What Happened To Hillary?

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As you may have heard way too many times even if you were only told once, Hillary Clinton has a new memoir coming on Tuesday where she bugs us yet again as she tells us about the details of the election that she ran but lost which should make us wonder how many years she would need to speak about her win if she had won. In the memoir, Hillary is convinced that the use of a personal email account and server to be her most important mistake in the same manner an NBA player sees that moment when he injured Kobe Bryant on the court, thereby forcing him to sit on the bench for the rest of the season, to be his most important mistake. And although you may think that I am picking on the mistake in word-usage done by Hillary, I am merely showing her the treatment that women deserve.

Hence, before reading the book and before bothering to find out what Hillary thinks about the election she ran, I shall tell you what happened to Hillary myself. Hillary ran a campaign where she was not only running for president, but she was running multiple elections that were created by the position that sexism has put her in.

First, Hillary ran a campaign against feminism itself all while being championed by it. When it comes to feminism, white women are not seen as victims. White women are seen, within feminism, as privileged and they are seen as wrong if they were to complain about having a tough life. Hence, when it came to the presidential race, it is no surprise that white women did the feminist thing as they headed over to the poll to vote for Trump. Meanwhile women of color who can see the difference between Hillary and Trump, thus being able to relate to Hillary more, went ahead and voted feministly for Hillary.

Second of all, when it comes to the issue surrounding the emails, Hillary ran a campaign race against privacy all while being seen as the one who is violating it. When it comes to sexism, however, we need to understand that often times women will run into privacy related issues. In that, the use of personal emails shows a lack of importance surrounding the issue of privacy which many women fall victims to as well. To be in a situation where a woman’s business is mixed in with everyone else’s business is indeed a goal of sexism against women which is similar to the right of people to gossip about a woman and the right of strangers to voice an opinion that is important enough to get a woman killed (similar to honor killing situations) and the right of men to harass women publicly. Add in the extra burden of being a public figure who is often harassed, called names, and put under public scrutiny to the fact the Hillary is a woman in a sexist world means that privacy is more likely to become an issue for Hillary than it is for most other people. While running an election against privacy, Hillary has long lost before the campaign has begun since she was forced into that election by sexism itself. Hence, when it comes to women running for any election, privacy is usually a problem campaign.

Third of all, Hillary ran a campaign against polls. When it came to the polls, it was easy for me to see that Hillary was going to lose the election as soon as the ratings came out right before the election—even though they showed that she was leading by a huge margin. Polls do not only show public opinion but they are statistics that have the ability to make an influence on the behavior of people. Hence, the huge margin in the polls that favored Hillary meant that many people did not feel the need to go out and vote as they felt that she is going to win anyways. In addition, many people who were not certain who to vote for, felt that they can afford voting for Trump since they felt that their vote counted more if they did so. In the election against polls, the uncertainty of voters coupled with the absolute certainty of the numbers in the polls created a big problem for Hillary.

Fourth of all, Hillary ran a campaign against change itself. When it came to change, both Hillary and Trump were strong contenders. On one hand, we had a woman who would be crossing the line by running to be a first woman president and on the other hand we had a man who is not afraid to cross the line in what he said and in the promises made. Coupled with the privacy election and the feminist election, it became a tight race. And unfortunately, sexism works in such manner that we are able to dismiss the “woman” thing from being important when it has a reward for a woman all while seeing it as “extremely important” when it is time to inflect harm on women. Hence, in relation to change, people became very nonsexist where they were able to say, “it does not matter if it is a man or a woman who is running” as that made it easier to see Trump as the winner in relation to the change election.

Fifth of all, Hillary ran a campaign against an Independent party. When it came to Bernie Sanders who ran as a democratic candidate, he became a problem for Hillary simply because he should have ran as an Independent. In losing the primary election, people who wanted Bernie to win switched over to Trump as being the primaries winner within the “Independent party”. Hence, Trump should have ran as an independent and Bernie should have ran as an independent. Hillary had to run TWO elections under which she won the first one against Bernie Sanders. Hillary was the President of the USA after winning that election against Bernie. But instead, that win was dismissed thereby giving the losing team a chance to defeat her through Trump. It is similar to an election where Ted Cruz runs as a democrat and Hillary winning that primary…she would be seen as winning more than the primary. When it comes to the election against the Independent Party, Hillary was forced to run a primary that should have been more of the final presidential election.

So yes, as Hillary have said, I am sure that she, “[is] done with being a candidate”. And in agreeing with Hillary’s email mistake as being the most important, I say that indeed the emails were the most important mistake in the eyes of sexist people who were able to say that being a woman is not important all while looking at the emails and finding them important enough not to vote for her.

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