of making a wrong into a right). Hence, when a couple fights and a man asks a woman for forgiveness, it appears to me that he must first return and give back at least one forgiveness that he has been wrongfully granted. So, for example, in order to be granted forgiveness where a man says, “forgive me for cheating on you”, a man needs to first return at least one previously-granted-forgiveness under which men made a right out of sexually objectifying women.  For it is under that previously-granted-forgiveness that a man has acted and it is under its harm that a woman has been made to live. Hence, it appears that we have reached a point under which a man cannot ask for forgiveness without first admitting that he has been granted forgiveness way too many times. And it appears to me that a man is not able to accept forgiveness without returning the original one he has been granted since he first must come to terms with the fact that it is possible for a person to see it as right not to forgive him. In that, it appears to me that the rules of logic and the rules of truth and common sense have demanded that men give women their full human rights as they are not allowed to be forgiven for any further harm or wrong doing against us.

ALL I AM SAYING, LADIES, IS THIS: I will not allow these men to manipulate your heads as to make you forgive them where you abandon me in order that you may take their side without me bringing evidence to show you that you are wrong no matter which way you take the photo and turn it. I am just saying that forgiveness has been granted, dear men… and it is you, dear men, who are forced –forced by the truth itself– to admit that we are not allowed to forgive you anymore due to those human rights violations that you have subjected us to!

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