Freedom of Speech In An Abusive Climate: Self Fulfilling Prophecies!

Freedom of speech is a given. And such freedom has become a thing to fight for due to sexism as men have treated women in such manner as to pin us down with their hands over our mouths for a few centuries. As men are releasing their hands and as our lips are finally being allowed to speak freely more than we are screaming for help, freedom of speech has become a vague right that needs to be clarified in regards to the balance between it and hate speech given that many men are still cursing at us and many women are still screaming. So what is freedom of speech in relation to acts that should have been left to be committed by wild beasts? And what is freedom of speech if people are still trying to pull a few stunts here and there as we still fear ourselves to become persecuted in a massive fashion? I mean, are we even allowed to have the right to speak under such conditions? And as sex has given women much freedom to speak via the “oh yes baby” that men love to hear, it appears that our freedom of speech is a thing that is either an expression of our attempt to be in love with men or an expression of a heated argument surrounding a relationship that should not have yet begun. In between politics and religion and 20minutes-family affairs and 2hours-tv-catch-ups, freedom of speech has thankfully and not so honorably gained a bit of seriousness given that people want to not be ones who infringe on other people’s peace (yea right!) and given that people want to be in the right when they call out a foul play of a word that threatens their precious otherwise “secure future”.

What is freedom of speech but having always had the freedom to speak as it is a natural thing for a person to do? And what is freedom of speech if it is politically climatized by a chain of laws that are already comfortable in oppressing others? For there is no freedom of speech if there are oppressed people as we should be expecting people to express the hatred they have towards such oppression in such case…and given that oppressions are hate-speech if one was to give them words. To silence the tongues of people says that there is an agreement in relation to it already if merely by the climate that people turned a blind eye to—and such silencing is not a thing without a loss of dignity. To silence the tongues of people is a thing of “a virginity taken away” as doing it once is a thing that acts as if one can never speak again thereafter—and such relationship is proportional to the damage that is done by oppression as it is a thing that is not easily healed nor willingly/unwillingly forgotten.

Freedom of speech is a butterfly on the lips of a woman—if one was to see it from a man’s perspective— as it is a tickle of a dismissal best replaced by a giggle that is ditsy for the comfort of his expectations as to not allow for his head to be bothered by guilt nor his eyes to be irritated by the sight of someone else’s tears. A butterfly on a woman’s lips that shuts them up for good, that is. For in relation to oppressing women for this long, the truth be told, “what else is there to say?” thereafter as one has said for more than one can account for. And to be participants in the healing process that involves us trying to be in a closer relationship as an effort that imposes upon us—imposes if merely by the fact that most of our emotions can be tied to times when we were imposed upon—to spread out our feeling on the table before us as to shuffle through them for the right words that hurt no feelings despite ours being hurt and words that offend no one despite us being offended as hell and words that connect two and three and four heads of people when we are not even yet allowed to be one with ourselves—-all in order to sustain a romantic of a relationship upon which our allowance is based on the love we have for a man as it becomes the discounted price men are willing to allows us to pay ourselves… given that women surely had to have a lot more love than that for men if one was to calculate based on allowance during a time under which we were not allowed to do shit. Freedom of speech is not a “here you go…just got paid and here is some money for you to go get groceries for this month” that one hands his wife as it is not a thing that men should have ever crossed the line to restrict and be put in charge of handing over.

Freedom of speech is protected by either our humanity or by inferiority itself that keeps itself as us. For inferiority to protect our freedom of speech: that is a road the ends with us feeling so inferior that we do not have anything to say that matters even to our own selves. So who would rather complain about a hardship than be in a place where they are not suffering at all? And who would rather live by the dictionary of abuse that defines them as the word “confused” than live by the meaning in life’s purpose that bestows upon them an awareness enabling them to define their own selves as worthy of making a personal sense of it? For if one was to spend their days speaking about the abuses suffered, is that not abusive of us to subject one to? Life is not a hospital and we are not patients who need to constantly recall our symptoms to the night nurse so that she may give us the right dose of medication. Our ability to speak comes with our ability to fulfill our own needs although today our ability to speak is leaving us on the corner asking for change in humiliation. The dignity in speaking cannot leave us perplexed more often than not as to how we are to express ourselves in the contradictions of abuse. “Let us talk about your feelings” should not be an invasive procedure requiring two Xanax bars to ease the anxiety of us not having mattered yet. But anxiety is nothing but feelings invaded where healing itself becomes a form of subjection and imposition as the solution has reached a place equal to the problem. And this problem of a woman has finally reached a place where she is allowed to express what her feelings may mean in relation to an imagination greater than the abuse she has suffered in order for her to be able to own those feelings as her own. So as we employ this imagination of ours in speaking about feelings that should have been better in a manner that interprets them as above how they really make us feel, are men finally suggesting that we have the freedom to speak while we are standing at the end of the road of their own choosing?

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