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If I was a scissor and you were merely a person who is paper thin, then it appears that I would be able to cut you out of my life due to my own sharpness. And if I was a sharp enough of a scissor as to cut many people out of my life, it appears that by stacking themselves on top of each other (or by joining forces), many paper thin people can create a difficulty in relation to allowing me to cut them out of my life given that my sharpness—even while remaining as so—becomes a dullness due to all of the shameless stacking going on. Yet, I need to mention that this dullness is not created by the thickness that these papers form as they stack on top of each…but that this dullness is due to the large amount of bullshit that a sharp scissor is just not made to handle as the scissor tries to extend itself far to the left and to the right only to realize that a two mile long stack is equivalent to one thin ass piece of paper if one was to just remove all the bullshit in between rendering me, the sharp scissor, as one who feels it to be pointless to spend any more energy trying to cut through them in order for both of my sides to reach a meeting point given that I have already reached a meeting point with my own self by the virtue that I am a scissor. Hence, dullness is bullshit and sharpness is for those who have enough shame not to create a dullness out of their own selves by joining forces in attempting to tackle a person who is sharper than them given that such people are merely putting themselves in a position to be tackled and cut off.

This takes us to sexism and the amount of dullness found in it as one expects a woman to have enough sharpness in order to cut it out of of her life while still expecting to stand in a position as to continue to love the men who subjected her to it…forgetting that dullness comes from those who lack shame as they have found it within themselves to join forces as to create a culture of sexist practices against her. When it comes to men joining forces against women, it is not that women are not sharp enough to cut such papers out of her life, but it is that such bullshit is not something that any woman is made to deal with or to handle. Hence, often times we have many young women who express such discontent living in a sexism filled world by cutting their own selves as they feel a sense of satisfaction in realizing that the entire bullshit ordeal she is subjected to is something that is not deeper than her own skin.

To cut your own self with a sharp object indeed becomes a ritual and such ritual is in line with the ritualistic nature of cultures and the status quo. And just as all rituals go, such cutting creates a feeling in relation to perspective itself as a young lady is putting herself in perspective. When it comes to our world today and the perspective society has when it comes to women, however, a woman is seen as one who deserves receiving harm. In that, what is unique about culture, traditions, religions, and the status quo is that it has its own structure that justifies why a woman deserves such harm. And such uniqueness maybe expressed by women who cut themselves as the “unique” scars signify what it means for one to have a personal physical quality that separates her from others. Indeed, it is no wonder that female genital mutilation is an expression of cutting and an expression of what it means for a woman to have a body part that differs from that which a man has. In that, if women were born to naturally receive sexism, we would be born scarred and in pain.

When it comes to fitting in, young women seem to be more likely to cut themselves. And so is the way of rituals as one is no longer a person who is part of life but one is a person who needs to earn a placement within it. For in cult rituals, for examples, a hierarchy in relation to position becomes similar to one having to earn a placement within that  ritual as those who are in lower positions are often ones who need to accomplish undesirable tasks..and if that cult was merely the sexist ideologies we are all living under today, then earning a placement within life itself may make one feel the need to create their own ritual as to befit the effects that sexism has had on them.  In that,  what does it mean for one to need to earn a respectable position when justice tells us that all people are respectable by default? Having to earn a respectable position means harm given that all people deserve respect by default. And so, how can a young woman earn a respectable position in regards to her own self– and in regards to the perspective that she has when it comes to who she is to her own self— in the midst of a sexist world that neither respects women nor upholds their value? For a woman to feel like she is able to respect herself in such world, she needs to lower her own value as to feel okay with the value that society has given her. Hence, self harm makes a woman feel like she fits in relation to society’s perspective towards her..and so if such young woman is not fitting in with the crowd, such ritualistic cutting becomes a thing that expresses such isolation as it becomes the thing that makes her feel better about it—because, again, such cutting makes one feel like she fits in with the “crowd” (or fits in with the terms of sexism) in terms of where it has placed her.

Yes, being an “inferior” in this sexist cult that men have created is something that can make any “inferior” feel wronged if she thinks of herself as one who should be more valued.  To value one’s self as one who is better than to have to deal with sexism is not wrong. And to look at such women as ones who need “help” is not wrong either except I am lead to ask: what kind of help do these young women need? For if you were to say that removing sexism from our world is not a necessary and primary aspect of such help, then I say that you are part of the problem that such women are dealing with.

Meaning: have some freaking shame you filthy “cultured” people who have been running on the same treadmill for thousands of years rendering all of us tired of your bullshit given that you have made a belt out of us to wrap around the treadmill as you stomp your feet onto our backs as you have also made another belt out of us for yourself in order for you to be able to keep your pants up as if that makes us ones who are respected enough …although, I must mention, that being that close to your private area is not being far enough to not have our heads screwed with  and neither is it a thing that is decent despite the fact that “up” is where your pants are positioned since we are not only put in charge of keeping your pants up but we are also in charge of pleasing you when they come down… which is a thing that speaks about your  lack of shame as we live in a world filled with children and teenage girls who seem to agree that they are this close to killing themselves due to your shameless behavior as they would rather take a blade and cut themselves than to entertain you.

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