Just Forgive!

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When it comes to forgiveness, let us speak about those who have forgiven themselves by the “harmful” acts they have done. Men have declared women as inferior: this is very forgiving of themselves, of course, since they are labeling what is wrong as right thereby skipping over the whole “forgive me” ordeal. In that, wrong doings, where declarations of people as inferiors have been made and ENFORCED, are not within the rounds of forgiveness to heal as those who have harmed are ones who have given themselves a more forgiving life while doing the harm itself.

47Therefore I tell you, because her many sins have been forgiven, she has loved much. But he who has been forgiven little loves little.” –Luke 7:47. And so those who are hateful in their ways (we hate women, for example) are only forgiven a little as they love the little that is of inferiority (belittlement of people as inferior is loved by them). In that same regards, she who has not acted out of hatred is one who is forgiven much because she has done those acts under the name of “love” such as when men say, “stay home…this means that you love me!”—men are saying: I am superior to you… and that woman says: “I love him and he loves me; therefore”… Both are wrong…where the woman’s wrong is in “he loves me” despite her truly “loving him”….one is not forgiven and one is…

Where we stand today in this world, however, is a place that is ugly in relation to forgiveness. Because a woman is criticized for every move she makes as if she has not done enough to “get it right” with the people in this world. Yet, for men, we have sexual harassment lawsuits across the country… and that is something that merely speaks about the lack of forgiveness these men have towards women. These cases say that, “men are still coming after women in a manner that is not so forgiving”.

Rudeness is an extra attribute that is a must for one to commit a murder. The difference between a murderer and others is that a murderer is rude enough to feel a sense of entitlement over another person’s life as to say, “why not?! Why should I keep this person alive?!” And there is a rudeness when men ask for forgiveness which is due to the fact that they have harmed us in a fashion that is vicious enough to make asking for it something that is rude to do. MEANING: if two people were arguing and fighting, we say, “forgive because both of you are involved in this mess!”—so both forgive because both benefit in a fashion that is respected to “principle” itself. If two groups of people were fighting and both went into a battle, we say, “forgive because both of you are involved in this mess!” But if one group has its way with another group as to not allow them the chance to throw a punch back, then forgiveness is another way of saying, “sit the hell down” to the one who has not thrown a punch as if one is asserting it as right for that to have happened. “WOMEN: FORGIVE THOSE MEN!!!”–if a man is punching us in the face right this moment and if there is a woman who was about to get up to throw a punch back when you have interrupted her with the gesture that says, “WOMEN: FORGIVE THOSE MEN!!!” then what is it that you have required of that woman to do?

It is rude to say, “we are entitled to forgiveness” because what else are men not entitled to when it comes to women? I mean we have before hands given them everything.. I mean, what else do men need? Are they looking for “an admission statement saying that we drop the case?”… An admission statement: which should have been more of evidence being collected in order for us to press charges?! Instead of allowing group A to say: “here are the things that group B has done and that group needs to pay for holding us down”.. men want group A to say:” Here is the evidence for why it would be fair as hell for group B to have to pay for holding us down, but “I forgive you” is enough for them and so let us just give them some more in the form of “I forgive you” in order that all is well”.. despite the fact that this “I forgive you” that men want to be enough is a thing that can also be used as evidence to show that men have always required more without them willing to put anything in except the right to do as they please where if they are pleased in forgiveness, it is due to them commanding it that they are accepting it and not due to the goodness in it…but you know what? Forget it!!!

“We forgive you” is all the world needs to “heal”, dear men!

What are we? Your fools? What are we? The tow truck that is willing to dispose of our own rights in order that you may “heal” us through a feeling that dismisses them? We are not ones who need to prove that we are willing to forgive…it is men who need to prove it through an action that lacks any abuse towards us! Because what are we????? Are we ones who look at the evidence presented as it clearly says, “THESE MEN OWE YOU: 1. FULL HUMAN RIGHTS TO BE GIVEN BACK TO ALL WOMEN AT ONCE…. 2. REMOVAL OF ALL SEXUALLY EXPLOITIVE BUSINESSES AND COMPENSATION FOR ALL WOMEN WHO WORK IN THEM UNTIL THEY ARE ABLE TO FIND INTEREST PAST THE INTEREST THAT MEN HAVE ABUSED THEM INTO FORMING (aka women should be free from any sexual compensation as to be given compensation without the sexual part)… 3….4….5…6….7…8….etc etc”—————INSTEAD:  Come here women: let us tow this crap out of the lot and just settle for “I forgive you baby!”

WHAT ARE WE? YOUR FOOLS?! Let us be foolish but not onto the generations to come…

To forgive people is an act that is still subjected to the laws of “principled judgment” and the laws of “creational decency” and the laws of equality in relation to suitability in involvement. For the laws of “creational decency”, for example, say that g-d is a decent person who is allowed to stand in pride in relation to what people have received—where we should not forgive you only for us to put HIM on the stand instead for the past suffered as we tell each other: “if there is a g-d, then why did he allow this man to enslave that man?” ….where, then, that man turns around and tells the other one, “I forgive you, man!” as to leave g-d the only one indecent amongst us! For breaking those laws say that such issues are a crime and not a forgivable act as it would be another crime for one to forgive those crimes given that they may have the “agenda” of bestowing upon g-d himself a sense of shame. Meaning: how do I know that you are not forgiving men in order for you to look at g-d himself as one who is always “owing you” something? How do I know that you are not forgiving men because you want to attack the idea of “principle” itself as forgiveness is always a thing that can be applied as greater than all principles?! Those two things alone are a crime that prevent us from forgiving men. The laws of what is right and correct say that right and correct have been thrown out of the window as to be replaced by other rules that men wanted to live by. If we forgive men, are we saying, “we accept your definition of what is correct —-and what do you know?! a slap in the face CAN be the same as a hug?” I say that such possibility is enough of a deterrence. We are not magicians who are able to turn our pain into happiness by saying, “Abracadabra: I forgive you!” We are not tricksters who are able to make love out of an act that has left us deprived for the sake of the people who have deprived us as that SHOULD BE just as incorrect for me as it is for him! Or is justice not good enough for men still? If a man took 1000 dollars from a woman, it is in HIS BEST INTEREST ALSO to return it where if that is not the case, then what is the nature of his interest?! If women were to say, “you have harmed us” then forgiveness is justice bestowed no matter what it may be… a justice bestowed in kindness and not in an attempt to exploit into revenge…. a justice and not just a few words line we utter. IS JUSTICE NOT FORGIVING ENOUGH FOR YOU MEN? AND IF NOT, THEN AM AFRAID THAT WE WOMEN ARE NOT ABLE TO DO MORE THAN JUSTICE IS ABLE TO WITHOUT US BEING UNJUST!!!!

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