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As white women seek full and equal participation in society as a form of gaining full equality with their men counterparts; hence, asking men to help inject them with the same problems that they accepted upon themselves for the sake of the gains that come from sexism, we are seeing a new trend of white women engaging in sexual misconduct with minor boys. Yes, white women are leading all women in the path towards equality. Yet what this has meant thus far is that white women are given equal and full participation in the problems that men have created. These problems are issues that men are willingly accepting due to the fact that there are gains for men when it comes to sexism. Women are not willingly accepting these issues but they are seeking these equalities with the hopes that they can fight against these issues by gaining that equality. And now, white women are experiencing some of the fruits of that “gain”….and it is not pretty.

Why would an adult woman have sex with a 14, 15, 16, or 17 year old boy? why? When girls are being sexualized at a very young age as part of what is “incorrectly” approved of to happen where she was raised by society to see that as okay despite it being not okay, then do not be in gasp mode if an adult woman was to engage in sexual misconduct with a minor. I understand you, dear men: I understand your bold demands of women where you want her to shut up and be happy about it and where you want her to never leave her home and feel a great sense of content in it and where you want to isolate her without her feeling depressed. But the truth is that a woman will not be happy if you tell her to shut up and although she may feel happy at first to never leave her home if you were to buy her a mansion, after a few years or so she will start to feel just as depressed as if she was put in a prison cell. And you, men, can with all your might make sure that society leads women into feeling that being sexually free at the age of 16 and 15 and 14 is A-Okay as long as we provide condoms and all the abortion services and all the Church sermons necessary to get them to the 18 year old finish line in order that we can sigh a breath of relief for being finally allowed to eject ourselves from being seen as the responsible party towards her, but you will never erase the wrong that you have inflected on these women by forcing them to live in the sexualized society of your dreams. As teenage boys are being the official victims of adult women…and as men have plenty of unofficial girls to choose from where they do not need to be sexual with minors as much…and as women have been the unofficial victims of society at large, it is indeed a form of an audacity–a nasty arrogance– for society to make a criminal out of these women when men have received not one punishment for inflecting all women all over the world with pedophilic traditional and religious ideologies for 1000s of years.

Society with all of its traditions and cultures and religions and mind-blowing-bipolar belief systems has been fully invested in securing men sexually as they have created a lifestyle that better suits him than it suits women. Boys are taken by the hand as they are shown the ins and outs of the sexism in this world while it is masked with many appealing rewards in order to motivate him down the right path. This right path comes at the cost of women. Women are raised by that path itself as being the correct conduct and it is often shown that women end up running over their own selves a few times while being sexualized to frolic on it—Ran down on that bitch twice, if you will, except the woman is often her own bitch. A teenage boy on that path is a grown ass man… a grown ass man is merely a young adult…A teenage girl is sexually maturing for these men and boys…and a woman is always too old and never too young but always eligible. Yes, teenage boys are allowed (and sometimes encouraged) to watch porn…they are allowed (and sometimes encouraged) to look at dirty magazines… those women and men are NOT engaging in sexual misconduct with a minor because it is the teenager’s choice to look at them. And teenage girls do have access to all the porn and dirty magazines where women are the ones who are sexually exploited. These girls are sure learning the goodness in carrying the weight of the problem! And those boys are sure learning the appropriateness in sex in a whole different manner: it is the type of appropriateness where one is able to distinguish between fantasy and what is normal in terms of sex. Hence, it is so easy for a teenage boy to know the “teacher fantasy” but he is often oblivious to the issues revolving around the self-image of a woman which will only aid in dismantling the aspect of accountability. When our world is sexually misconducting itself at the cost of women, it appears to me that if I am standing in line in order to pay for my groceries, that it is more appropriate for an adult woman to pay a teenage boy’s bill instead of an adult man’s bill— he seems to be more of someone who is allowed to make her carry his weight than an adult man. As grown ass men are acting like children who hold women responsible for the problems that come from their sexual behaviors, one needs to understand that such conduct is more appropriate to come from a teenager.

As society has made sure that it implements a sexual system based on time-continuation where the girls of tomorrow are to start from the place where the adults of today are yet to finish—all while having men and boys be the factor that is steady and unchanging in terms of goals and aspirations—it is to be noted that women are given the official role of advancing sexual conduct despite the opposite being true. Hence, it always appears that it is due to women that sex is the way it is although it is due to men that sex is the way it is today. Due to this, it has been true that a teenage boy has always held the same level of sexuality that is to be practiced at a time that is designated by the woman. Back in the day, boys had to wait to put their sexuality into practice. Today, boys can either wait until they reach adulthood or they can put their sexuality into practice while engaging with a girl their age. Yet, that does not change the problem of falsely making women the designated drivers of men’s sexual conduct.  Hence, in our society, it is not the teenage boy who needs to be ready to put his sexuality into practice, but it is often the teenage girl/woman who needs to be ready to allow him to practice it on her. She is not the one waiting for him to mature—-but he is often the one who must wait for her to mature. This means that women have never really been in a position where we are highly sexualized all while having to wait for a man to be sexually mature. And neither have women been in a position where boys are allowed to practice their sexuality with girls their age all while having the sexuality of adult women be the same as the sexuality of a teenage girl. This toxic mix that puts a teenage girl in the same boat as an adult woman in terms of sexual-conduct-practiced is indeed removing the aspect of propriety when it comes to where women stand in relation to each other and in relation to men and boys. For who is more sexy: a teenage girl or an adult woman? The answer should be: an adult woman—although, today, many teenage girls are more sexually active than some adult women.

The aspect of pregnancies makes sex something that is more appropriate for an adult woman than it is for a teenage girl. The active sexual lifestyle of teenage boys is indeed inappropriate and it is indeed due to an engraved path made by the men in the past as it is carved  out of exploitation itself. Hence, it is to come at no surprise if one was to hear that an adult woman is  feeling as a victim  if she was to engage sexually with a teenage boy since the factors behind her conduct are composed of years and years of abusive ideologies and behaviors that are jam packed in every aspect of our world today. To force women to live by the vulnerabilities as a form of protection and to force women to live by the dismissal of herself as a form of recognition and to force women to live by the terms of later as a form of preparing for the day today, is to save years and years of sexual misconduct memorabilia into a safety deposit box that men have owned only for them to put the account in her name 2000 years later without her knowledge.  Hence, I say that the sexual misconduct of these women is merely an expression of the sexual misconduct that men have inflected on her….a sexual misconduct that men have tried to cover up by creating laws to assert certain behaviors as appropriate if they were to happen under certain conditions and above certain age in order to make women more leaning and more open into accepting them….a sexual misconduct that men have tried to sweep under the rug time and time again as they delay for years and years and years her full rights as a human being due to their own sexual gratification while being always ready and quick when it comes to having sex with women. So, I must ask: Why the delay, dear men? Why the delay? It is not like we are asking to have sex with a 14 year old boy now is it?!


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