Equality: Time and Time Again!

A violation of women’s rights to equality defines a violation to be the following:

A violation is that which otherwise would be equality itself given that a “violation” is what it means for a woman to feel equality become invalidated as a principle. In that, a violation of women’s rights to equality is the invalidation of equality as a principle. And the violation of women’s rights to equality is an invalidation of equality as a principle in time. In that, today we can say that, when it comes to men, equality is an invali-dated principle given that the value of equality is measured to be numerous in relation to the losses that were suffered due to men violating it against us…as it is measured to be minute and exhaustive in relation to the gains made in it not being violated. Hence, we can say that an “invalidation” in relation to our rights is a point where the justice of that right has been suspended due to it being used more so to violate and harm others than it has been used for its intended good. Therefore, equality is an invalidated principle when it comes to men and it is a principle that justice has “suspended” when it comes to men and their right to justly reinstate it. This means that men cannot assert time to be the thing invalid as they are hoping will happen in relation to the past. Instead, this means that time measures validity/invalidity of forgiveness in relation to one group harming another based on the aspect of “respect” towards a principle.

Equality has been disrespected as a principle since Adam and Eve. And men have taken their time in abusing women. What does it mean for one to take his time in abusing others? It is a thing of torment and torture whether people have felt it to be so or not. One usually takes his time in doing “personal” things and one is NEVER EVER allowed to take his time with other people’s lives. In fact, taking one’s time with other people’s lives is one of the biggest elements of any abuse on this earth.

In relation to time, therefore, we can say that a mistake is defined as the following:

A mistake is an accidental harm done onto another person that has left their time up to them while one was unaware of the harm under which the mistake was attended to upon the realization of it—Where if one has made a small mistake with another, such mistake may never be mentioned…and where if one has made a bigger mistake with another, it was made known sooner…and where if the mistake is a product of abuses, we can no longer say that it was a mistake as it is intentional in relation to the abuse.

And in relation to time, we can say that abuse is defined as the following:

Abuse is the intentional harm done onto another person/group of people that has restricted them from using their time freely as to create a chain of mistakes and a chain of problems and a chain of secondary abuses and harms that begin to define the terms of life. As such, abuse in relation to time is a form of deprivation of life. And as time is a multiplication in relation to people where two people get 24 hours a day each, abuse makes it so that two people are sharing 24 hours instead. In that, the abuse of time is often a thing that neglects the importance of that element in relation to the nature of fairness that depends heavily on it. For if a playground exists and only 20 children can play in it at a time, time itself becomes the thing under which fairness is implemented in relation to 40 children. In fact, our daily lives depend on time itself to allow for us to all shop at the same stores, for example, without these stores being filled with a 1000 people at a time lest life itself becomes impossible. When possibility of life depends on respecting the element of time, we truly need to be careful in evaluating that aspect as men are asking us to over look the past.

When it comes to a principle remaining valid, time should not have been allowed to be used to invalidate the existence of people in it as for one to continue to assert any principle to remain valid in their regards given that one would have asserted himself as the bigger principle when people themselves are not a principle at all in that fashion. In that, time violations become a weapon that enforces dependency and a weapon that enforces death itself. Equality, indeed, begins with time itself giving 10000 people 24 hours a day each. As men have spent at least 1000 years putting women on hold, can anyone assert to us that equality is still a valid principle to implement? And can anyone claim that equality will find itself to be a respected principle if we were to implement it after 1000 years of it being violated continuously?

Equality does not begin whenever men call “time!”… In fact that is a violation of equality in and of itself. As American and Western women have received a negligible form of equality that is meant to be used to mislead other women into becoming sexually objectified as well, we can say that no woman on this earth is experiencing equality and no woman on this earth has ever experienced equality as for us to all stand as one in saying that we are not willing to EVER accept an equality proposal from men as we are standing as one in saying that equality has been violated by men so much so that its terms has been “suspended” by justice in their regards.

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