Six Cues That Someone is a Narcissist!

In Diet & Health, Sex & Dating by Liliyan HassanLeave a Comment has an article published regarding narcissism.  It is entitled, Six Subtle Cues That Someone Is Narcissistic. First, I would like to say that it is sad to see that society is not content in continuing to judge people by skin color, sex, age, nationality—but now we are adding more things to judge them by as we are moving on to judge the behavior of people (who sometimes may not be in their best behavior for that particular day). And we are judging them in a bullying manner where we are using psychological medical research onto everyday people to see what conclusions we should come to in regards to how we should classify them… as if you want someone to do that onto you. I certainly don’t. It scares me because I am kinda odd–so what conclusions are you going to come to before getting to know me well? I feel that it is not appropriate for science to encourage that since it does lead people (who are not well understood) to be left isolated and to feel bullied by the rest of the people in this world. Very dangerous thing to do. When you look back at the field of psychology, they have administered electric shock therapy on homosexuals. SO THEY CAN BE WRONG TOO!

In this article, is telling us how to spot a narcissist in a crowd! Really? I would rather go back to judging by skin color, then. I can at least spot a black person with accuracy. You mean to tell me that in a crowd full of people, I can tell who the narcissist is? I THINK I CAN!!! IT IS YOU!!! THE ONE WHO IS TRYING TO SPOT THE NARCISSIST IN  A CROWD FULL OF PEOPLE! What makes you think that you are entitled to do that? Stop scaring people… because I do not want my niece or nephews to be judged that way. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! Do you want your own children to be judged in that manner…from a list of cues in an article other people have read where they thought of your son when they read it (made it befitting of whoever the hell they wanted)?  So the article itself is for the REAL narcissists to apply onto others in judging them. Although has written it for GOOD NORMAL SWEET HUMBLE people to find the problem in others…poor them, huh? WOULD A HUMBLE PERSON WALK AROUND LOOKING FOR THAT IN OTHERS? NO! Exactly!!

So anyways, here is the glorious list that probably applies to you in one way or another:

 1) React in an aggrieved way when they feel they’re treated poorly:

I cannot help but notice how this targets women since more women will be treated poorly without us seeing it as so. We will call her a name and she will always OVER REACT (in comparison to how WE would like HER to see it as) where we dismiss her reaction as her being a narcissist. So please be careful in dismissing people who appear to be overreacting because they may TRULY be hurt–although the reasons are not so obvious to you…YET (since you are pointing her out in a room full of people).

 2) Annoy you in ways you don’t understand: 

Wait: So if someone annoys me in ways I dont understand, could this not be a clue that I AM the narcissist here? It appears that there is no real reason to be annoyed..but ” if YOU annoy me and THERE IS NO REASON FOR IT, then YOU ARE THE NARCISSISTIC PERSON!!” Does this sound logical to you? Only if I annoy you in ways you don’t understand!

3)Don’t feel the rules apply to them and break them in small, but consistent ways:

The example uses is if your bf uses up the toilet paper and does not replace it. This, to them, means that he is a narcissist.  When you speak about people, then you should compare them to people. If a person feels like s/he can infringe on other people’s requests in a personal way, then yes, that may be narcissism… but a rule is not above a person for someone to say that if s/he does not act within the rules, that s/he is now below them because s/he thinks that they are above them. Where there is above, there is a below. Is it okay to make a person feel like they are below the rules (for example, WEAR A TUX…and the person cannot afford it)? No! Who made up the rules? and based on what where these rules made? And did they consider and account for that person? Could they have been discriminatory? These are questions to ask first before coming to the conclusion that the person is too full of him/herself.  So do not measure people by rules…rules often change TO BEFIT MORE PEOPLE. And neither is a PERSON to be measured by TOILET PAPER. Yet: if his girlfriend said that she likes the door to be closed when she uses the bathroom and he keeps walking in…then absolutely there is a problem. BUT IS TOILET PAPER  HOW WE MEASURE PEOPLE THESE DAYS?! It is kinda narcissistic of you to make such comparison of other human beings,!  LOOK: you know what pisses me off? If people put cheese in the fridge without covering it up properly. IT SOOO PISSES ME OFF. But this is a thing that I PERSONALLY get pissed about…I would never conclude that ALL PEOPLE WHO LEAVE CHEESE COVERED IMPROPERLY IN THE FRIDGE ARE EGOTISTICAL GARBAGE WHO SHOULD NEVER BE TALKED TO!! why not? because toilet paper and cheese and things like that: these are personal things that tick some people off and not others. And some people do not put toilet paper and others do not pick up socks… we are not perfect human beings who need to be walking on eggshells. SORRY THAT THE TOILET PAPER IS NOT HIS THING! BUT HE MAY NOT BE LEAVING HIS SOCKS ON THE FLOOR!

4) Are not easily coached, if at all:

Are they serious? Coached? How narcissistic is the act of coaching people where YOU want to tell them what to do as if YOU are above them? HUH?! Before measuring people by toilet paper and orders from others, can we please investigate the nature of these things in relation to that which you are accusing them of? Thank you! ARE YOU EASILY COACHED?

5) Change schedules and appointments for no reason:

I LOVE THIS ARTICLE, YO! IT IS WRONG ALL THE WAY THROUGH… Is this narcissistic of me? Who cares?! Anyways: it is kinda narcissistic if you think that people will always show up to their appointments as if you are the only person in their world where if they did not show up, THEY must be narcissistic. You are kinda taking it as if NO ONE SHOULD EVER DARE to reschedule when it comes to YOUR MAJESTY.  SOMETIMES THINGS HAPPEN AND PEOPLE DO NOT SHOW UP BECAUSE SOMETHING UNEXPECTED HAPPENED!

 6) Communicate in “all caps”:

Well…I kinda do that a lot…  Why do I do that? Because I forget to turn the ALL-CAPS key off and then I do not want to retype an entire thing all over again. But maybe my mind is trying to tell me that I think too much of myself because THE and the are two different things.  If I was to type, “THE BOY WENT TO THE STORE!!” You should think: “omg she is so full of herself!!!” …and if I was to type, “the boy went to the store!” You should think: “now this is a decent human being!”

AM I A NARCISSIST? or a great person?! Well if I am narcissistic enough, the “no-caps” will do little harm to my ego! I am way above that!!! RIGHT  right? RIGHT? right right right RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT? Which  right do you like me in? THIS or this? Is the last one too short and makes me look fat? Of course not!! I look AMAZING!!

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