Hitting A Brick Wall

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Misuse of a thing renders it necessary for one to erect a wall around it as to regulate its use. And when it comes to immigration, I lied a little when I said that American Citizens should not worry about who comes to this country and who goes as to leave it a thing for our immigration department to handle.

When it comes to immigration, there are few groups that need to be given a path to EASY citizenship. Russian and Eastern European women…as well as women from South America… need to be given an easy path to citizenship given that our men often exploit them sexually in order for them to remain here in this country. When our people exploit those who come here from other nations, we become ones who are obligated to make sure that such thing stops ASAP. Many women who come to the USA are sexually abused back home and they continue to be placed in a position that allows our citizens to sexually abuse them in various career paths that are designed to take advantage of them being exotic. The whiteness of these women does not allow us to say, ‘oh well’ in their regards…I believe that all Eastern European women who are in our country today should be given the right to have their Visas and their green cards renewed as to also have the right to get a citizenship if they remain in the USA for 5 years or more. Most of these women are young and they cannot be safe–within the terms of being not exploited—if they were to go back home whether they are able to remain safe in visiting their families or not. I also believe that we should grant the same to all women who are here alone from any part of the world as to assure a lack of exploitation and violence by their own people back home if they were to return or if they were to remain here illegally. It is our job as Americans to combat sexism first in a world where it often leads to the murder and the habitual violence against them. Sexism should be immigration’s first priority in relation to deciding who gets to come to America and who must leave it ASAP.  Money and economic opportunities should NOT be the thing that we use as our immigration slogan. For hitting a brick wall is one thing for a man and it is often a form of rape when it comes to women. YES: IT IS A FORM OF RAPE IF YOU ERECT A WALL THAT A WOMAN IS NOT ABLE TO CROSS WHEN WE ARE LIVING IN A SEXIST WORLD!!!!!

Please make sure that all women who cross our borders are protected and are given the opportunity to find a safe haven in a fashion that puts their independence first. Thanks!

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