Gay Bar Apologizes for naming itself, “Mr. Sister”…

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The owner of a gay bar in Vermont is changing the name after months of controversy. Craig McGaughan announced in March he was naming his bar “Mister Sister.” McGaughan saw the term as inclusive but some said it was a slur used to disparage transgender women. The new name for his Winooski bar is “The Bridge Club.”—US News

When I first read this story, I thought that Craig was a straight man. And this is how that would be like:

(you have to read Craig’s part with an Italian-American NY accent)

Craig:  I mean, you get the female in thae (there) and you get the male in thae (there)…If you like chicks, it works aout…if you like the fellas it works aout…and if you see yuself as a dude, you get the Mister poart and if you see yuself as a lady, you get the sista poart! And you can tell its a gay baaa just by tha name aloane. I mean, it is wonderffful! I loike it! Mister Sista! Perfect!No I dont just loike it! Marra fact, I louve it! Watchu think?! tell me…watchu think hey?

—-Gay people: It is kind of offensive!

Craig: Waaaa? how is Mister Sista offensive?

Gay people: It is a slur term against transgender women!
Craig: Waaaa?!

Gay people: We won’t even accept money from you with that name yet alone give you any money as customers! It is that horrible!

Craig: Waaaaa?!

Gay people: We called a town hall meeting and decided that we are soooo against that name that we would rather eat our own poop than come and have a drink at your bar!

Craig: Yu seriouusss? Waaaaa?! I doint undastand…waaa?

—-Gay People: We do not have any further comments at this time! Sorry!

Craig: Waaat?!

The that scenario

Unfortunately Craig is not a straight man with a New York accent, he is a gay man. So now my opinion has to change since this is a family conflict between members of the LGBTQ community  and one is giving a Mr. title towards his sister. If my brother was to call me, “Mr. Sister”, would I find that to be offensive? Not even my own brother will survive my reaction towards such name-calling. I mean, what the hell are you trying to say?! Are you calling me a dude or are you calling yourself a lady? Tell me: Ms. Brother! Tell me, Mike: how are you doing, Miss?! Am I saying that you are not as masculine as you should be or are you the one who is saying that I am not as feminine as I should be? Which one? No no no: Not even my own sister can get away with calling me, “Mr. Sister”…. What are you trying to say, Lorin? Are you trying to tell me that I am bringing you shame because I am not wearing a skirt 24/7? Are you trying to tell me that I am the one who is confusing you to a point where you do not know whether you should call me Mr or Ms where you settled for calling me “Mr. Sister” instead and now I should apologize for the confusion that I have caused you?! Mr. Sister…wow…. Ha! Are you calling me a dyke?! Just say it if that is what you think! Do it you horror of a family that has not allowed me to breathe fresh air for once in my pathetic life! Do you see why I do not talk to you as much as I should? I say, “Hello!” to you and what do you say to me? “Hi, Mr Sister!” Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, Lorin?! Am I the one who is taking it too far?! Why? How NOT so far should I be taking it? Should I have stopped right where your ears would have liked me to stop at a place where you are announced as correct and I am seen as wrong? Or maybe you are the one who took it so far that you now need to put your car in reverse and stop at Sister without getting to the Mr part (to know why the use of the word, “Car” is offensive, please read my blog, “How Rap is killing children using women and cars“). Here: ti ti ti ti…watch out…someone is backing up their monster vehicle….ti ti ti… Sister…stop right there… you are about to crash your stupid car into the word, “Mister” without realizing it since you are too insensitive to see where the hell you are going! Usually I would say that “backwards is an understatement”…but this is so backwards that going backwards would even give you a better chance of being less offensive! “Mr. Sister!” Ha! Wow!! I mean…seriously!! How dare anyone think that calling me, “Mr. Sister” is not the ultimate offense!  No: Backwards is an overstatement here! It is as if we are hitting the delete key on the keyboard where having no words at all is even better than the words uttered!

Now back to transgender women: Are you finding the term, “Mr. Sister” offensive because you are a woman or are you finding it offensive because you are transgender?! Apparently I should be in a mini skirt 24/7 lest I become a Mister! And the audacity to call me a sister afterwards! Can you believe it?! I would jump at any opportunity to make you see how horrific you have been to me and how great I have been to you given that I SOOOO could be much worse AND I SOOOO would have the right to curse you all the hell out!!! But again, I am nicer than you!!

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