Public Misinformation and The Elections

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As you may all have NOT heard while having heard it already, politicians are facing the new issue of having to deal with fake news and public misinformation that is happening in such a huge manner as having the ability to affect election results. In the 2016 American presidential race, Russia is accused—without being able to control such information about itself from spreading—of attempting to misinform the public and meddling in the elections thereby helping Trump win. And now German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing that same issue where American right wingers are accused of creating online misinformation as to manipulate public opinion in regards to the upcoming election. Whether this is a new way of respectfully treating women in politics or not is not yet known but it appears that even if it is, we will find out—on the internet—that it is not. Not only that, but whether this is the new way of treating women politicians on the internet or not should NOT be connected to the way women are currently being portrayed on the internet with all of its porn sites and sexually fueling claims that misinform the public into thinking that women love nothing more than to suck it.

And whether you want to call it “making love” or whether you want to insult me by having the audacity to tell me that it is just a act of “sucking it” makes a huge difference for my emotional well being, the way I see myself, and most importantly, the way I view men. Hence, I do demand that you do not insult me as I demand for you to ask me politely whether I would like to make love to you or not although it was men’s idea to create those two versions of the same story. Two versions or one, it appears that four virgins are the preference when it comes to all men alike, however, where each woman represents one version of that man’s story. And when women are treated as if they are a version of a story entitled, “Sexism: More is Less and Less is More” where all versions share the same horrible beginning and ending, it appears that the better story is the one that creates an extended plot as to make more out of the less that is sexism. Hence, I would like to inform you Katy, that I am not in the mood to hear all the little details in regards to the stupid date that you went on since I already know why the hell you are so excited about—-for when it comes to women and men, we cannot seem to hear the end of the “isn’t he so romantic” part to a point where I just want to puke. In that, distortion of facts is usually better for men than it is for women since this distortion is usually an extension of detail found within a story. And given that neither Hillary nor Angela are pleasing men the way men like to be pleased, I doubt that there is a good extended version of their stories to be told.

Hence, it comes as no surprise to me that Hillary Clinton is running a trafficking ring in the basement of some Pizzeria as I truly believe that women are having the time of their lives working in the porn industry. Misinformation and acts that manipulate public opinion should not be alarming at all since men often gain much from them and that is enough information for my ears to hear to allow for my brain to make a clear judgment to live by. For when men are faced with situations that attempt to paint them in a “bad” light, most of the time it only succeeds in giving them a “bad boy” tough image. And when women are facing the same situation, it usually accomplishes the political goal of putting them in shame and at fault. Putin, after all, looks really amazing as he wrestles tigers and rides horses without a shirt—that is a true leader. Yet, it is just within the margins of insanity if Hillary or Angela were to do the same albeit we will not give them the benefit that comes when being within the margins of insanity. Whether Putin truly wrestles tigers or not, that is besides the point since if he is not, he should start doing it due to the fact that it reminds us of medieval times when men got on their horses to battle the enemy and since that persona fits within the terms of leadership that most people have experienced before.

Whether this blog is another act of public misinformation is not up to you to decide since the nature of information is that they start out as a small “leak” before they surface as a “big story”. Hence, every information out there can be true and waiting to be spread to the general public for confirmation. But let me tell you something ladies: If you were to tell me that not long ago people in China used to bind women’s feet as to break them repeatedly until they cannot be healed no more, I would have thought that this must indeed be an act of public manipulation and misinformation where I would stop being your friend for your attempt to run some lies on my ass. And if you were to tell me that in Africa and parts of Asia that women’s necks are stretched by wearing rings around them in order to be seen as beautiful, I would slap you across the face for daring to talk to me as if I am a fool to believe that such things are happening. And if you were to tell me that in the Middle East women are threatened by beheadings as part of a love definition that women agree to, I would spit on your face for being such a disrespectful person as to try to run such lies on my intelligent head. And if you were to tell me that there exists people who mutilate the genitalia of women as to butcher it with a blade in order to be seen as an honorable woman, I would punch you in the guts for having the audacity to talk to me in that fashion as to manipulate my perception of the world around me you pieces of crap who have nothing better to do but to run your mouths about people in such manner as to make me feel like crap about myself. Indeed, in a world where sexism itself is an act that attempts to manipulate public opinion for many generations to come, what is a few more lies against women but the relief that they are not really true?! Yes, these two ungrateful politicians—Hillary and Angela—need to be thankful for the way they are used to manipulate public’s opinion of them.

