Rape and Religion and Pregnancies:

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 Men have rubbed such statements as, “men can get you pregnant…and this means that god wanted us to rule over your body!” in women’s faces for years and years all while ignoring a past of injustice against her–an injustice where these types of statements have been used to continue their use. To a homeless man, we give humbly. And between people who are well off, we tend to try to boast as to appear better.  If we are the homeless man, dear men, then why are you not being a little more sensitive and humble? I mean: “have some mercy…we have nothing and we are nothing” right? Or so you say. In order that I am not the hypocrite who asked you to be humble while appearing to be arrogant where you may say, “why are YOU not being humble then? And what does that say about you?” then I say that your arrogance is arrogance and my answer is a reply that will put it in its place. That was my “first of all” to you.

Second of all,  in the bible it says, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children.” right? Pain of child birth is associated with a sense of attachment that says that the woman has more rights to be attached to her children than a man does. In addition, it is not Disneyland…it is not a whatever…it is not an everyday event…It involves another person which necessarily means that one has to increase the seriousness of it. It is similar to driving your car alone and driving it with 4 children in the backseat–the seriousness of driving is increased in driving with children. Except in relation to a woman, men have seen 4 children in the backseat and they pushed the peddle to the metal and drove 120 mph as to make it appear that she is to be taken less seriously. Furthermore, let me ask you a question since you too have (had) a mother: Did your mother’s pain and troubles, trouble you and give you pain? The pains and the condition of a mother’s life is felt by her children. It is not due to pain of child birth being the reason why the children feel mommy’s pains—but it is in her defense in case one was to say, “So what if the mother is not well? my sons and daughters should not be affected by it—hence, she is the bad mother!!” The pain in childbirth says that there is a natural connection between her giving them birth and their lives in terms of the pain she feels. Meaning that if in giving you life, I felt pain: then my pain is connected to your existence and your life—and this is true even if you give a woman an Epidural shot since it is about the principle where one cannot say that pain of mother should not be connected to her children where if she is always crying, they should be happy (and they truly will not be happy). SO SHE IS NOT THE BAD MOTHER IF HER CHILDREN ARE AFFECTED BY HER TROUBLES (as men may accuse her of being) AND THEY WILL BE AFFECTED BY HER TROUBLES.

Or is the pain of labor merely a punishment?

Well, let me ask you something, men, in regards to pain:  Do you ever fall or injure yourself? What was that punishment for? Did you punish yourselves? Did you fall off of the ladder as a punishment for being a man who is not able to get down from it correctly? Was the  pain just as punishing as the winds from Hurricane Matthiew? I mean, listen: I have dealt with pain and if a man merely gets a paper cut, he will call it a punishment from hell. So tell me: If I was to feel pain, would I rather feel it in bringing forth life or getting tackled down a field for a ball to bring forth a touchdown? Which pain is more punishing? And why is your pain rewarded with a back rub and a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem for “getting in there and trying your best!” and ours is rewarded with an “Inferiority With Honors” degree? Why is a woman’s pain used as evidence of a punishment while your pain as you land after catching a touchdown pass is used as evidence of a huge accomplishment? Pain: am I being a pain in the behinds (pain in the past) towards you? And what is god punishing you for in me doing that to you? We need to wonder.

Although you may say that, “at least to men, pain is pain…it is not rewarding as it is for women if you claim it to be good…and it should not be rewarding!” then I say that YOU are a pain and hence, the rest of your statement needs to be wrong or you are wrong to exist and a bad person to be alive. You either should die or retract that statement: and if logic gets us to that conclusion, then you are wrong in relation to that statement.  A reword is a reward for you here.

Not done yet, of course:

Religion also says, “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you”. If I was to say that, “Your desire will NOT even have to be for your husband, and he will rule over you” would this not promote the raping of a woman since it would be saying that her desire is not necessary? Hence, isn’t “desire will be for your husband” saying that a woman needs to desire her husband? Of course…Duh, right? So this verse is an anti-rape verse.  And therefore, it does not say that ruling over her is in relation to her desires being dismissed now does it? No it does not. Did Hitler/Saddam rule over Jewish/Iraqi people in a manner they desired? No, duh! So god does not want you to be a Hitler/Saddam to a woman, right? Okay… And so if a woman’s desires are important, then what does “rule over you” mean? It means: to look over and judge over her desires as to make sure they are not going to harm her and to make a way for them to happen (NO SHE IS NOT THE LORD THAT YOU NEED TO MAKE A WAY FOR, EITHER). Correct? Because if a President hears that people are desiring a more secure country, then he may stand up and say, “let us build a wall” and if he was a good president/ruler, then he will make sure that he does this in a manner that does not harm others or the people here. Correct? Okay. Or do we collect Mexicans and kill them in a massacre ground? Would this not be harm to us in relation to our desire (since harming others will necessarily harm us)?Although as I am writing this, I just remembered that Mexico is a massacre ground—I need to think about that wall.  Anyways, so the “rule over” is in relation to help lead in what a woman needs and it is not in relation to HIM ignoring her desires and making her do as he likes. No ruler can stay a ruler if he merely does what he likes without considering people and their desires. THAT VERSE SAYS: A WOMAN’S DESIRES ARE IMPORTANT AND A MAN IS TO RULE OVER HER IN RELATION TO HER DESIRES BEING RESPECTED.

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