Kim Jong Un: Missiles and Women

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So, I woke up early this morning and I thought, “I need to shower”; but I decided not to shower today. In similar news, Kim Jong Un decided not to fire missiles at Guam after all either. Thank goodness that the level of action that his authority grants him is the same as the level of action that having an ass grants us: it grants us the authority to take a crap whenever we like—if we are lucky and well regulated.

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“War huh! What is it good for?”—That is the sign that this woman (in the image above) is holding which is answered by Jackie Chan: “Absolutely nothing!” She  and Jackie Chan are right: War is good for nothing. And hence, it is to be noted that the war on women is great for women if women were to be nothing at all. Only then will the war on women be good for the nothing that it attempts to make out of women. War has been seen as a treatment method for women disguised under the terms, “discipline”, “morality”, “religion”, “culture”, “wrong”, and “right”: wrongs and rights verified by an experience that was made just for that to be verified as correct. And this war does indeed use violence, although it has been normalized as an event “coincidental” or an event “tragic” or an event of “poor choices on the part of the woman”. And this war does indeed use weapons and those weapons are open to being increased in strength: from a fist to a knife to a gun to an axe to a sword…you name it, it has been used. And yet, those things are good for nothing and we as women have still managed to accept some of these things and take the blame as if we are the nothing itself; although am certain that such behavior against us is more of a shock that our spirit is not able to believe is actually happening and cannot come in full terms with. For whenever women speak about the issues they are facing, they seem to present their struggle as if they are announcing it for the first time ever despite having said it many times before. Or maybe, it is the dismissiveness of this world against women, where men greet us with an energy that attempts to make us feel like he is something new unaware of our condition, that makes women feel like we are speaking about them for the first time yet again. War is good for nothing: and “nothing” is that which is dismissed. 

What is war good for? And whether you like it or not, dear women… it is good for the “whether you like it or not”. And this “whether you like it or not” has indeed been put in full affect against women all over the globe: from forced marriages, to rape… from trafficking to prostitution… and from economic resource denial to forced pregnancies. And these acts are given so much time and potential unlike the nothing that women are supposed to feel like while experiencing them. Hence, women are outrun as they are not in a position to even have the chance to escape. It is as if a bomb has exploded but the bomb leaves no proof other than the feelings that a woman has… feelings that are silenced whenever she opens her mouth too much or whenever she objects too much or whenever she speaks just a bit too loudly. “Whether we like it or not” is a position that is so easily healed by the fact that it should have never happened…and “whether we like it or not” is a position that is so easily forgotten whenever we get the slightest chance to have it as we like it. And the calendar seems to have 1 day for us out of 30…just enough to keep our hopes up but not enough to keep us out of harms way since “whether we like it or not” is a thing that requires neither hope nor the ability to escape harm but it requires sympathy, understanding, and empathy in order for it to not happen to begin with. And we hope, nevertheless, “whether we like it or not” as we hope for that which should have came first to greet us sometimes later: Although what becomes of this hope is a delay that will wait us out as if a group of soldiers dropped smoke bombs and we will have no choice but to surrender soon. 

A war is good for nothing… and surrender is the same as giving up everything. Hence, a war is good for surrendering. And women have not put up much of a fight, really. Looking back at history we may wonder, “how did they live with that? how did they accept that upon themselves?” But what does a person have other than herself? And the fact that one’s self is for herself should be implied by her mere existence as it should not need any further arguments or any further reasoning–since she is the place that has a reason. The lack of ability to comprehend the life a woman has been given—only for that life  to be used as a form of punishment by the abuse subjected onto her— is to be understood since such acts change the meaning of life itself as it changes the mood of the woman as it changes her mental state of mind. It is as if one person is telling you that you are black but you see yourself in the mirror and you look white: all types of sexism are a form of gas-lighting. And when a woman is being told that she is too fat, very often even psychiatrists struggle to see why her anorexia continues to make her see herself as fat even after she drops 100 pounds. It is gas-lighting. It is manipulations. It is a war tactic that is meant to leave the enemy disoriented. It is the camouflage uniform that a soldier wears in order to blend in with his/her surroundings except it is the abuse that is becoming uniform in the life of the woman and there becomes no place for her to distinguish the difference between it and herself.

What is a war good for? Absolutely nothing. And this nothing is similar to saying “no” to everything that a person desires and wants to do while still saying “yes” to everything that a person does not desire to do or detests. Hence, a war is good for restriction. Women have been restricted way too often in a systematic cultural traditional religious manner to a point that has changed her inherent desires. It is a post-traumatic stress disorder that is being managed on a societal level by the normalcy it creates and by the changes that are slowly made and by the many variations that this disorder is broken up into. And while at war, a soldier may gaze a thousand yards in the distance, this 1000-yard stare translates to an idle period of acceptance of abuse without the realization of it. Only after many years may women start to blink again although if one was to see them, they always seem fine in relation to the state of mind that the people are carrying and expecting of them. Think of an underweight model and how only after many years do we look at the pictures we once thought were fine to say, “OMG she was too skinny!! How did we think this was okay?” Or think of the many women who have accepted a stay-at-home lifestyle where they would not even dare to think about leaving their homes to work. And the post-traumatic stress disorder is taken apart where each symptom merely becomes tied to a certain abuse within society: walking late at night equals anxiety, seeing a man walk towards you equals heart racing, and if one was to call a woman names it may resonate in her head for the remainder of her life as she hears those words over and over again. Are we not weak?

Are we not weak enough to handle the abuse as correctly as it demands us to do? For one must ponder whether it takes strength to handle the abuse since, naturally and within the terms of goodness, we are not given our strength for the purpose of handling abuse… and one must ponder whether it takes weakness to handle the abuse correctly where the skills of the woman and her abilities become managed by a weakness itself as it is turned into a form of self-destructive motive. Are we not weak enough to remain within the drawn lines? Are we not weak enough to even follow the rules? And if you are like me, then following those rules and breaking them may start to become the same thing. For to follow the commands of the army general (men), a general within the same infantry while still the enemy,  is something that requires you to never complete the task given in a manner that is deemed worthy where the woman must constantly seek her general out in order to announce how deficient she it in a manner that appears to befit him. And to break the rules of the army general (men) is something that requires you to give it your all in order to achieve that which he would hate for you to reach. Are we not weak enough to follow his rules? For it takes a whole lot of effort to get them done incorrectly where the thing correct is in how he defines “incorrectly” to be correct. Are we not weak enough to break his rules? For it may take more than what our strength has given us to be able to break down the wall that is standing in the way between his rules and ourselves. It is a war that is good for nothing: but it is the end of that war when we finally reach ourselves.

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