The Postpartum Hemorrhage Well

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A new medication has been formulated in order to stop Postpartum hemorrhaging (PPH) (or bleeding after giving birth) and guess what? It does not require a fridge…. and neither does it require a stove top… For once, the bleeding woman does not need a fridge in order for her life to be saved as she slaves over the kitchen due to her natural predisposition to do nothing but to cook and clean. This new medication, carbetocin, is going to give women another option to treat their Postpartum bleeding which is currently being treated using Oxytocin. Woman 1 (because we are numbered): “No fridge!! They found a medication and it does not need a fridge!!” Woman 2 (who is a bit jealous because she is not woman #1): “What medication?” Woman 1: “The one for when we have a baby and we bleed so badly that we may end up dying!!!” Woman 2: “Why? You do not need to take that shit… you will be fine without it!!” (she is jealous). Woman 1:”you think so?! really? that is nice of you to think that I can live through the pregnancy”… woman 2: “Yea girl you be aiiight” This is the current treatment regimen that women are receiving due to the lack of anything colder to place the meds into (I thought women were cold enough but that only works against us).

Oxytocin (the old med) needs a fridge since it, ” must be stored at cool temperatures — between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius (35.6-46.4 degrees Fahrenheit)” 1 which can create a huge problem for women living in the developing regions of this world. “Around 14 million women globally suffer from PPH each year, and 70,000 women die as a result, according to the study published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine. “1  Now, I am not certain about these statistics because they are amazing (am being sarcastic)…but if these statistics are true or if they are anywhere near correct, then I say:

When there is a difficulty storing medications because it requires a cooler of some sort, this means that women need our help in relation to a violent situation that they are facing…a situation that is violent but is not presented as so to them….a situation that is rape like and is proven to be so by the number of women who are dying in giving birth without anyone saying, “wait, I do not want to kill her by getting her pregnant”… a situation that is violent enough to say that a man is putting these women’s lives in danger in such manner that is borderline intentional (I would say “more than borderline intentional” but I do not want to jump into conclusions yet) in relation to harming her. Getting excited over a new medication that will lower those statistics as to make it appear that these women are not stuck in a situation where their value is undermined as ones who are only here on earth to bring forth children where being anything else is just as unattainable as it is to get a fridge for the old medications…that would merely be another curve ball thrown at women in order to unite us under the roof of “scientific advancement”; thus giving society the appearance that it is civilized and respectful towards us.

Indeed, if these statistics are true and if 70,000 women die each year due to bleeding after giving birth, then I got myself a battle to fight against the universe given that such murder rate is tied to an act of rape that is deliberate against these women where this “deliberate malintent” is not going to be erased, under my watch,  using a vial of medicine since such act would be way past vile.

Women are not here to make the earth go around through their wombs. And although this may seem like a statement that undermines the value of a woman in giving birth to children—a thing that men would not mind agreeing with me on—I say: a woman is here to make the earth go around through her womb AND a woman is NOT here to make the earth go around through her womb….Both… This and that. Yep, I will have my cake both ways. For the abuse of such function that a woman has is one that attempts to make a woman neglect the importance of that ability where at the end she may say, “who cares if I can have children..this is no big deal”….and the abuse of such function that a woman has is one that attempts to make a woman cater only to that function as to make it her life. And if abuse can state both of these things to be true, then so shall I without the abuse added. For in relation to pregnancies, I say that there is a time and a place for everything—proven by the timely nature of that ability and proven by the woman being the place that carries it. Hence, there is a time for a woman to make the earth go around and there is a time for her not to do so. Yet, if a woman is the one that a man is attempting to make go around as if she is the earth itself in relation to how it over caters to people in its abundant crops regardless of the morality or the character of the men who own the field, then I say that the sun is not a son all of the sudden and neither the Autumn is the daughter as she becomes the thing that falls down with the leave good-bye. For a season is not the autumn leaves flooding the ground as if it was a sea for the son to sail on (Sea-son) and, hence, a woman is not here for the sailors nor the sea-men.

