Nature Vs Nurture

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Nature VS Nurture has long been a phrase that is up for debate amongst scientists, philosophers, and other people who I do not care to nurture. So as they all start the question with, “so which one is it….” I shall finish that question differently than they do as I say, “nature or nurture?”

Which one is it: nature or nurture? And to answer that question, I need to ask another question: Is nature not nurturing of ye people? I think it is: it bears fruits and the women bear children and the children are nurtured universally and the people are fed as to have some left over at the end.

Nature is nurturing but the thing that is often asserted is a negation in relation to the nurturing due to the fact that “cruel” and “uncaring” aspects are put as part of nature since nature is often looked at to be a thing that does not yield for anyone (except for the fruits and the children and the mothers…). When it is stormy outside and there is thunder and lightening: nature or nurture? I say that the aspect of nature asserts nurture to be the necessary course of action. And when it is nurture, what becomes of it but a whole aspect of one’s nature?

Yet, it is a pair of gloves and the boxing ring because we got a score to settle before we sit down to take a few minutes breaks from punching each other in the face. Nature or nurture? Idiots is the answer if the answer is good enough to be “idiots” for you (avoiding the insult I would like to hit you with as to allow you to collect it off of the floor on your own). When nature strikes you with many pounds of fruits from its trees, you can preserve some of it as to have it nurture youR (your are) toast. And when nature strikes you with an unexpected calamity that has fallen upon you from the sky as to flood your home, we can see people nurture each other with a fakeness that can make the best of us want to puke. If you want me to throw a towel your way as to have you wipe the sweat off of your face as you are struggling to throw a decent punch, I say that some people are weak in their nature if you nurture them too much and some are weak if you do not nurture them enough…which means that knowing your nature can save you from being punched in the face by nurture itself you punks since no one is here to breastfeed anyone as to also make sure that they did not receive too much milk where they end up puking where, then, they will say, “my nature demands that I be around someone 24 seven!” when truly you yourself is escaping that fact that you need to be you 24/7.

Gloves are off: which means that the fight is still on. Nature demands and it is of necessity and when that is said, it is of an urgency…and when that is done, it is considered to be nurturing of one’s self as to meet the demand —which is a thing that is called, “energy efficiency”. Hence, nurture in relation to a demanding nature is done as to have nurture be the most efficient point of energy in relation to nature.  So what is nurture but efficiency in relation to nature? And what is efficient in nature that does not run in a fashion similar to a spring of water? Efficiency is a spring of water that caresses the rawness of the stones underneath. But woe onto ye (yes, it will not end smoothly) if you think that women are going to be milked out of their own rights to be people who are out of luck in being nurturing of their own nature where you have them sit around and nurture the frivolous lack of respect that you have towards your own selves. MEANING: OUR NATURE IS EFFICIENT AND OUR NURTURING WAYS ARE NOT FOR YOU TO SEE US AS LACKING AND INFERIOR!

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