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Dutch scientists have created a synthetic embryo without the use of either sperm or eggs. This is great news for women who have infertility issues given that women should be vigorously fruitful everywhere in this world including in their own uterus. Women are having a great life and their bodies are the way they want them to be and their hair is shiny and pretty and their figures are on point in relation to how they like…why not, uterus? Why not get in line with the program, sir/ma’am? (the answer is the last word in that question as a “shared commodity” composed of an answer and a question). The (un)reproductive organs of a woman  are seen as a problem whenever they fail at their duty interacting with men.

Elizabeth Cohen from CNN tells us these factors that lead to infertility for both men and women: “smoking, weight gain, age, drinking too much caffeine or alcohol, and doing certain drugs” are some of the factors related to infertility. I do not know about you, Elizabeth, but I think that “more sperm” is what the woman needs. Maybe there is not enough sperm in her to get her knocked up. Tell her husband to put more in there. Because maybe the woman was not born with enough sperm to take care of her own self. That usually renders a woman unable to function anywhere else, no?! If a woman does not have enough to take care of herself, she is screwed financially and emotionally and otherwise. So the woman does not have enough to take care of her desire to get pregnant and that means that men will find her burdensome… which means that his sperm is not able to tolerate her eggs nor is it in the mood to take care of it and what it wants. Hence, when the egg is released as if it is a gold digger who is looking for a sugar-daddy…and when the sperm reaches such egg, then it is expected for the sperm to either refuse to fertilize the egg or to refuse committing to such egg up to full terms after it has become fertilized given that the sperm requires a pre-nup first since the woman does not come from a background where he can feel that she is not just using him for money. But if the woman does not want him just for his money, then the egg may refuse to get itself fertilized as a way to prove such thing… although if she does not have enough and she needs to prove that she is not in it only for the money, then we get this situation at hand. Here: she cannot even get pregnant! Do you have your proof yet?!

Either ways, I think that more sperm is the answer to such situation. Try over and over again and eventually she will get pregnant, right?  Try again… and again…and again… “Why is she not getting pregnant, damn it?! Why not?! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND…. WE TRIED AND TRIED AND TRIED”… Ha…. what a joke?! If I was g-d, Ms. Cohen, I would say: the more he tries the less likely it will work out! Do you think that g-d wanted Sara to lose some weight before Abraham was able to get her pregnant? Nope. Sometimes a woman is the leading role and sometimes she is just there catering to her own vagina…that is all I am saying. And if the spirit (your vagina) depends on the body (or the person), well that is good…but if the body (or the person) depends on the spirit (vagina), then woe is on to ye. Meaning: women are not leading their vaginas due to sexism…hence, why not have infertility issues?

And here is another thing in regards to infertility: As a woman who believes in a woman’s right to have an abortion, I say that not every time that a woman gets pregnant, it was due to her wanting to get pregnant. And many women who get pregnant today are influenced by sexism into desiring that. Hence, when a woman does want to get pregnant, I say that she needs to look at sexism and how it is influencing her decision. And sometimes, sexism does not only impact a woman in a psychological manner, but it also has a lot of physical impact on the woman and her overall well being. Now, given that alcohol, drugs, and smoking are part of the “overall well being” of a person as they are also a thing directly connected to sexism (DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO SEXISM: specially when it comes to weight gain), I say that we can blame sexism for why women may be experiencing infertility issues. Because if I was going to come to your office, Ms. Cohen, and you tell me that I need to lose some weight, then I shall tell you that sexism is the reason why I have gained this much. Then I hope you shall precede by trying to put some sense into me as to not have my husband continue to try to get me pregnant as such scenario would tell you that I am being abused in order to come to you in seeking to resolve the lack of proper function that is causing this problem that I am having when the “lack of proper function”, sex-wise, is something that men have contributed to more than I can ever do. Meaning: if the baby idea is not my husband’s then sure as hell it may be my feelings in relation to where sexism has placed me. And if I am smoking a pack of cigs a day, I hope that you know that sexism has either stressed me out into picking up my first pack or that I felt the need to feel sexy enough in smoking them when I first did…where you can actually make a positive decision in regards to sexism influencing the reasons why I cannot get pregnant, no?!

Yet, Shut up Liliyan, because women have infertility issues and the doctors are at it trying to resolve such problem as no woman on this earth needs to endure such thing. And truly I say that no woman on this earth needs to endure such thing although I say that if this statement matters so much, then caring about women in our society should matter first given that if this is merely an “afterthought”, then it becomes similar to rape. For let me tell you something, NO MEANS NO! But if you are rushing to make a “yes” out of my “NO”, then I say that this “yes” could have come from a better treatment first before you try to impose it on me through the use of medically invasive procedures as if the lack of better treatment is something that is within my will. If it is within my well to receive a good medical treatment, then it is my will to be treated better. Do not treat me better when it comes to my uterus and forget that I am one who likes to be treated better!

It is a cell-division, really, and if my body is not able to take in a sperm and start to divide up properly enough, then I shall not look at myself as the problem given that “simple enough” is not something that my body finds enough motivation in carrying through when it comes to that area. Does my body not know simple math as to do basic divisions and multiplications? Maybe if the “simple enough” in relation to where a woman needs to stand in our world is not something that the world is able to understand or carry through in action, then maybe I am not a woman who is willing to bring a child into such world as my emotions cannot spare a life here and there for it to suffer such mishap. Maybe I am the type of woman who needs to bring a child into a better world. Am I so disconnected from that but more connected to a man and his sperm? For if I am, then I shall raise my hands up in the air and let you have your way with me. But if I live in a world that is already having its way with me for the most part, then at least my own uterus is putting up a fight. So NO MEANS NO. Am I not able to side with myself on that one if myself is already defined sexually by the world at large?!

But we soon will have a synthetic embryo in order to help women with infertility. And I say that if you just work on society and on our rights, that would be gracious of you, thanks. We do not need you to do the lawn and the backyard and then go off into planting the flowers where then you head off to trim the trees and the branches… just do the lawn and then if you still have the energy and if I really need anything else, then we shall go forwards with that although I insist on paying you for those separately as that is more fair for the both of us. But do not jump into doing the flowers since you know that I will be giving you more than you usually would otherwise get! Do not jump into my uterus, I have an entire woman who is not so happy! Do not fertilize my uterus while rendering me infertile in relation to my own principles.

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