Mexican Genes!

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As the country is freaking out in the wake of the situation at the Mexican borders ⊗ where children are being taken away from their parents and put in “cages”⊗ a lot of people are talking about it. I have replaced by commas with a “do not enter” signs in order to separate them from the subject of the sentence so that I may finish the sentence without the Mexican people being involved. Hence, the sentence started out with the “freaking out” part where American people are sun tanning on the beach where all-of-the-sudden they “freak out”…and then I started to talk about the Mexicans and the Mexican borders but those people got stopped by the second comma… and then the next thing you know I am resuming the sentence by speaking about the American people and the manner under which they freak out….American people freak out by talking a lot about something. That is what the first sentence was about: American people freak out by talking a lot about something. The Mexicans are caged between the two commas but they are safe and they are eating well…although if they were chickens we would need to make them cage-free if we want to make any decent profits.

I think that Mexican children need to be separated from their parents for more than one reason. First, although their parents brought them here in order to give them a “better life”, we can skip over that aspect and focus on the fact that they were willing to put their children’s lives in danger as well as give them an insecure future as illegal immigrants…thus, leaving them at the mercy of all people in this country. Hence, endangerment of a child’s life allows us to step in and try to make sure that they are alright if that is what it is that we are trying to do. Second of all, Mexican children need to have this event embedded in their heads forever as a memory that says, “parents are horrible and need to not subject children to danger” in order that they may learn the most important lesson that we want Mexicans to learn: DO NOT HAVE 10 CHILDREN BECAUSE BEING A PARENT IS HORRIBLE. I am hoping that such traumatization will make these Mexican kids grow up to think twice before they have babies and go on welfare. This will save us a lot of welfare costs in the future. The third reason why separating Mexican children from their parents is great is because they will continue to live together for a very long time all cramped up in the same apartment. Hence, such separation is going to be just as dramatic and traumatizing if we were to do it when these children are older. Hence, we can just do it now and get it over with. Apartments: they need to understand that 20 people need more than one apartment by associating “more than one person” with a “cage” and with a “traumatizing experience”. The fourth reason why Mexican children must be separated from their parents is not because Mexican people look the same (that would be the reason why we need to separate Chinese parents from their children…we will leave that for another time whenever Chinese people decide to cross our borders illegally)…but the fourth reason why we need to separate Mexican children from their parents is because it appears that Mexicans are not as screwed up in the head and they seem to be doing well when it comes to mental health. You see, we are a nation that values equality which means that we need to get these kids to be on the same page as a white child whose mommy left him somewhere because she wanted to go in some abandoned building and get high on heroin. Or, these kids need to be on the same page as a girl who needs to be married at the age of 10 given that America is a diversity loving country who does not mind welcoming such cultures. I mean, if many of our mothers are out in the street or out getting high leaving their children behind or are fully invested in cultures where children are separated from their actual mothers as they get a “cultured one” who has been milked out of her own self, why should Mexican children not get separated from their mothers? Right? Equality is equality: The ones who have the least are the most invested in such gesture. Fifth of all, Mexican children must get separated from their parents because it is better to turn our borders into an abortion clinic where Mexican mommies can come to “give their children a better life” as they drop off the baby before heading back to Mexico. That would serve us two ways: first, it would allow parents who want to adopt more choices to pick from (this is a very sensitive way of talking about adoptions)….and second, we would be saving lives (if we really put our conscious to sleep and if we really can lie to ourselves that much, we can believe that we would be saving lives…and I think that the American people are up to the task of putting their conscience and their honesty to rest).

If I was a Mexican woman who has a child and if I was to try to come to America illegally upon which I realize that America, all of the sudden, is taking children away from their parents at the borders, here is what I would think: I would think that my little Jesus is actually Jesus Christ (as I would have suspected) and that the American government has figured that shit out as to wait for me to try to come here in order to take him from me and have their way with him… it would be a dramatic scene where an insane woman is just going in a state of hysteria as if I took the lord and handed him over to the Romans when I knew damn well that the bible was written clearly to warm ME that this would happen which would mean that I was warned before hands… Not only would I have been the reason why Jesus had to die the first time (so that I may be warned), but I would be the foolish mother who handed him over to die for the second time… How insane would I be is enough to take my child away from me for “safety” reasons, however, which is why I would have the sort of insanity where I scream one minute and laugh the next given that I would not know which one would work best as to persuade your asses to give me what I want since at that point, “feelings” would be a loose term that is meaningless and all I would want is to just have my child back even if I have to do “unthinkable things” (there is always a reason to take off clothes)…. All that and it would not cross my mind once—despite my mind having the audacity to make my legs cross someone’s else’s borders—that Jesus ,the word itself, is really the problem and that I should have more decency than to name my child such name in a sinful world where any situation would bring about such traumatizing reaction. I mean, if my child is named Jesus and anything bad happens, I would be dragged away from reality into biblical times where I would imagine that they took him to crucify him somewhere—which is the reason why I said that Mexicans are in a very great mental health given that I would not be. I would be insane…

Given that Mexicans are able to call their children Jesus and remain in touch with reality even when Jesus goes to jail and gets out of jail…. then I say that those Mexicans kids have good enough genes to be separated from their parents without a problem. So “America is lusting after Mexican genes” is the conclusion that I am going to believe and live by in regards to the borders situation where Mexicans are not aware that they are walking into our trap–this is a nicer version of the story and it suites my mental needs as to make me feel like I am safe due to scientists finding other victims to screw with.

Méjico…Méjico….Méjico….Méjico: I am celebrating their FIFA win against Germany…am not going to write them a whole other blog… they want to come here and have me write two blogs? One is enough… Okay, I need to say one thing in regards to the soccer match: It looks like all that lawn mowing has paid off in relation to agility and endurance. We did okay with Mexicans (wine glass: sip sip—drunk white woman)… they are now athletic enough thanks to us using them for tough labor… (this is what Arab women say in regards to marrying their daughters off: they either did great in how they abused them to marry the man they are with or the girl is horrible for not taking enough abuse to be decent enough for a man to marry her…hence, Arab women and drunk white women have a lot in common: we did okay with those Mexicans…YES, ALL THAT IN PARENTHESIS).

Image Credit: I took the featured image above from… Given that Jewish people are greedy, I need to credit them for the image. When you see an image that I credit from here on out, Jewish people are the reason.

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