Women: Pissed (on)

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W’e’e’e’e’e’e —-I am making a horse sound because psychologytoday.com needs to know that a horse is not a swing …hence: wait for the horse to stop running before you jump off of it, psychologytoday. That is all I am saying to psychologytoday.com and Mr. Nigel Barber Ph.D. who has published an article entitled, Why Looks Still Matter as Women Gain Power and I assure you that “balls” is not the answer that psychologytoday is giving its readers despite the fact that “from the looks of it” you would think otherwise. You know: balls is what it takes to say “as women gain power” because it is as if one is pissing on us and he is saying, “as I finish pissing on these women, do looks still matter?” and “as I get to the last few drops of urine spraying down on these women, why does it matter that these women look okay?” Well, if it mattered, you would not have pissed on us, Mr. Man. Apparently looks do not matter that much since we are still trying to gain power in order that we may have enough stamina to get up and dry your piss with a baby wipe. I mean we are kinda not all that great looking in relation to how we should be—men’s urine is not a great look on us. I am saying that we can look much better. There is always room for improvement if you just chop my entire nose off, Dr. Cosmetologist,  and make it tiny since the urine has penetrated my skin way too deep for me to even want it. You can keep my nose..just leave like the tip of it for me. That would be enough nose to not compromise looks for stench.

In the article Barber points to us a few problems that exist within the feminist theory of “girls gone wild”. The first issue that Barber points out is, ” that women’s own ideals for their appearance are often more exaggerated, and unrealistic than masculine ideals are. For instance, women typically want to be thinner than men wish them to be. They are generally more dissatisfied with their appearance than men are.” Not only am I sticking to my urine-theory in regards to such observation made by Barber, but I will also say that men are very unrealistic in relation to their physical appearance as a thing that makes them the almighty in relation to women. I mean having a penis is more than a pretty face, it is a lifestyle.

The second issue that Barber tells us about is,  “the fact that the pressure women feel to reach unrealistic standards of beauty are often exerted by other females. An example of this would be female high school students teasing their acquaintances who are overweight.” Yes, a high school student is one who needs to share a public bathroom which, as you can imagine, will make her less likely to be able to express her emotions in a manner that is composed.  I mean, I agree that if a high school student was to tell another girl that, “you smell the worst out of all girls here!” is really a hypocritical thing to say, but how can we stop her from being so mean while continuing to entertain “being urinated on” as a gesture that is acceptable? That is a tough thing to do.. I shall spend a lot of my time trying to find the answer and I will get back to you if I ever find it.

The third issue that Barber informs us of in relation to why feminist theory is crap, is that “as women attain greater economic power, their concern over physical appearance seems to increase, rather than decrease. Hence their increasing spending on clothes, cosmetics, beauty treatments, cosmetic surgery, and so forth. This suggests that much of the interest in improving appearance is discretionary, rather than the result of unfair treatment by men.”  Sometimes the brain of a person is stuck on certain smells to a point where any breeze can make her relive the entire experience again. For example: You can puke and then feel like you smell as if you have puked—and that is fine if you are just at your home…but if you gotta go out to work, then you better pick up a perfume bottle and go insane if you feel like you can smell the puke anywhere near your vicinity. That is all, Mr. Barber. If we have a retraumatizing smell where we hallucinate the smell of the urine that I have spoken of earlier, then that may be kinda fine if we were in our pajamas. But you are not going into Trump Tower smelling like urine even if you are merely hallucinating the smell and even if all the men in there have had their fair share  of experiences when it comes to pissing on women.

I have a great idea when it comes to women and their looks, however: I think we should blame the media for pissing on us through our TV sets… that way we might get a refund on the TV we bought if we do a civil action law suit later on in the future.  That would be a promising thing to do.

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