Before I get to Rap music, I want to speak about privacy.

Privacy is an essential part of liberty. Liberty says that we have to consider and regard people–and within that consideration, they are entitled to privacy. Privacy is of such nature that it is personal. The level of privacy determines the type of relationships that exist. Friendships have different rules of privacy than classmates than family than husband than wife. When privacy is violated by one person in that relationship, it violates the entire essence of that relationship with everyone. For example: if a friend violated your privacy, “friendships” are no longer the same with anyone else. Yet, no relationship is entitled to know everything about a person. That is “the person” him/herself. If one violates the privacy of another person where s/he knows everything about another person, it an attack on the concept of the SELF for all people on this earth. This has happened in the Holocaust, for example. SO: When privacy is violated by one, it is violated by all people because the violator is not the reason why it is private. In other words: I am able to walk… And if you break my leg, I cannot use it with anyone else either—because IT WAS MY LEG…and IT DID NOT COME FOR YOU.

When we raise our children (and I say OUR children because at any point, they are under OUR mercy), they need to be taught the value of privacy so that they respect it for others and they do not allow others to invade it. The parents are not the violators of their children’s privacy but they are the ones who shelter it and protect it. To shelter it and protect it cannot be associated with the right to violate it. YOU ARE NOT RAISING THEM FOR YOU: YOU ARE RAISING THEM TO BE ON THEIR OWN ONE DAY! This value is going to be applied to others and if it is taught incorrectly, then they become abusers or targets of abuse. What rap music wants is for parents to continue to violate the privacy of their children where they are always under their watch. But that is a dismissal of the job that parents have: to teach their children independence and the values that come with it. Part of being independent is to stand up against anything that threatens that independence–hence, rap music is now part of that threat through how it hurts the privacy that needs to be taught correctly. That is the lesson to teach children—since the avoidance of a problem by blocking it out is a lesson in hysteria. Is the lesson: “if something is bad, block it out as if it does not exist” a good lesson? What a horrible life-threatening message that is in and of itself. That message is worse than rap music. This is not an acceptable solution to implement on minors who are learning right from wrong so that they take these values and LIVE by them. They will not live long by that message. If there is something we have learnt in history, it is this: the longer you dismiss a problem, the bigger it gets. The longer you play the avoidance game, the longer it will take to resolve the issue once you start to tackle it—OR it will tackle you.

The rap industry wants parents to be more responsible for their children. But that is not what they are asking you. They are asking for parents to take responsibility for them due to the fact that they have children.The weight of the artist’s responsibility is placed as a punishment on parents. They want parents to be responsible on the behalf of their lack of caring towards children. And children are not a personal property either: what benefits one child will benefit all children and the future of a society. It is a societal responsibility. Teach your children to be racist, and the entire society is affected by it. Hence, it is your obligation to care about children since it is a thing that will affect everyone. And this should be a lesson in why we MUST care about black children too. They will affect all of us. Their condition comes to us. When I say that you do not have to have a child to care, I mean it as in this example: you can be a nudest; But if there are children, you cannot walk nude whether they are your children or not. AND REMEMBER THIS: The United States of America is not an 18+ only-adults-may-enter zone. No place in the world is. And that is proven by the age by which people are born and enter into this world. You cannot ignore that. CHILDREN ARE GIVEN A NEW LIFE—AND THEY ARE NOT GIVEN YOUR PROBLEM (not while you are alive, at least). Here is the deal: black people are dealing with problems. But the solution is not for it to be expressed in a manner where children carry the weight of that expression. For you to get things off of your chest into their minds and ears; that is not a fix.

In placing the responsibility on parents, one must ask: ” and who told you that banning this music is not the responsible thing to do?” Who defines what is the responsible thing to do? What rap defines as responsible; and what they want parents to say is the following: “move kid…the man here wants to have fun”… “move kid…he wants to dance”…. “move kid…he feels like being silly”…and “I will ground you, kid… if you look at this..because this man is having a good time”. CHILDREN: they are the ones who are entitled to fun, dancing, silliness, and having a good time…NOT HIM AT THEIR COST! The child is the one who will click on every link: he should not find your penis when he does. Or should we protect kids from adult content—yet place them under adult context where they are to be responsible and the man is not? Where they have to be composed while the man is free to be silly. Where they must be subjected to behave as the part of the adult that the real adult abandoned—so that he can be as silly as he likes? We cannot remove children from this adult content without subjecting them to the terms of behaving as adults do. It Is not possible. WHAT RAP MUSIC WANTS TO HAPPEN: IT IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Here is another thing: In raising a child, you start off with having to watch them all the time. When the kid becomes 10 years old, YOU DON’T GO BACK TO TODDLER STAGE FOR RAP MUSIC. You mean to tell me that you have to put a baby-monitor all over again? What are we raising? CRAZY PEOPLE?! A person who is 10 years old (affected by this music) should not return to being treated as a toddler. WHAT AN INSANE WORLD ARE WE CREATING? Am afraid of people! You gonna put a monitor on a 12 year old? Did you get him a crib too so that he does not fall off of the bed? Not like a house type of crib…but a bed type of crib. And here is what happens: the reaction of your kids to this monitoring is what we want to avoid in regards to rap music: an assertion that they are older than how they are treated–and since being 12 is not enough to send that message, he will act as if he is 18; maybe then it will sink in! Can we, for once, not raise a group of people who are twisted– where right does not yield the way for the wrong? Where a person does not have the right to not care and to not give a shit?

When the defense statement is, “watch out for your children from me”, then that is not a defense statement but a confession that this is wrong. No one should watch out for their kids from other people. When we do, it is because they are wrong and they are a problem. Dr. Dre should not control your life and give you the “right” to Snoop on your kids (get it? Snoop?)—If that happens, then there would be a Biggie-Smalls situation where we are placing big things on smaller people to carry the weight of it because something that is a BIG deal is seen as SMALL— in which one has to be shot down (children from being children).

Here is another thing: If children and kids are controlled due to this music, then the resentment they have for being controlled is retaliated against by wanting to listen to it. THE THING THAT IS SAID IN THAT RETALIATION IS NOT SILLY REBELLION–NO! IT SAYS: NOTHING IS ENOUGH TO JUSTIFY CONTROLLING ME. So the kids feel insulted by THE PARENTS. AND HERE COMES ANOTHER FAMILY DRAMA. FOR WHAT? This creates hatred and resentment between parents and children and it is NOT necessary. At the end of the day, there were two people sitting down next to each other: Dr. Dre and your son. And you told your son to go to his room so Dr. Dre can do as he likes. And your son will take it in as that insult and he will listen to it as if it is above him and he has to live up to it! Why else did Dr. Dre have his way? And who is he to rule over your lives? Same with saying to your daughter, “stay home…bad boys are out there!”… WHO ARE THEY TO BE ABOVE HER? THEY SHOULD STAY HOME! YOU SHOULD GET IN THE CAR AND MAKE SURE THEY GO HOME SO SHE CAN GO OUT BECAUSE SHE IS NOT STARTING PROBLEMS. Instead she sees them as better than herself. Because they were given the way while she was not allowed to go. WHO ARE THEY TO RULE OVER HER AND YOU? Two people sat on THAT couch: the trouble making boy and her. And you told her to go to her room so he can do as he pleases even if it is going to make her cry.