Illegal Immigration: The Basics

Illegal Immigration

This is the first part of my Immigration Series in which I will be speaking about Illegal Immigration.

When it comes to DACA and the Dreamers: I understand how horrible it would feel if one was to be deported from a place they have been living in their entire lives…I imagine it not to be so great of a thing. We have humanity that is only able to stretch itself so far in terms of helping others since humanity itself assumes that all humans are doing that more than they are harming each other. Humanity cannot be a burden onto others which is something that happens when we have oppression and when we have human rights violations. We have many values and many ways of living in this world that cannot be mixed up without the basic laws and order since otherwise good values may start to be harmful and vice-verse. So each country has its own laws that do not allow for an imbalance—this would be true even of the best of ideals. Laws and Order are fixed and they cannot be placed in such fashion as to be fixers of problems. Meaning that law and order is preventative and not something that is there in order to be the formula of fixing problems after they happen. Immigration issues can take laws from being fixed to becoming that which is there to fix after-the-fact. This means that we would be getting issues that would not have been there otherwise and this means that instead of attending to the way of life for citizens, the law becomes placed to attend to problems that will get people to be on the same terms of the way of life as others.

Laws are placed for the security of people. The security is security of people from each other and the security of the nation from other nations. It is no wonder that when a war breaks out, people are forced to immigrate to another country since immigration in a forced form is similar to a war breaking out. Meaning that if people are fleeing a country to come to another country, it is no different than if the country they are fleeing was at war. And when at war, other nations may have no choice but be forced to take in a certain amount of refugees. This “force” in terms of immigration and war is the same as illegal immigration if one was to give it “legal” status. This illegal immigration, in turn, creates a global economic imbalance that may lead to the break out of a war.

It matters oh so the most: There is a HUGE HUGE difference between forcing someone to go to the mall and them choosing to go to the mall… Even if you love going there, if one was to force you to go, you may start hating it. In the land of Liberty and Freedom it matters whether people come here legally or if they come here illegally if for nothing else but for the respect towards liberty and freedom itself. And those two: Liberty and Freedom; they are bending. This leaning nature of liberty and freedom makes them something that is easy to take advantage of and exploit. Hence, they come with assumptive respect towards them as they do not add nor do they take away but they allow one to be. When it comes to immigration, showing respect for liberty and freedom is not something that we should ever over look as being unimportant. For exploiting liberty is similar to saying, “what is a little more effort here? And what is a little more making-up for a problem there?” that deprives the self and others from reaching their full human potential. There is no reason why any person should not be abiding by the terms of liberty and freedom—there is no excuse whatsoever. That is humanity itself. And when we look around this world, we see that god himself does not allow for one to fall down without it hurting. To make up for the problems that come from the violation of liberty and freedom is not something that god himself is even willing to do on our behalf. Our humanity does not shine by rescuing those who are escaping persecution as much as it shines if we were to live in a world where no one is persecuted. And Liberty and Freedom, two of the many characteristics of my god that he expects me to live by and two values that this country also respects, are not to place people in a position where people have no choice but to feel bad if they were to not stretch their arms out past their limits to those who are violating of liberty and freedom. To challenge our humanity in such manner as to say, “if you want to respect yourselves and the boundaries you have set, you will be harming innocent people” is contrary to what it means to be “innocent”. Hence, to deport those who came to this country illegally is not a crime as it is more of a duty we have towards ourselves whether one immediately sees it to be so or not.