Back to the fridge whose doors are constantly opening and closing 14,000,000 times each year in a frantic manner that leaves the medication in it heated enough due to the cold air escaping it before it is slammed shut…. 38000 times a day that such fridge opens before being slammed again… a thing that makes me unable to comprehend such statistics as correct: The fridge is used in such manner that makes me have to question how those women are being used. I mean, the fridge is opened and closed this many times a day for emergency reasons yet the women are deemed to be ones who are fine and not abused?! I do not care whether these “medical emergencies” are spread out across the word… these are emergencies under which a woman is put in life threatening danger due to her giving birth to a child so that we may treat it like crap when it grows up.

Great news on the meds, however…. women should be ecstatic enough to shoo the fly that lands on their faces away… I would not shoo the fly if I was sitting there raising 5 kids with one kid breast feeding as someone is trying to capture a photo of me having my breast inside of a child’s mouth in order that there is oatmeal for the baby by the time it reaches 3 years old… I would sit there and stare without blinking once… fly lands near my mouth: not even feeling it… it will hop over to my nose: nothing still… then near my eye: not one blink… because I would still be trying to comprehend what the hell is happening up until the day I die. It would start out curiously: “are we seriously going to get water from the well and walk with it all the way here every single day?” and then as soon as I start to ponder on that thought, I would get dragged into an endless chain of events that would lead me to pop my breasts out and feed a baby anywhere in the universe no matter who the hell is watching because that is not even the beginning of the issue: You see, there was a well that was way too far and men were like, “go…. yea.. go get water… yea.. over there….go… go” and I thought it was insane and then when I returned, we were going to build a hut because the roof collapsed… and then people were like, “no food today”.. .and I was like, “wait, what about the water?” because it was taking too much energy for me to get it that I got it mixed up with food… and I would be gone from there as I spend at least one hour a day trying to find the difference between water and food and why I need water if it uses up all the food although the food is grown because it needs water… Why does the water get to take back the food it grew through the energy I spend trying to get it? And yet, whenever I give my time and energy to anyone, I never get that energy back…. My energy poof gone…and water gets its energy back… maybe I do not deserve to live…

And I would have moments were I go, “yes, finally the day-bef0re-the-well is finally here and I feel like I can be my old self again”… but then, my daughter would drop her oatmeal which would mean that we would have to go attend another Christian bible class in order for her to eat where the class always reminds me of the woman standing by well and Jesus asking her if she had 3 husbands.. and I would think to myself, “Okay, Osayla, be like the woman by the well and give your children a drink of water because Jesus would like me to do that for him… Plus, with Summaia, my married daughter, my husband is finally nice to her.. with Mojeeb, my husband is always happy to fight others with him…and with Sudan he is always distant and acts strange.. so I do have three husbands”… And although such thoughts seem to be spiritually strengthening, for me they would only add to the my lack of ability to understand why the hell I have to get water for 4 people when I only have one good-for-nothing husband. “I do not have three good-for-nothing husbands… that would be horrible of me…. only one and I cannot seem to get him to do anything… I think that is why Jesus knew the woman had 3 husbands because if she only had one, she would be a better wife than I am to him and he would have been at the well with her”…. I would be so consumed by the well-situation to a point where I would turn pale (or pail)…. and then I would have my fourth child because I am not even around for the first three and so the fourth one is no problem… and I would say to myself, “finally, one child can drink from my milk right here and I do not have to walk all the way there in order to get it something to drink” and I would enjoy it. (my children would be pro-nouned as “it” because when I look at them, I only see a cup for the water to go into) .. And then as I breastfeed (or pour liquid into) the fourth child, I would sit there and stare down everyone as if to say, “what? do you think I should be going to the well in order to get water? I am not going to the freaking well!!!” And that would be the captured expression that every breastfeeding African woman has in every donate-to-Hungry-Africa photo…their face expression says: “I will NOT go to the well… I will punch you in the face if you dare to tell me that I need to go get you some water to drink…try me you piece of shit… try me…” Those women are not smiling nor moving a bit of muscle as they know that someone from the photoshoot is about to get thirsty and one of them is going to need to get up and get them water… So breasts out and act busy and serious as hell….

The fridge no can do… but when it comes to men getting us pregnant, we can go and make a whole new medication to accommodate the heat of the moment…



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