Trigger Warning Johnny!

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I have never heard of trigger warnings until recently so I do not have a personal experience with them specially when it comes to school where professors sometimes issue “a warning” about content that may upset or cause anxiety to some students as to remind them of a past trauma.

Bad intent is a rudeness that does not yield to think. And bad intent that is dismissed is a rudeness that can be justified by a sense of arrogance in order for one to continue it without stopping no matter who it harms. And when one wants to talk about rape, for example, the contradiction of arrogance in academia does not meet so well with such topics being intellectualized. For, how smart is rape as a topic? And if it is that smart of a topic, then it must be okay to happen for us to learn about it in an intellectual manner. That is the nature of an insult: one talking about that which is foul in such manner as to legitimize it as an intellectual topic as it becomes a thing of a ridicule towards those who have actually experienced it. And at this point, talking about certain things has become that foul of a language.

It is similar to one who gets up in the morning in order to dress in his best clothes and then heads over to make a speech under which he tells us all about how to make one shit his pants without him wanting to use the bathroom in a fashion that is not acceptable but violating. Now let us call that a college course. Many human rights violations have reached that point in regards to speech vs action. Racism: do something about it. Education is not necessary for one to say, “this is wrong” anymore. When we get to a point where we turn people into a frog that we dissect in lab, that is going too far in relation to the issue.

The coolness of people who are younger has also reached a point that is created by the avoidance of the issues coming from the adults as to become a thing that does not allow for intellectualism since it has truly deprived people of themselves. MEANING: EVEN COOLNESS–WHICH IS A THING THAT IS OFTEN ASSOCIATED WITH ONE BEING NOT INTELLECTUAL BUT DUMB—IS SMARTER THAN EDUCATION ITSELF (I do not mean that as to agree with it…but I am just saying). Meaning: an average 10 year old is smarter and more useful for human rights than all professors combined due to the lack of “holding back” and “intellectualization” of stupidity that is violation itself. If I offend any young people, I can get away with it and oh well. Hence, we have been striving towards modern times as to be cool enough for its convenience yet we have conveniently allowed human rights violations to continue and truly I will tell you that one can only talk about abortions or rape or sexism or racism for so long before one feels like even talking itself is taking away from the issue.

Hence you have a seriousness added to a course work that is lead by a need to feel superior still. And bad intent is just that in relation to what is important as it puts importance into the delay more than it puts it into making things better where any delay is useful for those who can milk the bad intent out just a bit more. And there is bad intent in everything even in that which is good. Is there not? Yes, as you like sir because bad intent is in everything even in good things if you like.

Anxiety is caused by bad intent and the 12049832904823984 elements in it. It is a whole other world, I tell ya. It is either that world or that one. Two cannot remain in the same classroom together. One gots to get up and leave.  To use a trigger warning is indeed a bold move in part because it reminds me of  the movie The Shining and “here is Johnny!”

“Excuse me students but Johnny is about to enter the bathroom, would anyone like to leave and go to the bathroom for a break?”—This is the covenant g-d is making with students where he promises them not to be harmed as he is forcing teachers to protect them lest they all get a frog plague and they would no longer be able to enter their own classrooms…


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