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Saudi Arabia has finally and “officially” lifted the ban on women driving. Toss and turn… toss and turn… toss and turn…. it needs to marinate a little bit longer… toss and turn….toss and turn… multiply by 100000000000 and that is how long it takes for a man’s mind to contemplate an idea in regards to women and their rights before it finally gets a chance to happen under which happiness is expected and life is rise and shine. Those rights we are fighting for are basic human rights. We are not getting more than what we came into this earth able to do.

Removing a bit of restriction in relation to allowing a woman to drive. Whopty.. whopty…. ALLOW her please… please allow as if the lord has not allowed you to slap her across the face where if men have been allowed to do that, then I am so certain that she is allowed to get in a car and drive it. Allow it: allow the air to enter her lung and for her to be in peace when she exhales it. ALLOW: Yes, they are ALLOWING (because the right to corner the bitch and have your way is the default that one does not have a shame to not allow) THE WOMAN TO HAVE HER FOOT STEP ON A GAS PEDAL. Even a dog is not so forbidden as women have been forbidden in this world we live in. So, yea, allowing the woman to drive is progress. Whether you like it or not, it is progress. Progress? For whom? Who had to progress during the time when she was not allowed to drive? Who progressed more than her during that time however? Riding the camel’s back might make a person reach a great height, but the distance between the woman and the man will remain bumper to bumper no matter how fast she drives.

May the world do justice by women because there is a sense of wrong that hits my head like a brick wall whenever men act in such manner that says, “I guess we can let women drive at this point…why not?” And I want to take my foot and shove it multiple times in the arrogance that belongs to asses themselves. Why? Is she your little thing you check off when you finish point one and two and three and then you get to “okay, I just took a dump and my stomach is not bloated…I guess we can let her drive!” What are we, garbage?!  COME YOU WOMEN… HOP AND HOP QUICKLY INTO THE VEHICLE…THE REFEREE HAS LET GO OF YOUR FOUL PLAY ND IS ALLOWING YOU A FREE KICK…. GET IN THE VEHICLE AS YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DRIVE… women  say, “Woof woof… we are running towards the car!!!” Am not saying that women are dogs…what I am saying is that banning us from doing for this long is a thing that one does to animals and it is still a crime that does not get erased when the woman is allowed to put the key in the ignition.


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