Seeing the “Better” in your partner can Help You Stay Together

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There is nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone who is always focusing on your negatives, right ladies? And although men have spent over a thousand years focusing on nothing but the negatives of women while using force, violence, restriction, isolation, rape, and abuse to make her live by the negative aspects he has made out of her through these same measures, today we do not want any of these things to affect the loving relationships we have with our partners, right? That would not make for the healthiest of relationships which is something that men should have considered before abusing us in the manner they still kinda continue to do today around the world. So today, after reading many psychology articles, I want to tell you of ways on how you can keep your relationships healthy and fresh as we jump over that little thing called, “the past”:

First, ladies, You should NEVER EVER sit there and focus on the negative aspects of your partner. If you just look for the negatives, all you will find are the negatives. Take it from men: when men made the woman a negative thing, all he or she is able to find in herself is the negative to focus on. Instead of doing that to your partner, when you have yourselves to do that onto, focus on his positives in order that he always appears as better than you and in order that your low self esteem helps you put up with that which you do not like about him as you take ownership of the problem you see and of the entire past. Yay, is it not a great advice for women to focus on the positives?!

Second of all ladies, do not…I repeat, DO NOT be mean to your partner or speak in a language that is meant to show a criticism where you express a level of discontent in anything about your partner. I know that men are mean in their expectations of women in relation to how she looks and how she should dress and how she should carry herself where his meanness is a socially accepted form of raising a next generation of men and women. But in a relationship, we need to put all that to the side and see the “personal” aspect of one another right after that personal has been disrespected out of you when it comes to who you are. So next time you feel like your partner has done something you do not like, be kind and gentle since he always seems to be  less mean to you than you are to him due to the fact that men had problems with every aspect of a woman’s existence and they have expressed their meanness towards her in a non-direct manner that does not incriminate him on a personal level.  To not speak in a mean manner to your partner is a  great advice, right?!

Third of all y’all, you need to have empathy for your partner, ladies. Although men have abused empathy itself as they depended on it to be the thing that makes women see the human aspect of him as bigger than the wrongs committed as she is not personally liable to making sure that he lives up to the terms of “humanity”, we have no choice but to empathize. Do not be cold-hearted, ladies. Although isolating, violating, restricting, abusing, raping, and controlling women all these years without a sign of sympathy, empathy, and without men backing off of us whenever we seek our human rights shows that men do not care about empathy so much; you need to remember that they do care about empathy when it come to relationships where they have no choice but to see your face everyday. Hence, be nice to your partner ladies because relationships can get very toxic otherwise with all the focus on the negative aspects of your partner. A little empathy can go a long way, right men?!

I will end this article with a proverb I am pulling out of my own ass right now for you to live by:

What is love but the aftermath of heavy abuse as it becomes like two doves united by exploitation!

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