Hence, what do you think of Asian women except that they are submissive women who have seen it as okay to have their feet bound? And what do you think of African women except that we are ones who can never understand them in full as we should never bother to do so? And what do you think of Arab and some African women except that they are responsible for promoting the idea of shame as being correct thereby being women who are too unforgiving of themselves? Are my claims here an act of misinformation that I am promoting as correct or are these claims the thing that men precisely wanted us to believe about these women? I say that women have brought this hell onto themselves…but again, I might just be trying to manipulate you. Before I move on I would like to tell you that when it comes to African women, we get the idea that we are ones who can never really understand them… hence, when it comes to African women, the perception we have of them is in accordance to ourselves first. In that, it appears to me, although I may be misinformed, that men have the goal of making future men and women unable to relate to women thereby having no choice but to feel frustrated as he forces her to submit to his demands whether she likes it or not. This is true for African people as well as the rest of the people in this world—Or maybe it is true not.

As white women are experiencing once-again how it feels to be a victim in a sexist world where that which should clearly be seen as an act of “misinformation” is taken to heart as if it is a matter of fact, they must be informed that within the category of “manipulations” and “misinformation” women have found no relief as of yet except for them to go on a merry-go-round without being informed of being on one until they try to run for a public office. Indeed, it is not Putin who should be taking pictures riding on horses, but it is Hillary and Angela who should be captured in such photos since doing so would fit perfectly within the rounds of “reality” and “public misinformation that is believable”. And what is the big deal with being misinformed when it comes to men but the feeling that they are better than the way they treat us? And what is the big deal in being misinformed when it comes to women but the confirmation that they deserve the bad treatment that they have yet received or should be receiving? Indeed, nothing feels better than finding evidence that a group of people has deserved the bad treatment it has gotten while ignoring the evidence that says otherwise. Yes, black people, although we see many pieces of evidence that suggest you to be victims, here are 3 pieces of information that tell us you are not. Are these 3 reasons not oh so magnificent?

Misinformation is based on the “in general” as it takes a person and makes an “in general” out of her. And this right here shows us that such misinformation is exploitive of sexism in society and would not happen if sexism did not exist. For sexism was a misinformation manipulative campaign that attempted (and succeeded) at making an “in general” out of all women thereby generalizing all women to fit within the definition of “one generalized woman”. And today, this misinformation campaign attempts to further take a woman and give her a generalized form by exploiting the criticism and the wrongs and the mistakes she has made in her life as to multiply them for the possibilities that they could have lead to in order to generate many false and inaccurate stories. Hence, where sexism is an act of public misinformation that was made believable through a reality that was forced on women to submit to at all cost, election misinformation against women politicians and against any woman is an act that attempts to capitalize on this original misinformation through the believability it gains that matches the believability that sexism has established for itself in reality. Meaning that such misinformation creates a public reaction that is moved by the truth of how sexism has made a reality out of misinformation and manipulations—where this misinformation is not far-fetched from reality and what it allows. Whether Russia meddled in the elections or not, let us not forget that men have had plenty of play-time meddling in the lives of women and distorting everything they possibly can about her. And indeed, I do not understand why women even try to live a fairly respectable life and carry an ethical career path when men are going to paint them as having done otherwise. For why didn’t Hillary run a trafficking ring in the basement of some pizzeria when she will live in accordance to a reality that says that she did do that? Distortion of facts is something that distorts the truth in such fashion that, specially within politics, creates public mistrust towards the government as it damages the confidence that the people have in themselves. For in believing such misinformation, then one has to live with the idea that people are willing to vote for such person. And if people are willing to vote for such person, then are they not all capable of committing those same acts?

No worries, however, because I need to publicly misinform you about your rights not to recognize what is true from what is false since sexism demands such thing to happen to women which is something they deserve to feel since they went ahead and ate from the tree of knowledge hence knowing themselves as if they are the ones who created their own selves. And although such sin is unforgivable when women make it, men are allowed to distort and misrepresent women and their character as much as they would like as they have been on a marathon that is aimed to do so since the beginning of time. And who is Hillary and Angela, then, to think that they deserve to be given the right to correct representation when even if they were to be represented correctly, they have not been given the right to live in accordance to a truthful reality? After all, in a world where the reality is full of lies, we already know that men have won the benefit of the doubt a long time ago.

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