I understand “nice”. As an immigrant, I will tell you that this country has outdone itself in comparison to other countries when it comes to “nice” and when it comes to caring about others in need and when it comes to so many economic situations where people come together to help each other out. There is no one in this world who would be in the right to criticize the humanity of this nation yet alone accuse its people of being inhumane. Many immigrants have received assistance from our government and we have received medical insurance and we have received a treatment that is better than we would have received anywhere else. This is true for legal immigrants as well as illegal immigrants in relation to being either of those. The people here are kind and open hearted and very sympathetic and understanding. And although many want to point to some people in America they call, “racists” and “bigots”—whether they are racists and bigots or not— racism and bigotry is not an ideology that is accepted as right within our nation today as it is accepted as so in many other nations. And to point to those in America who are not up to par to others in terms of moral standards is to only point to an issue that time itself allows these people to see in themselves and overcome for themselves and others. For no one is perfect today and our only hope is that tomorrow we are better people than we were yesterday. Hatred towards those who are of a different race does not get mended by them coming here illegally, however. In fact, that would do the opposite. Acceptance is not that which forces by mere existence but it comes with free will for the sake of the self. And although it may appear that I am excusing bigotry and racism to be something that harms others for the sake of the “racist” and the “bigot” to heal it out of himself, what I am saying is that racism and bigotry are not something that is to be thrown around as to excuse a wrong treatment when those who are “racists” and “bigots” are not subjecting us to their racism or bigotry past the problems that we have all been born into—-even though it is those who want to use racism and bigotry as the winning terms within their illegal immigration battle are ones who want to subject us to the terms of racism and bigotry past that which we were born into. 

My first issue, hence, is that we have about one million people who are screaming and marching in the streets stating that our nation is being unfair and that our nation has done enough wrong since they have had enough despite the well treatment they have received thus far and despite them being the ones who violated the law. They are screaming about our bigotry and our racism when our nation is more mixed than any other nation in this world. They are using the sticks of the past to make us walk a straight line today. They are using the wrongs in the past as a stick to hit us with today despite immigration being an issue that has not allowed us to fix the past as much as we would like. And they are using this past against us while neglecting the part they were able to live here and accomplish much while living here illegally. There is no greater calamity on the road to better than those who hold people to the past specially when they are part of the reason why it has not been fixed as it should. Although the condition of black people is utterly unacceptable, it is just as unacceptable to come to this country illegally to undermine the efforts that would otherwise be invested in helping them. And to be held to the terms of the past by the fact that the issues from it have not been fixed, is to ask people to become more racist and more bigoted since the human mind is not able to define the exact place where the problem ends and where the person him/herself becomes the problem itself. Women often deal with this by totally excusing men who abuse her from being the problem and men often deal with this by seeing the people themselves to be the problem. Illegal immigrants want us to distinguish them out of the problems they are facing despite the fact that they needed to leave the country in order for them to be able to do so when it comes to their very own selves and despite the fact that the first conclusion we are able to make in their regards is that they have broken the law in entering our country. Indeed, the illegal immigration issues is a perplexity.

Securing the borders of a nation is NOT an idea that is in against what is correct. To secure the borders of a nation is to hold it accountable for the problems experienced within it so that people do not go on a blame game that they would have the right to engage in. Hence, to hold Americans accountable and to hold America accountable is to secure its borders. In addition, to secure a nation is to not only secure it for the people today but to secure it for the generations to come. We do not know what time brings and people in the future need to be able to pin point where things went wrong within our nation. And although we may not have this issue today when it comes to the southern borders, South America is having a lot of issues that may change that suddenly.

Illegal immigration would be within the terms of “making things right” if America’s immigration policies were exploitive in such manner as to only accept “the best of the best” while attempting to shield itself from everyday “average” people. That is not how America’s immigration policies are, however. If they were, we can argue that illegal immigration makes America a better country by the fact that otherwise America is just there milking the best people out of the world and these illegal immigrants would be the way to overcome such injustice. Hence, when it comes to the outcry in relation to DACA and the professionals who are a part of it as they are being used as an example of why they should be allowed to stay…or when Universities across the nation cried out against the travel ban in the name of “obstructing the best from coming to America”, they indeed must also side with illegal immigration in order to hold a fair position on that issue. America neither seeks the best nor does it make immigration decisions based on professionalism any more than it does while regarding families, persecution, human rights, and diversity. Hence, the injustice that DACA supporters and illegal immigrants are crying out against when it comes to immigration does not exist and our immigration system is already in compliance with respecting human rights as they come with understanding and sympathy towards those who are facing an injustice or a hardship. To say that it is an injustice for America to not accept illegal immigrants is to say that our immigration system BEGS for illegal immigration to happen in order that it becomes more just.

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