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It is not a thing that is hard to figure out when it comes to a country and its boundaries. We are citizens of a country and we have our issues and crap figured out in such manner that does not over burden us more than men have already done at the level we are busy trying to manage. We have a government and we have crap to deal with…and people are spread out in this country in order that we do not have 239432094582 issues hitting each brain as if we are garbage.

Immigration in relation to a country says: “THOSE PEOPLE ARE NOT OUR PROBLEM  AS TO PUT THEM IN OUR BRAINS AND HAVE TO CONSIDER THEM IN SUCH FASHION GIVEN THAT WE ARE MANAGED IN RELATION TO THE 234987230472  ISSUES WE ALREADY HAVE AND WE CANNOT— AND WE ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO— MORE ISSUES WITHIN THE TERMS OF OUR RIGHTS AS CITIZENS OF A NATION”. IMMIGRATION IS A THING THAT DEALS WITH THAT ASPECT AS TO NOT HAVE THE CITIZENS CONSUMED WITH INTERNATIONAL PROBLEMS RELATED TO WHO GETS TO COME AND WHO GETS TO GO. Hence, if there is a school shooting, for example, our citizens should put their efforts in resolving that issue and they should not be out there protesting immigration issues given that the citizens in this country have always known the law and they agree with the law…. and our government is merely trying to enforce the law. The government has a duty to free the citizens from the burden of having to deal with immigration issues. That is part of its job that we need it to do that job. That is our participation in relation to who comes and who goes: we have an immigration department that our citizens are employed at and our citizens spend their lives working in.

Yet, empathy and other gifts… such as women driving… abuse is a great gifter who wraps your arm in a cast and hands you the world in order that you may “work it” while you are not able to move a finger.

I have to tell the story of Phillipe, the King of Espivvan (a kingdom of my imagination that I cannot end this blog without speaking about): King Phillipe was ruling over the most glorious of kingdoms where citizens were living a prosperous life with endless gifts from its fields and its land and its women (we are part of the harvest)… On the other side of his country—a place that was inhibited by indigenous people—famine was breaking out and people started to come over to the Espivvany Kingdom (it is pronounced, “Iz-pav-faani”) where its citizens started to kind of be grossed out by all the poor people coming to take over their glorious land… so the king ordered his people to build a wall in order to keep the country safe and glorious… but then as soon as they started to build that wall, the people of Haxic (the country where people were poor) just sat there as to watch the king and his people build that wall… The king would order his people to build and the Haxic people just watched… and then the king, pissed as hell, called his people over and ordered them to put everything down and stop building ASAP… and then he called his soldiers and commanded them to go and kill all the people in Haxic… when asked about his rage, the king answered, “Look… if you understand that I need to build a wall, then consider that I have already built it!!!” For truly the wall is just a bunch of bricks placed on top of each other as to make a point that should not need that much brick to make… ..sometimes it is true that some may have no choice but to cross our borders illegally because there are times when there are no other options…For sometimes injustice is agony that one cannot escape… and the wall is not going to allow any one in. I predict that one day some will be in agony to leave their countries and come here ASAP illegally…and they will not be able to find anything but a wall in their face where they will hit their heads against it in agony…

Am speaking of what happens when people misuse a thing that is right. We have open borders.. misuse will render a wall to be better….and one day people in true agony will hit a brick wall…. We have a duty to keep illegal actions within the rounds of true necessity in order that we do not shut down the doors for those who need to do the same one day… and we have a duty to use things correctly for correct use guarantees the preservation of something for those who need to use it one day…. If walls are coming up, then they will come up as they have come up many times in the past in regards to various things we took for granted until we exploited them out to a point of restriction.

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