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Give yourselves a round of applause, women, because we have a world breaking record to celebrate. Yes, women have managed to make Guinness World Records for having donated the biggest amount of empathy the world has ever seen. The amount of empathy women have shown men so far has been so huge, it is almost unbelievable. To put it in perspective: if we were to double the human population today, we would only need for them to have a body as the empathy that women have donated is big enough to give them a brain that is able to do basic human functions. If we bring in 7.6 billion people who only have a body without a brain, the empathy that women have shown men thus far is able to give them a brain that allows them to do basic functions. That is HUGE!

No no no, you do not understand, ladies…I know that you do not understand because you have spent your understanding on men already and you are probably drained the hell out (good job, however, that was a great performance). So let me explain it to your exhausted brains: The sexism that men have treated us by— as if we are sexual objects who are here to merely raise and have children—- has allowed women the opportunity to make children without giving birth to them via spending their emotions on a body if such body did not have a brain. I mean, we have spent so much on birth-giving-emotional-expenses that is enough to raise the dead. Not only are women giving birth to children… but they are asked to spend an amount of empathy on men that is enough to turn a robot into a human being. No, I cannot emphasize it more than a man has emphasized his position and neither can you ever spend  enough empathy on a man to make him change his position. We have reached the finish line and men are well rested as they are barely getting ready for the race. We are the backwards now and he is ideologically curious—yes, go and read the psychology articles where men speak about “being open” as if that is an option that he is allowed to have at this point in the injustice he has carried. We are the stiff-necked and he is merely getting ready to flex some muscle. We are out of it and he is barely starting to explore. He is emotionally open with that which we have invested on his ass as we feel fully invested and drained. He is looking for fairness now and we are the ones who are saying, “hey, look behind your shoulders…what about the past?” He is ready to move on and to love and cuddle and we are ones who are distant and have had enough. Where is the fairness, dear g-d? Where is the justice and why have ye placed us in the hands of  men who have an upper-hand in getting us lost? Great questions to ask, right?

Yes, women, do you not have any empathy for the struggles that others are facing? It is as if we are here to understand the garbage and the effects it has on people. It is as if our brain mass is made for injustice in every part of its function. We need to understand the past and the struggles in it and we need to understand today and the struggles in it and we need to look forwards with OPTIMISM as that will give us the motive to  understand the past and the struggles in it as well as today and the struggles in it just a bit more as to squeeze ever drop of emotion out. So, “has the baby been delivered, yet?” Did women deliver in terms of empathy yet? Or are we still not done? Because we are not treated well as patients in this hell hospital that men are running: we are being asked to have our baby in the waiting room… and we are asked to wait for contractions—which is merely our own pain—to kick in if we want anyone to even give us a second glance. The thought in our heads become, “We are not here to feel, are we?” and when that has been the rhetorical question that men have lived by in regards to women, numbness is going to be the feeling that a woman wishes for when those contractions come as she is only going to attain the pain and suffering that men’s physical strength allowed for them to escape. The helplessness that comes along with asking the question that says, “We are not here to feel, are we?” is one that only the woman will feel if she continues to invest emotionally into men.

But empathy is a hot topic these days and it is a characteristic that is in demand. And what differentiates this empathy from the duty that men have imposed on women in the past, is that one is called, “empathy” and the other is called, “injustice”. To have empathy for those who have systematically treated us in an unjust manner is self-sabotage (look at black people and the hell they live in). And when women have been accused of “self-sabotaging” men by our mere existence, men have declared themselves as ones who have empathized enough from the get go (look how black people are treated: we have been nice enough!). And so the question becomes: Is it available as an injectable? Meaning: can you just take the empathy out of our brains and turn it into a concentrated form that we can just inject into other people instead in order that we may get on with our lives? Although such question seems to say that I am not willing to spend any more energy on empathizing with you, I am merely speaking about street-drugs and the agreement of people who use these drugs with the question that I am asking. Empathy, numbness, drugs, and injustice: feeling high as hell is something illegal lest you are a man who demands us to be his inferior street-drugs. Are you done nurturing your psychology, dear men, or do you need us to dispense more of our medicinal-understanding?

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