Relax, Rape is great!

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Many women fantasize sexually about a rape scenario. Psychologists agree that a woman who fantasizes about rape does not want to actually be raped in real life. They believe that the rape fantasy is a normal healthy fantasy since many women have it. They even suggest ways to “play” it with your significant other as part of sexual foreplay.

Where do I start with this one: what psychologists seem to forget is that the number of people experiencing a thought does not determine how healthy a thought is. After all, many people experience a suicidal thought and that does not make it a normal thought to have. Yet, when it comes to rape, there seems to be a dismissal of the negativity of rape and an attempt to turn it into a normal positive thought that women should embrace.

What I am wondering here is the following: why hasn’t any one attempted to study the relationship between a woman fantasizing about rape and her feeling depressed? Why have they not attempted to look at the relation between rape fantasies and suicidal thoughts that a woman may be having? Or about the relationship between those fantasies and being overwhelmed and not being in control of her own life?

Why not? Because they do not see rape as a big deal for it to automatically be linked to a negative idea in their minds… that is why! Imagine if I was suicidal and rape is the weapon I want to use to die instead of a gun… and what if the thought of dying pleases me (as in death is better than living- which is the basics of a suicidal thought)… is this not a sexual rape fantasy? I think it is. After all, if sex was to be the cause of my suicidal thoughts, it would make sense that it is the thing that I fantasy killing me— sexually manifesting as an arousal (since I would be desiring to die). BUT NO NO NO: “RAPE FANTASY IS HEALTHY!”—- WHERE? WHERE IS THE HEALTHY PART OF IT?  Indeed, the rape fantasy is seen as perfectly normal in  a society that wants a woman to find pleasure in sex being the thing that deprives her of her full human rights!

But as many great minds have spoken, “it is a healthy fantasy to share with your spouse to make him more aroused!” Yay!..Wait, am not done: “Because MANY PEOPLE have it!!!”  HOW SCIENTIFIC?!

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