What is wrong with Women’s Fashion?

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Men’s clothes serve their purpose as clothes since they are appropriate in relation to that which clothes are made for. Even in regards to clothes’ purpose  in terms of private areas, men’s clothes serve their purpose as clothes. Women’s clothes, on the other hand, do not serve their purpose as clothes so well since their appropriateness is measured by others in regards to her sexuality. Hence, women’s clothes  serve a sexual purpose and men’s clothes are appropriate as they serve their purpose as clothes. I do not want to get into the details of clothes and their purpose so much in this article. But I want you to imagine this scenario:

A man walks in a clothing store and he wants to buy an outfit. What makes an outfit a good outfit for him? We can say: 1. elegance: to be elegant is to be well put together as to have a clear uniform presentation. And what is this elegance in relation to? It is in relation to the man and the clothes he is wearing. 2. Right size. And what is the right size in relation to? It is in regards to the height and the weight of the man and the comfort they are related to. 3. Style. And what is the right style in relation to? It is in relation to event, activity, weather, comfort of the man.

Now let us imagine a woman walking into a clothing store and she wants to buy an outfit. What makes a good outfit for her? We can say: 1. Elegance. What is this elegance in relation to? It is in relation to how uniformly the outfit can extenuate her sexual areas and curves while keeping her covered. 2. Right size. What is the right size for a woman in relation to? It is in relation to how well it can show off her sexual areas and curves without being too small as to make her look fat and without being too large as to make her look like she does not have any female areas/curves—oh, and in relation to length: short is never  too short and long is always too long.   3. Style: and what is the right style in relation to? It is in relation to the sexual rules of the event she is planning to attend and how much “sexual expression” is allowed/forbidden. Style is also in relation to activity where anything that requires a lack of sexual expression resembles a uniform. In addition, style is NOT in relation to comfort when it comes to women…NO: in relation to women’s clothes, the style depends on how comfortable a woman is with her sexuality and sexual life-style.

By merely comparing elegance, style, and size of clothing between men and women, we can ask the question one more time: what is wrong with women’s fashion? And I will answer by saying: Women’s fashion is not a woman’s fashion but it is an attempt to fashion a woman sexually. It is a form of sexual expression and not purposeful to clothes. Women’s fashion is wrong since it is not correct in its purpose but it is opposite to that which it has the most purpose of protecting. Hence, women’s fashion is not for women but it is for men as a way to sexualize her in appearance as it bypasses through privacy-lines and displays this private in a form of a covering. Meaning that women’s clothes exaggerate that which they are meant to cover as it makes covering them pointless. Meanwhile for men, clothes are in clothing fashion as they do not attempt to fashion him sexually lest he was to stand next to a woman where his outfit makes a statement out of her fashion (fashion statement). He makes a fashion statement and she is the fashion of his statement.

Let me ask you a question: a man is trying on an outfit, how ugly can it make him? And how handsome can it make him? I say that clothes do not make a man look ugly but an outfit is ugly if it is the wrong size. In fact, what has changed throughout history in terms of fashion for men had something to do with “appropriate” size: baggy, slim, tight, straight-fit, etc.  A man can wear a baggy style shirt: it still has to be the “right size” in relation to that. And he can wear a slim collar shirt: it still has to be the “right size” in relation to that. Even if a man gets the wrong size, one is able to tell that the problem is the shirt/outfit and it does not make the man look ugly all of the sudden.
Let us ask that of women: a woman is trying on an outfit, how ugly can it make her? And how pretty can it make her? How ugly clothes can make a woman depends on how the clothes fit her shoulders, chest area, how tight it is around the stomach, how tight on her arms, how tight around her waist, how loose/fit on her thighs, how short it is in relation to how her legs look, how long it is in relation to her height and the proportion of her shoulder-to-waist vs her waist-to-feet, and oh also the color of the outfit: the wrong color shirt can somehow make our face look ugly all of the sudden… This is something I have thought before, “how did my face look fine in the black shirt but now the blue one is making my face look like I need to try a whole other make-up line?” And let us not forget: the wrong shoes can turn the woman from elegant to “what the hell is this?!” very easily.
As you see, clothes for women are too specific for our too diverse body types specially when the attempt is to extenuate her sexually. If anything, we are able to make one conclusion: women’s clothes have shown us the personal aspect of a woman’s sexuality as they serve evidence in her favor in relation to sexual rules and what constitutes a right and a wrong when it comes to sex. If it is difficult for two women to wear each others’ clothes, how can we “wear” each others’ rules? What is right for a woman sexually depends on each and every woman…and clothes serve as one evidence for that truth.
Men’s clothes do not divide him up into body parts. You get two divisions that overlap each other. Even in wearing tight clothes, you still get torso and legs. For women, clothes are very dividing and they can either “flatter” or “make an ugly” out of every body part—each part measured separately and each has a potential of making at least one flaw out of a woman. Men’s outfits may sometimes be flawed in size and women’s outfits have a huge possibility of making her look flawed.  The dictionary states the following : A product defect is any characteristic of a product which hinders its usability for the purpose for which it was designed and manufactured. Women’s fashion make the woman flawed and hence she becomes similar to a defective product: characterized as a product that hinders her usability for the purpose she was designed and manufactured (sexual appeal). This rarely applies to men and their clothing fashion.  He may have a factory defected shirt that is missing a button but we may wear a shirt that makes us look like we were born with one eye.

So I will ask again, “what is wrong with women’s fashion?”  But: What is correct with her fashion?–that is a better question; or at least, it should be a better question. Well, if you re-read those two question: “what is wrong with women’s fashion?” and “what is correct with her fashion?” you may notice that they are no longer speaking of the same thing. I talked about what is wrong with women’s fashion: It is not women’s fashion, it is fashioning of women. What is correct with a woman’s fashion? This article is written in a woman’s fashion and not in a man’s fashion (man’s fashion would be speaking about how hot the woman in the picture above is). So what is correct with a woman’s fashion? It appears that men have declared our fashion (our ways) to be wrong as they preceded to subject us to the fashion under which they do things. What is correct with man’s fashion? His fashion and his ways are not the best as we have seen them in action throughout human history. What is correct with woman’s fashion? Please tell me! Do you not find one thing correct with her fashion and her ways?! You, men, have trashed her fashion/ways and then called her trashy. You have mocked the fashion under which she does things and then called her insecure. And so what is wrong with women’s fashion now that “fashion” has stopped regarding her ways and became all about that which is sexually appealing to you? Do you like her in this fashion or in that fashion? Do you want her to be this way or that way?  How about this way? or that way? What is the pose that pleases you, dear men? We are no longer living in accordance to women’s fashion but we are living in accordance to the pose that is asserting itself to be the immovable force that is meeting an unstoppable sexual fashioning of a woman who is free to move in her spot as much as she likes without taking one footstep in either directions. I understand what men have seen as wrong in women’s fashion: women POSE a threat to men in terms of their ways and the fashion under which they carry things. Women pose and men can tell us and order us in what fashion he would like us to pose. Men have imposed/still impose and women have not moved much since. Are we to be treated in this fashion forever? Today’s man is an old fashion man nevertheless when it comes to women and the clothes they wear. It is as if the old fashioned ways have allowed women out of their homes but now we must wear their sexism in the form of clothes on our backs…and every year, we are able/given permission to carry less and less clothes as we become more and more sexually revealing. And we are doing it in a man’s fashion: a fashion and a manner under which we express the problems that he has imposed on us.  Who gets treated in this fashion, sir? Oh…everyone gets “treated” in this fashion and that is the point! I see… women dress in men’s fashion even if they are wearing a short tight dress!

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